An invitation1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
An invitation1

I've been invited into the house and I'm now sat in the lounge. The curtains are drawn and the lighting dim. As the music plays, I'm watching a /gorgeous/">gorgeous figure dance seductively. With the lighting’s so low I’m straining my eyes to see more. As she moves the angle changes and I can’t quite see if she’s wearing any knickers. My cock stirs in my pants. The guy sat beside me has adjusted his jogging bottoms and I can see now that he is stroking his /erection/">erection. I take this as my cue to unzip my trousers and adjust my position so that I can touch my swollen cock.

Her back is now turned towards me, and she’s bending down. I can see her sexy behind and as my eyes are now beginning to adjust to the low light conditions, I can now just catch a glimpse of pussy. I long for her to put her hand between her legs to part her labia, but the music changes, and so does her dance. Up until now I’ve had the distinct feeling that the dance has been solely for the benefit of the guy sat beside me, but now I notice that she’s looking at me. Her gaze is trained on my hand as it slowly rubs up and down my swollen phallus in time to the music. Then she wwwxxx looks up, straight at me and she smiles. For the /first-time/">first time I relax’ I feel welcome in this house’ the wwwxxx I feel she wants me’.

I can see she is hot’her body is moist. She picks up an ice cube and rubs in on her forehead. She then moves it to her breast. Those nipples look so good! I’d really like to run my tongue over her areola’the tip of my tongue to tease her nips. The tip of my swollen glans-penis is starting to leak, a bead of pre-cum dribbles down and lubricates my strokes.

She comes closer and she kneels down in front of us. As she reaches out to touch his cock I wonder if I too am to be treated to some personal attention. I shouldn’t have worried because after she stroked him and teased him with her tongue, she asks me if I’m happy to be touched’. Happy! My whole being is crying out for pleasure. ’I’d love you to’ is my pathetic response as my voice cracks with desire and anticipation. Her hand touches my swollen shaft and her lips kiss the tip of my prick. Her mouth opens slightly as her head bobs up and down and she takes my pleasure spot. I try my hardest to relax. I don’t want it to end here as it so clearly could’ but then she moves away, leaving my hot swollen moist phallus to my own self-pleasuring.