My Eighteenth Birthday Part II

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Eighteenth Birthday Part II

After emptying the contents of his balls in my mouth Jason wanted a chance at my pussy, and Guy was willing to give him the chance as Robyn, my /girlfriend/">girlfriend, became available. 

She took his cock proffessionally in her well munched cunt. I could tell that she was having as good a time as I was. Ariana moved her position to so that she was being fucked in the ass by Kyle. Watching tem was getting me well enough lubricated to be taken in the /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. Jon took my pussy, again, and Jason shoved his fingers in my pussy. 

I screamed in pain at first, but then out of pleasure as he began to /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-my-ass/">finger my ass. When my ass was nice and lubricated he shoved his cock deep into alain lyle porn my ass. I gasped for air as I was filled to the brim with cock. 

Jon grabbed my hips and started moving me hard back and forth on his cock and Jasons. Jason from my behind starting kissing my neck and grabbed my tits. He grabbed my nipples and started to pull on them. 

Soon Jon started to moan, "Youre so tight, its gonna make me cum, Im gonna cum in your pussy" and with a grunt he shot his load in me. I came a few seconds on his cock, harder than I had ever cum. Jason was soon to follow us and filled my ass with so much cum that some leaked onto the bed. My pussy was so full that when Jon pulled out his well used /cock/cock-cum/">cock cum dripped out onto the bed. 

After pulling out of me Jon, kissed me and said that he had had a great time, but now had to leave. He got dressed quickly and took one of the cars that had brought all the people here. 

I was dissapointed to see him leave, but was immediately brought back to the situation at hand as Ariana began to eat indian santali xvideo my cunt out, finding my clit very quickly, and as Robyn sucked on my tits just in just right way. I was in heaven. 

Left with nothing else to do, but with big hardons the guys had begun their own little threesome. Jason was getting fucked in the ass by Kyle, and Guy was giving Jason what looked to be a well practiced blowjob. Jason was defintely in heaven as he arched his back and put his head on Kyles shoulder, soon they were all cumming in unison. 

Hearing them cum, made me cum, and since Arianna and Robyn had been fingering themselves well working on me, we all came in unison. 

IT was an absolutely night, and I will never forget it. We have since had a few more experiences very similar to this one, but never could live up to this amazing night.