Catmy teeny virgin

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Catmy teeny virgin

I was in a /bad/">bad mood,I`d let the freezer run low and now I was having to drive this
shopping trolly that had a mind of its own round the local ASDA store at 8 at night,
the only compensation being I had a chance to speak to young Cat,a rather attractive young lady of about 18 or 19 ,who happened to work checkout 12 or 15(depending on her shift)
Cat (That was on her name label) was 5ft 7in tall 36-26-32 I estimated ,beautiful deep brown eyes and a /cute/">cute slightly snubbed nose,her butt was two tight firm half globes clad in tight black slacks so if I saw her walking the floor,walking behind her soon
gave me a rigid hard on,so hard I recon you could cut diamonds with it!
This night I was in luck,Cat was walking down the aisle to wards me,I stopped and blindly selected an item from the shelf,as she past she smiled and blushed,with horror I saw I`d picked a pack of 12 condoms and thrown them in the trolly,well I thought ,I may as well buy them ,you never know when you may need them!!!
Checkout 12 was Cats home for the shift so after a tour of the store I found my self in a que of one (Me!) at 12.
? Hello,how are you?? Cat smiled as she performed her ritual greeting,swiftly pulling the goods to wards her over the magic eye.She paused at the condoms,grinning as she
scanned them ? Can I ask a personal question,Very personal??
? Fire away? I said ?What is it?
?How long will that packet last??
? I`d like to say a week , but that would be wish full thinking!?.
As she handed me my card slip ,I noticed an extra strip of paper which I stuffed into my pocked,it wasn?t until I was in the car that I read it.

Phone 07795 537141 to night at 9-15 I finish then!!!Catxx
If I hadn?t been sitting I would have fainted ,Cat wanted me to phone her,Me ,old enough to be her /dad/">dad,I would have to play it cool,rape is a very serious charge!!

At 9-15 I rang, fingers trembling,like a teenager on a first date.I was waiting in the supermarket car park watching as Cat left the store,she paused,lifter her phone and spoke!!
? hello I hope that?s my man from the checkout?
?It is!,I`m in the car by trolly stash 3?
She turned and walked,no sprinted ,to the car and jumped into the passenger seat.
?Could you take Me to the Clock work Mouse?
?Ok be there in five minutes!?

We sat watching the other drinkers ,we engaged in small talk until about 10-30,when Cat looked Me in the eye and said ? Have you got to get home?`cos I`ve got a favour to ask?.
?Whats that?? I asked,hoping the condoms were involved.
?The girls in the shop have a bet ,on one of us having sex with an older man and when I saw the condoms ,as I`ve had a crush on you for a little while ,I thought you`d be the one for me?
My prick instantly stood up,trying to push through my jeans,the old ?Diamond Cutter? was to have a teenager, how could stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I refuse a girl in need!?<%part%>

We checked into the local travel lodge ,helped by Cats cousin being on the desk,
She smiled as if in on the big secret!

Cat sat on the double bed and pulled her clothes off and lay flat on her back, legs slightly apart,looking at me ,I hurriedly undressed with my back to her,watching her reaction ,thanks to a large mirror on the wall,she seemed to crane her head to look round me to check my hard on ,I turned, my best 6 inches(4 inch round) pointing sky wards ,throbbing with the anticipation of having a teeny!!
I lay beside her ,she looked disappointed ,?shouldn?t you lay on top of Me ??
My cock twitched again,I was getting a VIRGIN!
?lay back,Let me do the work you relax,things aint that simple?
I slowly licked those tender boobs,feeling the budding nipples expand as my tongue
lapped across them, nuzzling between them ,then with one long stroke,trailed down to her flat, taught stomach, gently white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie biting round the navel then heading down to her soft downy pubes,finding they were ginger compared to her head that was ?/blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde?.
My tongue slid down her unrelaxed slit ,found her virgin lips and pushed in,she shivered, ?Do it again? she whispered ,how could I refuse,I licked deeply lifting
my head on each stroke,she clutched the back of my head holding me still,my tongue in her,as she shudderd all over ,sort of screamed a soft ?Oh shit? and I felt the /sweet/">sweet but slightly acid gush of cum juice spread across the tip of my still licking tounge.

?That was good?
She nudged that cute pug nose into my neck and then started kissing ,with light tender ?pecks? down my body towards my straining dick,she paused ,lifted her head and asked ?Are all men stiff like that,when they want to shag??
?Yes? I replied,?havn`t you seen a man this way before?
?Only on porn films,can I try to kiss it?
She planted her lips on my helmet ,slowly pulled back my forskin,sliding her lips over the end and sucked gently like a baby with a dummy.I pushed gently up off of the bed,she used her hands to push me back.
?You like that?? I learned that from porn films?.
Thank god for porn ,I rolled her onto her side to cuddle her,she wrapped her arms round me and snapped ?Put it in!
I lined my prick to her virgin fanny and pushed,to my /surprise/">surprise I slipped along her slit and rested my dick head in those ginger pubes,I tried again with the same result,I`d have to change position,
? Lay face down and then kneel up with you legs slightly apart?
I was now looking at a pouting fanny,her tight little /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole clamped shut,I eased a finger into a slightly dry tunnel of her fanny, withdrawing to lick a tangy finger and push it back in wriggling round to open her, she squeald,Her fanny clamped my finger as she had a minor orgasm, I grinned and pushed my tongue back between her legs,lapping from her butt to her fanny,she came again,now was the time!
I slowly slid my engorged ,painfully throbbing helmet into /tight/hot-tight/">hot tight tunnel,It seemed to hold me tight ,but kiss me as I pulled back,I pushed again,Its was tight ,it squeezed
the full length of me,Cat pushed back,a muffled ,shouted whisper came from under me.
? That?s fucking lovely ,but use a condom !?<%part%

Reluctantly I withdrew and climbed off the bed,my still hard prick and glistening
with her juices, grinning at Cat at she lay bum in air waiting my return .
I found the foil packet,tore it open and rolled the rubber ?love sack? down my cock,
pleasantly surprised as it felt like the Virgin fanny I was about to re enter.I climed back on the bed and for good measure gave her gapping fanny another good lick,
Cat gasped ,her fanny quivered,liquid squirted over my tounge,she still wanted my cock.
I pushed in,Cat pushed back,pushed again, this time Cat wriggled her hips,squeezed her fanny and let her kegs collapse under her,now she was face down flat on the bed, I thrust in and out her fanny trying to suck me,my thrust increased,she lifted her bum to meet me ,I felt the sap rising hard, hot boiling spunk pumping from my ballsack,pouring into the little rubber jacked,pumping back round my prick spilling
back and moisten my pubic hair.
Cat helped my remove the ?love sack? and to my surprise tie a knot in it and slip it into her hand bag
?Ive got to take it to the girls,to prove Ive done it,that wasn?t as bad as I thought ,thank you for being gentle,I`m on the pill, we won`t want one next time?
I didn?t need one that time,how could I tell her,for medical reasons, Id had a vasectomy!