Review of Nissan X-Trail 2.0 l 2018 from Oles from Lviv

Nissan X-Trail

Year, mileage: 2018, 1.200 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 petrol
Set: Acenta Navi
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 12.0 l/100km, on the highway: 8.0 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Oskolki himself postijno read uggoki, talisay I sviy, perhaps Comus dopomozhe when vibor.

Dowd ABO ABO Volodina trivago aristofane: VW polo, Nissan Note, Volkswagen Passat, Audi A3, Audi Q7.

Moï criter:

— Clarens nevertheless 190;
— Pavni privd;
— Prays optimally 30, max 40;
— Oskolki cars often do not mnay brand I natinst;

Levova share auto VDPAU only at the CIM criteria.

For machines that razglyadev:

— Msubs Outlander -stupidly not spodobavsya));
— Mazda CX 5 — overpraise, Clarens, Naka navti on easy bezdari, and wildly bsite bar Yak scarcity for Seredin))) AUD stink hovayutsya;
— Honda CR-V worthy of the machine, ale CNNIC…
Ford Kuga, waiau duzhe a decent machine for svoï money!!! Premista, Zvukotesne super, many of nepuganyh navorotov. Ale nhto s managerv not knowing Clarens (one said 16, another through week 20, sit NFI no, forums Ter RSNA NFA), not hotw diesel. , sagalon in Parveen s WSM descriptions of my machines Kuga wyglada yakos cheap, not Bulo wow the effect)). Ale znovu taki over 27 tonnes, diesel, automatic, privd I TD — Neogene;
Toyota RAV 4, clins 18, duuuuuude zhostky passages (TSE pewno snowny minus for me);
— Subaru Forester, nepuganye option ale Zaman parkowania technologies Yak for nemalo cars, fur the handbrake first key Avni Arkham in 2018р.

Now on mashini: of course scho positive nabagato more ale supinus on mosah:

— Demo Zagorska passages, mozliwy dealine balance mizh caravansary I maglu, ale hotelosj bi Troshkov maxou. Kuga, Forester I Rav clearly jords school.
— Niska deltaz chambers, ncni hour, and takozh in the mountains if resortissa mizh urwesen I lsom)) is not always possible oceniti dimensions stone I pobachiti between de zakonchatsya road, AUD here are much better. General Cameri duzhe very best thing, in vosika yards, on a circular ogled proectors movement cars I you know Chi VLSIs. On Kruti grcica pdima, if before the hood of the sky, and s Baku the on track to the Urals, you can not visulahti head in vikno just diverse on camera (znovu taki — deltaz).
— Bose — nesle 10 RSV better than the Kuga, Forester, Rav-Chi in the middle set, ale of Comus accuwave better. I don’t znayshov has 2 dinamu)))) Little bootie 8, I Baciu 6+ subwoofer, spitza Manager))
— Rozczarowani vastly system control Tesco tire I electroarc frontal (Casca all TSE g) (((
140 chuti much aerodynamics make a noise, although the guise of zagalom Neogene. Given vartist КУ7, then Vaughn is clearly not in strike rasv HRSA.
— Roshd if tapasya on mokri trav z wheelspin in the Lok regim grow in the Carpathians, — 37l))) When the slope iz system help 45. And mistu 11-13 in 7-8 in Trac. I TSE running, however GGU Spokane.
— Dinamo, normal, so to say, for me clcom dostatnih. Hto love rati s msza I shalennyi drive, this is not Your choice. In principle VSI machine in variator not for tsogo.

Zagalom chomu taking the X-trail:

1. Stupid spodobavsya))
2. United car for 30K Yak small system circular look around I premum acoustics.

All visramiani , may sub Stepnoy Dumka.

Car pros:United machine for 30K Yak small system circular look around I Premum acoustics.
I bagato hoho.

Cons of the car:Deltaz cameras.
Vastly system TISCO tire.

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