Tori and Jack

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Tori and Jack

Tori stepped off the plane in the lobby of the Texas airport and drew in a deep breath. She was here to meet Jack, a guy she had been talking to online for the past two months. Tori had exchanged pictures with Jack and was nervous with built up anticipation at finally meeting him in person. They had discussed the /first-time/">first time they actually met in person and the possibilities of taking their relationship to a more intimate level. They had become very close in the two months they had been talking and Tori's mind had wandered several times before wondering what it would be like to run her full hd xvideo download hands all over his body and feel him deep inside of her....

Tori looked up as she passed the security gate and saw Jack standing there. Six /feet/">feet tall and solid but not too solid. Wearing a polo shirt and jeans and a cowboy hat. Mmmm... she'd love to do him right now. She smiled shyly and Jack moved towards her to give her a hug and kissed her neck. Tori instantly got the chills and could tell that Jack was excited about meeting her as she felt his cock against her when he hugged her. 

Tori loosened herself from his embrace and took in a deep breath.
"What's first on the agenda today, Jack?" She asked.
"Well, I thought we could take your luggage back to my parents house first. We have to stay there instead of my place because a water main broke in my house and the whole house is flooded. I'm waiting on an insurance broker to come estimate the damage." 
"Oh wow, that's too /bad/">bad, Jack. How long until you'll be able to stay at your place?" Tori was disapointed because this threw a huge inconvenience into her plan of seducing Jack.

"Probably a good month at least," Jack answered. "But it'll be alright. Get a chance to enjoy some of mom's cooking a little more often."
"Sounds good!" Tori replied.
They had reached Jack's car and he opened the trunk to put her luggage in she leaned past him and brushed her tits against his arm and she placed her carry on next to the rest of her luggage. Jack glanced at her and smiled. He tipped his hat and said, "Well, little lady, let's hit the road."

Tori got in the passenger seat of his SUV and watched as the scenery went by on the drive to Jack's parents. Jack put his hand on her thigh and began rubbing his thumb in a circular motion right under the hem of her shorts. 

"You're even more beautiful in person, Tori," Jack's voice was husky.
"Uh, thank you, Jack. You're not so bad yourself,"Tori winnked,"Very sexy in that cowboy hat."
"You think so, huh?" Jacks hand moved further under her shorts and his finger brushed against her pussy. Tori got the chills. Jack felt her shiver. He removed his hand and took her hand and placed it on the crotch of his pants. 

"Feel how excited you've got me, Tori?"

Tori was unable to speak. She rubbed his cock through his jeans and sighed. She couldn't wait to get to their destination. Shit! She thought... they were going to his PARENTS house. Hell no. There was no way she was going to do anything under his parents roof. She had to have some of his cock now. She leaned forward and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She began to jerk on it with one hand as she released her seat belt with the other. She leaned over as Jack situated himself while he was driving for Tori to have better access to his cock. She licked the head of his cock and all the way down the shaft to his balls. She took him in her mouth and sucked slowly and gently.. methodically at first... Until she took more and more of him into her mouth. His cock was at least 9 inches and 3 inches around. She loved the taste of it and the feel of it in her mouth. She began sucking harder and harder moaning as she felt it's hardness in her mouth. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute. 

"I'm going to cum!" Jack groaned. Tori sucked harder, "Mmmmmmm..."
Then she felt Jack's load shoot into her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed quickly to swallow every drop. She then sat back in her seat and buckled her seatbelt. "That was nice, Jack."
"Oh my god I have to have you," Jack breathed heavily. 

They pulled into the driveway of what she assumed was Jack's parents.
"You're parents have a nice house," Tori tried to make small talk.
"Oh this is my house, Tori. My parents can wait to meet you. I have some business I need to take care of with you first."
He picked Tori up and opened the front door, not caring to shut it behind him. The sound of the carpet sloshing under his feet from the flood was barely noticable. HE reached his bedroom and laid her on the bed. He sat next to her and removed his shoes and began kissing her as they laid back on the bed together. His hands found her 38DD firm tits and he reached behind her to unhook her bra. She took off her t-shirt and her bra fell to the floor as Jack unzipped her shorts and pulled them off of her, leaving her in her black /thong/">thong only. Tori began ripping Jack's clothes off of him and kissing his chest as his arms went over his head to remove his shirt. She could see the bulge against his jeans and helped him remove free porn movies download his jeans like a woman who was desperate for some cock. 

Jack laid her on the bed and leaned over her kissing her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth. She moaned beneath him. His hands were on her tits as he kissed her down her stomach and then got to her pussy. He pulled her thong to the side and began to kiss her pussy lips. "Oh god Jack... oh my god" Tori moaned as his tongue licked her pussy slit. 

He had barely tasted the juices of her pussy when Tori begged him to put his cock in her. "Jack fuck me now, PLEEEAAASSE! I need to feel your cock deep inside of me." 
"Just a minute baby, I need to find my wallet in my pants pocket for a condom..."
"NO JACK FUCK ME NOW... we don't need a condom.. .just fuck me. My pussy is on fire!"
Jack didn't have to be told twice. He gripped Toris' legs and aligned himself in front of her pussy and in one quick thrust entered her all the way and for a moment, was motionless. 
"Mmmmmmm it feels to fucking good and big in my pussy baby, Fuck me!"
And with that Jack began to mindlessly fuck Tori as she screamed and yelled as he pistoned her /hole/love-hole/">love hole.

Tori turned her head and happened to open her eyes to see a man standing in the doorway. He had his pants unzipped and his cock in his hands, jerking off as he watched the couple fucking. 

"We have company, Jack..." Tori motioned with her head towards the door. 
"Who the hell are you?" Jack asked. He pulled his cock out of Tori and she pushed him back on the bed. Tori mounted him and lowered herself on his cock and began riding him slowly. She didn't care who was watching. She moaned at the feeling of his cock deep inside of her.

"My name is Kevin. I'm the insurance adjuster ... I'm sorry I came at a bad time. The front door was open and I figured you were expecting me"
"You're a day or two early... oh God yeah baby, Tori fuck my cock.... you can wait now or come back later."
"Maybe I'll just wait,"KEvin answered, stil ljerking his cock.
"Oh let him join us, Jack" Tori said. He looks like he needs me to pay a little attention to his cock."
"Alright , then... come on man, the lady wants to suck your cock"

Kevin approached and knelt on the bed as Tori still rode Jack's cock and took Kevin's cock into her mouth. It wasn't as thick as Jack's cock, but it had to be at least 11 inches. Jack was sucking on her tits and she leaned forward to suck Kevin's cock...her pussy sliding iup and down on Jack's cock. Tori moaned as Jack squeezed her nipples and bit down gently with his teeth.

Tori leaned towards Jack and whispered loud enough for Kevin to hear, "I want you to fuck me in the ass".

She slid off of Jack's cock and got on all fours, still sucking Kevin's cock. Jack fingered Tori's ipussy and rubbed his cock against her /asshole/">asshole to lube it up. He spread her asscheeks apart and placed his throbbing cock at the star entrance. He began to push his cock in as Tori jerked Kevin's cock and yelled for Jack to just /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass.

Jack thrust forward , every time gaining more access to her asshole. "Oh god Jack yesssss fuck me in the ass! Let me ride that cock in my ass!!!"
Jack grabbed a hold of her waist and laid back, with his cock still in her ass. She was sitting on him, her ass facing him as she leaned back laying on top of him, riding his cock with her ass. Kevin moved forward and placed his cock at her pussy entrance and shoved it in her pussy and began fucking her. The two cocks found a rhythm and Tori was in heaven "Oh god boys fuck me with those fucking /huge/huge-cocks/">huge cocks! I want Kevin in my ass now, baby. Jack please fuck me in the pussy again."

They changed positions and Tori lowered herself onto Kevin's cock ... sliding up and down on it as he fucked her ass. Jack's cock was ramming her pussy as she felt like she was almost going to faint from the intense fucking she was receiving. "Oh god fuck yesssss... I'm going to cum. Let me feel it deep inside of me. Shoot your jizz in my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. Jack, /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy baby... let me feel it!!!"

"Ungghhhhhh!" Jack thrust into her pussy feeling his cock head at her cervix and shot his load deep into her. Kevin shot his load into her ass . They each knelt in front of her and offered her their cocks as she licked the cum off of them like a little girl would a sucker at the candy store. Jack leaned down and kissed her and whispered in her ear something about there's more where that "came" from. Tori couldn't wait