I seduced husbands best friend

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
I seduced husbands best friend

Hi I'm Sally! Though my husband john (who is a voyeur) and I have had quite a few threesomes, mainly MFMs,  we tried a Fmf once,  I got jealous so John said we would never do one again,

I know I must be selfish in that fact, but please don't condemn me, anyway,  in our threesomes we had bokep sma pecah perawan some rules,  one of which was no relatives or close friends, John had a close friend by the name of Wally, (his real name) whom I had fancied for several years,  but I knew that there was no way John would entertain the three of us sharing a bed together.

John knew I wanted him,  anyway one night after we had been out and spent a quiet evening with Wally,  John asked me if I wanted Wally. I hesitated of course before saying yes I did want him,  I thought he was going to let me and Wally go out together one night but I was wrong. John and I sat down the next evening and John said he had worked on a plan so that I got what I wanted and he being a voyeur got what he wanted, the plan was one Saturday night after having a few drinks and me dancing with Wally we would invite him home for a night cap,  something that has happened many times over the years.

John had worked out some signals so that I and he would know that it was still alright to proceed. The first signal was which of us got the drinks,  if John asked me to get them then he was comfortable with proceeding,  if I asked John to get them I didn't ant to proceed,  which really speaking was a bit silly, there was no way I would give up any chance to have what I have wanted for years. If I was going to make the drinks,  I should remove my bra,  I would also removed my knickers.

The next signal was when I brought in the drinks,  John would have steered the conversation around to our holiday in San Diego,  and would ask me what the hotel was called. The final signal for us to proceed was John would say,  "do your drink taste funny, " I would reply "no, let me taste your's, " after tasting it I would say, its fine,  this will become apparent later on so keep this in mind.

We had already worked out while John was sitting on the settee, which top I should wear, how many buttons I should undo, at what angle I should lean, and to how I should twist my body for the greatest effect,  we practiced this many times over the week until it was second nature for me,  I must say it was fun and very thought turned me on.

The weekend came,  I choose a light green blouse, and a beige Skirt with five buttons down the front,  of course stockings and belt,  comfortable knicker's mainly because if everything went to plan Wally wouldn't see them anyway.

It was a lovely evening,  a country and western group called the Secret's were the band, fairly good,  the evening started as usual with the odd joke or two,  and general talk,  and as the evening wore on, I danced alternatively with John and Wally, funny isn't it, unless I'm mistaken, but when dancing,  men seemed to always trace the bra strap at the back, maybe its only me who thinks so.

When it was about 11, 30 PM we rang for a taxi and departed for our house,  on arrival John asked if I would get the drink's,  and he,  like we agreed struck up a conversation with Wally about Holidays, gently steering it towards San Diego and the name of the hotel we stayed in, while I were out getting the drinks I took off my bra and Knickers.

So on Que I came in with the drinks,  Bacardi and coke's all round,  and as I leaned over to place them on the table in front of Wally,  John asked the question,  "what was the name of that hotel in San Diego" so pretending to be taken by /surprise/">surprise,  I hesitated hopefully long enough for Wally to get a nice long look down the front and hopefully be able to see not only my breast but a flash of my nipple as well.

After a period of time I said,  "Crown Plaza",  and John carried on with the conversation as before.

I went out and brought in the Bacardi and coke bottles and placed them near me and Wally but sort of out of harms way if you know what I mean,
I raised my glass and toasted, "to us" where upon we all of course had a sip,  John said, "my drink tasted a little bitter, does your's, " both Wally and I said ours were alright and I asked John to let me try his,  after I took a sip I said "no its fine" giving John a little smile, where upon,  John said, "it must be him then" (remember this).

We finished our drinks and I got up to replenish them, leaning over away from Wally hoping he would take a good look at my ass covered tightly with my skirt,  John in the meantime was closing and opening his eyes, then he rested his head on his hand and pretended to fall asleep.

I gave Wally his drink and we each took a sip before placing them on a table each side of us, John really looked like he was asleep,  so I looked at Wally and asked him if he enjoyed the view when I put the drinks on the table,  to my delight he said it was lovely, then added,  "I could have sworn you were wearing a Bra when we were dancing, " I said "I was but I took it off when we got home" and then I said
"I think a bra can get in the way of things don't you"

A wonderful glint came in his eyes which is just what I wanted,  and leaning over towards me he placed his hand first on my breast though my blouse then slipped his hand inside and caressed my breast and nipple,  while Wally was doing that, I undone some buttons on the front of my skirt,  a few moments passed before I said,  "are you happy I removed my bra Wally, " which he replied,  "yes good god yes" or something like that.

I then said,  "Wally,  I removed my knickers as well for the same reason" Wally looked straight at me then glanced over and saw that John hadn't moved,  slowly he took his hand from my breast and let it go on down to the hem of my skirt,  with the buttons undone his hand crept up my thigh and as it did my thighs opened up for him.

he now had his fingers right at the opening of my pussy, old waman xxxgx and I must say doing wonderful things to it,  my fingers were undoing the button of his trousers and I pulled the zip down,
I could feel the hardness of him though his brief's,  but I still pushed down his brief's and held his throbbing cock.

My thighs were wide apart and his fingers were deep inside me,  minutes passed and I whispered, Wally fuck me please, fuck me"
a slight pulse,  then Wally said "what about John" and nodded in John's direction,  I replied,  "that bitter taste was two sleeping tablets in his drink,  he won't wake up"

Helping Wally to pull down his trousers and brief's,  I lay down on the settee waiting in anticipation for what I were hopping to receive, I was not disappointed,  first Wally rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy on the outside before sliding it in,  a little at first then deeper and deeper,  faster and faster, I tried to match him thrust for thrust,  I did to start with but he was so energetic,  I abandon myself and the pleasure seemed to caress and flow all over my body,  I wrapped my thighs around him and I had a terrific orgasm just before he grounded his pubic hair onto my pussy, I could only assume that he came at that moment, though later of course I knew he had, because his cum was dripping out of me,  I let out a little scream that had not John pretended to be asleep would have wakened him up anyway,  but bless him, he didn't move.

I don't really know whether it was because I had fancied Wally all those years,  whether it was the planning,  whether it was because I knew John was there,  or whether there were other things like the drink,  but it was great.
I let Wally out and when I returned,  John was sitting with a smile on his face and drinking his Bacardi and coke,  later that night, John and I had very very passionate sex,  or rather we made love very very passionately.

we are deciding whether to let Wally know that John was awake all the time or not. If you read this and would like to make a comment,  what do you think,  let Wally know or not,  Sally!