Review of ZAZ Lanos T150 1.5 l 2009 from Catherine of

ZAZ Lanos

Year, mileage: 2009, 160.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Great car I got after the «kettle» with a mileage 1,000 km and stripped sideways and the bumper. So far none of the friends can’t explain why the choice fell on this machine.

And so, in order: in 2010 it took for the family to buy a car. After wandering through the expanses of the Internet and surrounding dealerships, decided to choose between the Nissan and Skoda, and the new. But I wanted to just take the car out of a salon. It was in early February (frost below -20, the ice is thick, high humidity). Wandered into the store, take a look: well, there are three or four I’m interested in the car, under my wishlist is more or less only one choice from what is «here and now».

Gave me this beauty, it is going to pay. Near the cash register — a large glass window was and, lo and behold, from the icy snow outside the window protruded lined gray face, ie the piece of the bumper with grille and headlight. Everything else was under a layer of snow and ice with a height of 60 cm. Around any track. Here is such gorgeous snow! I ask spinning around that? The answer was something like: «Yes, crap, Zaporozhets, passed on the exchange in the fall, that is. Not a machine bucket, and even paracanoe». Here really moved me! Tolley remembered his childhood and the dream of a 968 (and failed never to drive), or just a soul to the selected Nesanica not lying, but asked to see it.

Grim looked at me and hiccup, the seller feebly asked, why do I need it? But wow! Okay, the client, no matter how crazy or not, all are the customer! 40 minutes he was digged two janitor, then poured ice water, a little ice to thaw. Then, crazy me Polovtsian escorted to the tattered car. The salesman handed the keys with a view «get a fascist grenade!» and waited continue.

Oddly enough, the door opened with little effort (just froze), the engine starts immediately, revs kept well. Under the hood, at first glance, too, everything was normal, transfer switch. Booted the Drive was in native, all-season Rosava, that did not stop him to get out of ice and snow on their own. Further, the permeability and stability of the machines have repeatedly confirmed. In short, I left it out of the store.

At home I was met with stony silence and the question «what’s that?» «ZAZ Chance, Chevrolet Tauride» — I cheerfully replied. So him since styled. The machine quickly replaced all fluids, replaced the rubber, leaving the native as a summer, tint, and started to operate.

It turned out that with a warm engine at idle we have a 5000 rpm — healed by prepaymania brain, another problem is the rapid rusting. Very poor anti-corrosion treatment, all other problems were from krivorukost driver and originally put celeberety components and materials.

Very quickly you come off the terminal of the rear window, so no heat for 8 years go, all the time is not enough. Weak demisting and a strong fogging in the rain for sure pros are not. By the way, the only machine that has not swayed my child. Yay! Now you can safely carry small 300 +300 km in one go, and stopping after every 15 km. Parents will understand me)))

Overall, for a budget unpretentious cars — good option. No problems. In the near future is not going to change, although the problems with spare parts already being felt.

Car pros:Simplicity, sustainability, maintainability, mobility, cute design.

Cons of the car:Noisy, requires more attention and care than even a simple cars, very heavy and prolonged dispersal, poor quality interior trim.

Advice to buyer: Look running, check the transmission. In General, the machine for those who are willing to invest in both labor and financial. Overall, quite comfortable.

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