Wifes life changes

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Wifes life changes

Well I write this summery of the events of the past few weeks in chronological order more in amazement and disbelief as the events have changed my simple circular world of stability love and fidelity to one of fear and insecurity. What is more surprising it took days not weeks for this change. No chance to deliberate or come to terms just bin bam and thank you.

You see my wife Lisa when we met was an innocent young 18 year old virgin, big in her church, taught at Sunday school etc. Very /athletic/">athletic, slim and fantastic body. I also played sport, fullback for the town?s Rugby team ,also slim and athletic and we fell in love. I being 3 years older and had a good engineering career ahead of me. I had a chance for promotion but had to move up north to Scotland we discussed it agreed to marry and go. So some 7 years on with two children She is a housewife and mom I?m section manager good house some debt and monies tight typical for those in this stage of life. Anyway you get the picture.

So only two weeks ago it was Monday we decide to have an early night, in bed she gives me a copy of ?Fiesta? requesting I read some of the stories to her. I ask what this is all about and she states that we don?t want life to be stale so it should spice things up. Well the first two stories were about wife swapping and the third where a husband set up his wife to have sex with an old friend of his and he enjoyed watching. Whilst reading this she touched me and I got aroused she claimed more so with the third story any we stopped and made love me being stiffer than usual and she much wetter than normal and enthusiastic.

The following night I had to read some more and events turned out the same only this time she asked If I felt the same way as the men in the stories who like the idea of their wife with someone else. I said no! She laughed saying my prick said a different tail. She then said that life was not fair as I had had other women (before marriage) and she only knew sex with me and that she wished she had lots of sex before marriage. I said that this is how it should be and she well it?s not fair turned over and rejected me.
Wednesday night I was cold shouldered

Thursday night we had a sports and social club children?s party and we sat with Margret and David they were older by a few years but had children same age. Dave and I had a few beers and the ladies chatted away good stile with my wife laughing and often looking shocked and going shy. Dave a randy bugger often remarked how fuckable my wife was and that his wife thought so too. Later that night my wife said that if Margret could get a baby sitter they would come round tomorrow for dinner and bring a film for us all to watch then proceeded to play sexually and made love to me till she came then encouraged me to continue so that she could have a second orgasm. I came and then used my fingers to complete the task.

Next day Davy told me they had a baby sitter and he would bring the wine. I reminded him that I was on call and perhaps we should make it Saturday. He laughed and said there were other plans for Saturday.

That evening Lisa had prepared a lovely meal and dressed in a white cotton dress with buttons up the front. They arrived early when I was getting changed and there was a lot of whispering going on. We had the meal with lots of small talk with sexual innuendo and then retired into the lounge with drinks, lights out a few candles ready to watch the film. A PORN film. The 4 of us were sat on a large settee for 3 people it was cosy but not squashed. The girls kept whispering, Lisa nudged me and pointed to Dave and Margret who were kissing and feeling each other up. We did same then Margret got up for bathroom when she came back David said /good/good-girl/">good girl and they started at each other. Lisa then got up and when she came back and I said bloody hell as she had taken her bra and tights off. We continued. I looked over to see David openly playing with Margret?s breasts her dress fully open and shaved pussy exposed. Lisa undid a few buttons and squeezed my erection stating ?your up for this? and kissing me hard before I could answer. But the phone rang. I apologised stated I was on call and had to answer and lift but returning almost immediately to say ?I?ll be back? ha ha. Lisa was sitting back on settee with her hands on her buttons and Margret had her right hand in David?s flies and was fully open with her left hand on Lisa?s Leg.

The call was work a small query that I answered quickly and after only a few minuets I had a pea and returned. ?Bloody hell ? I said and froze. Lisa was on the floor on her back David?s face was berried in her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy and Margret was kneeling down Kissing Lisa with both girls feeling the others breasts. They were all naked. Margret got up and exclaiming I was the only one with cloths on I?d better catch up with her help. We undressed me and she knelt down and sucked on my cock. David slid up over Lisa she opened her legs and with her right hand guided his cock into her pussy looking at me looking at her. David started to move in and out she wrapped her legs round him. Margret pushed me onto the settee and mounted my cock but I was watching Lisa who was staring back to try to see what I was doing. Margret slapped my face and said she was here, I got the point, and concentrated on her.

We sort of followed what they did front, doggy, oral etc then after we men went limp went to our wives. Lisa dragged me out of the room saying to David lock the door on your way out please. We herd them giggle and Margret say That I was more interested in them than her, I was not /bad/">bad but needed training. David said Lisa was tighter than any girl he has ever had but he thought Lisa did not like me shagging her (Margret) and that It had upset her but she was still a willing good /tight/tight-fuck/">tight fuck then left. Lisa held me tight asked if I still loved her and when I reassured her that I did she admitted she did not like seeing me with someone else but loved all that she had, how it felt most of all the excitement when I was out of the room she could here me and when I had left Margret went between her legs and gave fantastic oral and she initially sucked David?s cock till he nearly came so they moved to the floor as I found them Margret Kissed her with the fluids from her first orgasm in her mouth and on her lips and face and she though she tasted good. She opened her legs and I could see David?s come ooze out. I kissed my now not so innocent wife and we lay on the bed kissing I touched her pussy It was open and wet she said she was soar and needed to rest so we went to sleep.

Saturday. Lisa was showered and dressed when I got up Davy and Margret with their children arrived to make certain we were ok and still friends. We laughed and David and I took all 4 children to the park and Talked. David mostly. The Girls had planned it shame about the interruption but as it happened it helped Lisa. Margret was disappointed as I was more interested in Lisa but he explained that was normal for a /first-time/">first time and I was to come round any evening I wished and could shag Margret with or without him. Davy said he loved here tight harry pussy but if she was going to have lots of sex she should be shaved as its lowers risk of crabs. I was shocked!

I did not reciprocate the offer just shrugged it off. David was miffed.

Anyway when I got back from rugby at 7 that eveing (We won 18 to 5) Lisa had my dinner in oven and was ready to go out. I had to baby sit. When I asked where she was going she snuggled up to me and said Margret?s, Kissed me and squeezed my prick. I asked if David would be there she kissed me rubbed my growing cock and said I hope so, laughed and ran out. I was not happy and phoned her mobile. She answered it and I said I was not happy. She said she wanted more of same I enjoyed it last night so chill and enjoy. She will always be open with me, tell me everything and love me. She had to do this and get it out of her system, she also hoped it would improve our sex life and bring in some adventure. She was determined.

At 2 o?clock Sunday morning Margret?s car pulled up the drive. They kissed squeezed each others breasts kissed some more then Lisa stepped out half undressed and pretty drunk. I jumped forward to help her in Margret got out and we carried he into the living room and onto the settee. Margret had on a see through nighty and housecoat that was undone love bights on her neck and breasts she said Lisa did them she was one fit hot randy lady and then proceeded to try to suck my cock saying they had concentrated on Lisa this time so she needed a cock. I said no it?s late and I need to see to Lisa and escorted her out.

I helped Lisa undress what was left no bra no pants or tights. She had no love bights but her pussy was very red and very open but no come oozing. She said it was fantastic. Margret made her come with her mouth then David fucked her holding her legs over his shoulders then she sucked David back to life(excitedly saying he tasted great) while Margret licked out his come occasionally coming up and kissing her so she could taste the juices. Then David did her doggy stile while she played and sucked Margret?s clit till They all came. She loved it. Then Margret got a /dildo/big-dildo/">big dildo vibrator so that she could feel what a big one would be like as both David and I are normal sized she said. Well she said it hurt at first but soon it was great and oh how it filled her and oh she kept coming and her whole body went into spasm. David was now hard again so Margret helped her do a reverse cow girl on him followed by her sucking out all his come. (that explains that) Sorry you could not get to do it yourself darling she said. I replied I would not do that its ooooh!!! She laughed and said David would always do it to Margret when she came home full. I said waht!! Again she laughed. Margret makes lots of money, have I not noticed how well they live. Yes! On David?s salary? But Margret works . Yes exactly as a call girl in the City (35min drive) Bloody hell.

OK your blow job she goes down sucks me like never before playing with my ball sucking them and even rubbing my arse and area between brilliant! and boy did I come and yes she swallowed but came up and in the moment kissed me and I could taste my come. Not too bad.
Lisa was rough Sunday but in the afternoon Margret came and took the children out. Lisa and I had a bath I washed her and her xxx sex video download free com pussy looked normal. We went to bed and had great sex she was wet exciting and full of fun. Afterwards she asked caringly if I was Ok I said it is all to much, I was concerned about what was going to happen to us if she played around indescressions in a small community reputation. The children. She said hush it was all ok and it will all get better. Lets not talk just hold and love each other.

That night I had a beer with Dave has said little about last night just how wet and willing Lisa was, one of the best and how lucky I am to be married to such a /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady.
Monday night Lisa gives me a Viagra tablet rides me cow girl, reverse cow girl we do doggy and she sucks me off I come 3 times over 4 hours Lisa come 4 times brill.

Tuesday I come home from work late Lisa is in a panic. Children in bed. She is in her housecoat. What?s up giving her a hug. I need you to shave my pussy quickly. Why? Oh let?s get on with it and drags me into bathroom she gets in bath lifts up her pussy sprays onto it my shaving foam. I get the razer and start asking is this so that you do not get crabs. Yes/ no well yes I suppose so it?s cleaner all round. I finish good job no hair, she is drying when the door bell rings. I?m about to go she grabs my arm. Don?t spoil this! We needed to talk but you were late and we did not have the opportunity please play along, agree do as I want please, please, I do love you its all for the best. Ok I say and answer the door.

At the door is a tall thin well dressed man we shake hands. You must be Lisa?s husband Peter, I?m john Mc.... I?m here to see you both. I invite him in and offer him a drink (thinking tea or coffee) Whisky on its own will be fine, a large one OK. I poured a large Grouse for us both. Lisa comes in, oh wow! She is in a nice black wrap round cocktail dress, black high heals, black tights. You look lovely he said. If it was down to looks you would make a fortune. But that?s only part of it. You fit the bill and I?ve talked about your health with your district nurse, who fortunately looks after all my girls so any problem you can talk it through with her. You clear to start work if you can cut it and hubby will be no problem. Looking at me he says I?ve had to deal with resentful angry husbands and its not what any of us want.

Are you ok with all this? All this exactly I ask. Lisa jumps up and says stop playing games Peter tell him you are ok. So I say I?m ok with all this. Did you shave her? I look at him and said yes I?ve only just finished when you arrived. Ok so you show me you wife, undress Lisa for me. I look at Lisa she nods so I get up and untie the side tie of the dress then the button on the other side, it falls open, lacy see through bra, matching thong and hold ups not tights. She looked brilliant nipples hard and erect pointing straight ahead through the material. I unclipped the bra and removed it then pulled down the g string. Her pussy was closed no lips visible she was in good shape considering two children. John said you are beautiful hold it their and he moved a chair into the centre of the room opposite the settee, sit, Lisa sat on the chair, sit he said to me as we both sat on the settee john opposite her. Open your legs, she did. Nice he said. Now tell Peter all that you have been told about working for me, all of it.

Lisa looked shyly down at the floor; I work in 4 hour blocks, and see normally 4 men. I receive ?50 for turning up and ?50 per man. John added it might be a woman. Lisa went on, there are 2 categories, regulars and clients. Regulars are vetted and have full kissing, oral etc and can be without condom, all clients, are strictly no kissing and must be with condom for my own protection and the safety of the house. Cash tips I get to keep. I should take 40min per person with 20min to clean me and room up. I have to occasionally look after the driver and the other staff as a perk for them so to speak and oh other girls husbands become regulars, but not allowed to be too regular.

Pretty good he said. Now stand, Peter is she wet. I get up and check between her legs she is very wet and excited so I say so. John says ?good? so let put her through her paces. Peter you lead the way to the bedroom. I hesitate; Lisa says you did not mention peter will be present. John angrily replies he was not sure that I won?t be trouble so I should see what you will be up to when at work. If I accept it now he will be less concerned for the future and stated that she has a good future and will make lots of money. Lisa added and get plenty of cock, John said she was the only one not in it for money.

In the room Lisa is told to get on with it as if John was a regular as she was shown by Margret. Lisa goes up to john I sit out of the way. Lisa rubs her hand up his arms then looks at his lips and softly runs a finger over them, she says what are you looking for today, John says he wants it all so Lisa starts to slip off his jacket then shirt runs her fingers through his chest and bicep passing on compliments. She goes for the belt undoes it and trousers and slowly slides down all his cloths and kneels down to a good sized cock wow she says and closely examines it. She is about to lick the tip when he slaps her and says NO!! I jump up! You must fully examine it for the health of all he exclaims. She apologises, I sit again, she pulls back the foreskin and has a good look round then puts it in her mouth, she cups his balls sucks them and plays with it in a variety of ways. He says good Margret and Davy have taught her well. She looks across at me in horror. He then moves her onto the bed. Opens her legs and gets on top with his cock over her tight little hole, then turns to me and says you can stop it now and I will forget I was ever being here. Lisa exclaims ?I want to do this, continue, continue, oh Peter tell him, TELL HIM! I want to be his whore now I?ve said it, tell him. John said ?I want you to tell me you are happy and accept she is my whore and I can do what I wish with her?. Lisa shouts ?tell him?! I say she is your whore to do as you please. No movement, they just looked at me, I said it again Lisa has her hand on his prick trying to put it in her, pulling on it. John leans in and she guides it into her, her lips open, the head is in, she moves her hand away and he pushes in she winces he pulls out then pushes further in. In 4 or 5 strokes he is right in. As he slides out I can see her skin being pulled out, then he goes in she exhales says fucking great, oh oh she is loving it after a few moments he says to me go out and get Earl my driver. I go to his car and look as I leave, he is kissing her whilst pounding away. Earl a very big heavy black man sees me and gets out of the car. John wants you I say.

He picks up a camera and follows me in. We can here Lisa begging for it. We walk into the bed room Lisa is on all fours John is behind pounding away. Her breasts are swinging and he is kneading them with one hand and smacking her bum with the other, it?s very red! Earl starts taking photos. I?m told to lie down by my wife, I do, Earl photos me my wife and John?s cock berried up her but no face shot of John as he has his back to camera. John pulls out, its bigger thicker, very solid and covered in juices, he tells her to suck it. She turns round a quick glance at me then put as much as she can of his monster cock in her mouth and starts sucking she grabs his balls. Earl pushes me down so that my face is only inches away from her mouth John puts his hands behind her head and pushes her on him till she is gagging and more, in and out, then he comes, she slides back almost out of her mouth it?s wide and swallows down his come as Earl photos it. John gets up and makes Lisa lie down on her back he closes her legs and tells her she is a very good whore. He tells Earl to keep his monster out of her till he says so, as he does not want this one ruined. He turns to Lisa a says you start tomorrow Earl will pick her up at 7 you can work until your period starts Sunday isant it. Lisa nods, but he wanted all day Sat sexxxx video ful hd 3 shifts as he was short of girls that day. Lisa thanked him. Earl thumped me in the stomach and winded me. What was that for I cried. John said ?look after her she was good? he gave her a bundle of notes and said starting bonus then they left.

Lisa jumped up and gave me a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss and kept kissing me saying thanks that was the /fucking/best-fuck/best-fuck-ever/">best fuck ever claiming to have come 3 or 4 times in the first position and again when doggie. She also said his come tasted nice, asking if I could taste it when we kissed. There was a little taste but I said no. She undressed me took out my erection moved into doggie position and said fuck me as john did smack my bum and pull hard on my tits I did, she was wet I said I can feel his come she said he did not come that was all her own juices. I blew my load.

At work Wednesday I kept going through the changes in our lives. The positives were a very happy bubbly wife full of life, energy, giving great sex and always being very sexy. On the other side she was being used by other men, risk of disease and loss of reputation if found out and prostitution is illegal. I tried phoning her up to discuss but she kept going on how marvellous I was to let her get these experiences with other men. How good she felt about herself being thought of as sexy even after 2 kids. How we could clear our debts off and the big one how I will never want for sex. She would do what ever I wanted but she did not want me to use the privileges that I could have, she just wanted me to have sex with her always.

That evening we had dinner as usual, played with the children. I got them in bed whilst she got ready in her sexy cocktail dress (aptly named) and at 7 jumped into the car next to the driver as if it was the most natural thing. I knew she would be back at 1 in the morning so went to bed but set alarm for 12.30. Got up made a pot of tea and at 12.50 she arrived walked in as if nothing had happened and we sat in the kitchen as she told me all about her evening.

The driver was nice and complimentary. They picked up Margaret and one other. She on arrival was introduced to all the staff. Showed her room and at 8 her first client arrived. I had a big hard on as she talked, she looked at it and smiled saying she could tell I was ok about it all.

He was a regular old about 60 but a gentleman, he had his hands all over her and liked to open her pussy and look in, occasionally lick her clit and insert a couple of fingers. He had a small /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock and only wanted a blow job. He did not come much and left very happy.
No 2 was a young lad from the fishing boats he wanted to go bareback but she refused and he just fucked in the normal position filled his condom and left. Average size.

No 3 was an overweight gent mid 30?s. Jerry from Ireland. A good sized cock. He was a regular she started off with a groping session lots of Kissing then him on top till he came, immediately followed by her. She then sucked him back up and he pounded her in several positions, making her come twice more, but he could not come again so she gave him a blow job, swallowed the lot she said in pride and he loved it. Then she added, and so did I.

No 4 was John himself he pounded away in every conservable position he was a good considerate man making her come several times and he came twice one inside her pussy and third time in her mouth, she said he is the best.
On the drive home the 3 girls did not talk apart from Margaret making sure she was ok about it all.

In bed her pussy looked open and red, one could say well used she had showered so I licked it and kissed it better then pounded away myself till I came.
Its now Sunday evening she has started her period but yesterday she did 3 4 hour shifts and had 14 men in total. Her pussy was red /raw/">raw and she could hardly walk. She said all the girls said she should not be so energetic and just bring of the men not to try to climax herself but then again she is their for the sex .

By the way on Thursday on the way home after Margaret was dropped off Earl wanted her to suck him off as he was not allowed to penetrate her so she did and he is very very large her hand could not go round it, with two hands one above the other there was still more exposed and she could only get the very tip in her mouth, and that hurt her jaw, and he came buckets, too much to swallow and so it dribbled down her chin onto her dress and bra, it even sprayed into her hair. She is longing to fuck him hard.
I?m ok for now, Lisa is very content, but its only time before it all ends in tears. Margaret has offered to teach me how to be a great lover. But I don?t know.

Davy told me Earl was a bastard and when he fucked Margaret she was so stretched he could get his hand in easy and it never went back. She was sore for days but know she is his regular and pleases her more than anything. But for Davy she is his /adorable/">adorable loving wife forever even if she is a whore.