The best of two worlds 4

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The best of two worlds 4

After our adventure on the beach Jacqui had a moral and physical hangover for a few days. She would do things to me that went beyond my expectation. She was absolutely fascinated with my cock, giving me head jobs the moment I walked in to the door. Upon my arrival home I would find her half naked, her pussy shaved and her body shining with a suntan lotion after lying naked in our backyard. She would tie me down in bed and rape my arse with her dildo, piss on me sitting on my face, swallow my sperm. She has definitely changed, changed to a point where I begun to worry. Will I be able to control her?

Before our encounter with Nicky Jacqui would never expose her body in public, except for the beach. Now she would gladly follow my suggestions and go for a walk or to a night club very sparsely dressed with her pussy in a full view as she was sitting in a chair. Her favourite activity was to go shopping with her arse hanging out and ride the escalators in front of some attractive people. She would hold my hand and look back watching their faces, and when we got back to our car her inner thighs were wet with her juices, small streams of her nectar running down her shapely legs. I was really beginning to worry. She promised me she would never do something like this on her own and I believed her.

We would not discuss her sexual encounter with Nicky at all. Only once, the day after, she kissed me and said she was sorry. And then to my two weeks later Nicky called us at home. She invited herself for a cup of coffee that afternoon.

Nicky arrived accompanied by a beautiful woman. Tall, long raven curly hair, naturally dark skin without a blemish and built like a . It took some control for me not to stare at her. Following introductions we sat on a veranda drinking cold beer as the day was hot and windy. Sarah, our was sitting opposite Jacqui and the wind was playing with the hem of her short white summer dress. Her long legs were driving me . Our dark sunglasses were giving us an advantage of freedom of perving without being noticed. Nicky as usual was dressed in a body hugging yellow dress with her breasts trying hard to break free. We had a really good time. It seemed we all knew each other for years.

As I was talking to Sarah I could swear I could see her naked pussy as a strong gust of wind blew her dress up. She did not even try to do anything about it and if nothing has happened she sipped her cold beer. From the corner of my eyes I looked at Jacque and her eyes did not miss anything. Her sight was focused on Sarah's crotch hoping for another gust of hot wind. I know my wife, and her constant changing of positions was either that the chair was uncomfortable or she was extremely exited. I know my chairs as well and I know they are comfortable. The conformation came when Jacqui got up to get another drink leaving a spot on the lining of her chair as well as on the back of her short dress. Jacqui came back in a few minutes pushing a drink table, dressed in one of my extra large cotton t-shirts. She looked so sexy, especially when she started poring us some stronger drinks and exposing her pussy in process, as she squatted to reach for the mixers under the table. The atmosphere became electric. With the darkness falling and some soothing music Sarah and Jacqui started their own conversation and I started talking to Nicky as we both looked at them. They were totally engaged in their conversation checking their jewellery and touching their hands and ears. The movements slow and xnxxv sunny leone video deliberate, their eyes locked. Jacqui was touching Sarah's breast checking her dress and Sarah's bare foot was touching Jacqui's. I was totally absorbed by it until Nicky brought me back to Earth pointing at my . She was the old self, offering to give me head job to get it down. We both admitted to be as horny as hell, but we enjoyed the little game being played across the room. By then Nicky must have removed her undies as her was clearly visible from under her mini dress. That was enough for me and I went for it. Down on my knees I started sucking Nicky's dick, with my hand massaging his balls and anus. Jacqui was waiting for it. They started exploring their bodies, kissing fully on the lips and peeling of their clothes. Both of them naked, they laid down on the decking. It was a beautiful sight. Their pussies cleanly shaven, perfect bodies, they started gently touching each other, kissing and exploring. Back in my end of woods I was kissing Nicky's tits while she was playing with my dick.
Jacqui was making some low exciting sounds as she started licking Sarah's pussy. She was holding Jacqui's head guiding her to the right spot and applying the right amount of pressure. It only took some minutes, and she must have been doing something right as following some slurping sounds was a deep sigh and a pleasing moan from Sarah's lips. We watched it with Nicky standing close over them playing with our dicks.

As Sarah started feasting on Jacqui's pussy, Nicky positioned me on my fours and gently inserted her monster in my arse. Jacqui looked at me with her eyes wide open and a loving smile on her lips. The sight of my wife getting her , the open arse chicks of Sarah and the deep internal massage by Nicky's dick were a great combination of pleasures resulting in one messy orgasm on my part. My neighbours must have had a great time as the uncontrollable orgasmic noises real forced anal against her will filled the evening air. I could detect the smell of outdoor barbeque next door and muffled conversation coming over our neighbours" fence. I did not care. We all collapsed in a heap trying to catch a breath. Our bodies were glistening with sweat and mixture of our juices.
Jacqui got up first and with a spray from a garden hose she washed her body. We all fallowed suit as it slowly developed into a water fight. We were giggling and laughing, rubbing against each other indiscriminately. The moment my limp prick made contact with Sarah's arse I was pulled back in line by a strong tug from Jacqui.

" Not yet " she said dropping to her knees taking my cock in her moth. It only took a minute to get it back to its full potential. She got to her feet and guided me back to the veranda. With some massage oil rubbed on my dick she bent over a table and guided it in her anus. This was a new one. Usually it took a little bit of persuasion for Jacqui to perform this. After a few trusts she called out for Nicky and with my dick still in her arse she started sucking his dick. It was heaven. She was so tight and I could fell her responding to my every thrust. Our movements were slow and gentle and I could see Nicky's prick disappearing in my wife's mouth. The tension was building. I could feel Sarah's hand gently massaging my balls as she stood next to me massaging her clit. Then it was like a chain reaction. Nicky was first to blow her load all over Jacqui's face, I was next shooting inside my wife's arse. My orgasm so intense, my claves started to cramp up. Jacqui and Sarah came almost together, moaning softly. To top it off Sarah licked my dick clean almost bringing me to another orgasm.

We ended the night by ordering a pizza and a few beers. Food never tasted better. The girls stayed with us for the night. I cuddled my wife and we slept like babies, exhausted after our sex romp.