Review of Fiat Doblo 1.4 l 2011 from Kharkov

Fiat Doblo

Year, mileage: 2011, 5.050 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.4 petrol + LPG

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Car brand Fiat has attracted me this winter (Fiat Doblo 2005. issue ). I decided to visit the dealership to learn more about this car (its performance cost). Machine and for the family and for transportation of cargo that is necessary… When I came in salon and saw Doblo 2005 edition, and handsome Dolby 2010 release. We decided to take a new body. First impressions when got into the compartment of the new Doblo is gabarity!!!! (before this went on VAZ 2107). Planting high like a small SUV, the interior is much better than the old Dobrica (2005). Pleased with the noise I had something to compare( WHA) to 3000t.about. the engine is almost inaudible. Disks R16 on our roads that is necessary. Doblick color as in the commercial bogomolniy. When buying at the dealership put the gas ( Zhiguli traveled to Gaza economically and no engine knock) the gas flow average 10-11hp. Happy with the car after 2, 5 thousand. km and checked the maximum speed goes as written in the passport 160km/h holds the Road well … the soft stock engine power enough.

Car pros:Spacious interior
large trunk
gruzopodemnostju 750kg
high rise
good ground clearance
good insulation
a good view of the rear view mirrors

Cons of the car:no handles above the doors for passengers
second-row seat is not removable and the front passenger is not folded forward for transporting long length items

Advice to buyer: If to take that only as a complete package to why not doctorate yourself (not always vozmozno it is necessary to flash the on-Board computer) And with what engine petrol or diesel to choose on your own…

After 3 months. and 18 days he added: Drove 16500 km problems yet… guarantees auto took much lomyat prices and the attitude towards customers are not happy… For the first I broke the first 2000 UAH. then call two days after I was told that at purchase I was told that first IT will cost 1200. I did, I already said 1500grn. I looked at the list of works to be performed and could not understand why there 1500grn.Phoned a few HUNDRED all the price is 600-700. with materials made on another HUNDRED 700. What I want to say the machine Yes I would like more powerful engine more torque… What else have encountered interesting tires size 195/60/R16 but still 5*98 58 wheel hub drives are not easy to find… Oh, these Italians!!! and as long as the machine is happy…

After 4 months. and 9 days, the author has added: Long chose and finally opredelitsya with the choice of winter tires.I bought winter tires «Nokian Nordman RS» 205х16х60 became normal front not where it is not catchy and doesn’t RUB, the rear end is kind of OK though, but still not progruzil. The gas consumption is a little increased for 12литров.

After 14 months. and 12 days the author has added: Now dashed 47000 changed the bushes on rear shock absorbers and oil seal at the transmission. At 46000 made another and changed the plugs. Ride every day machine happy …

In 17 months. and 11 days later the author added Made THE next MOT mileage 56500км. changed front brake pads. Drives polyinosinic the next THEN they must be machined. Car happy drive every day.

After 28 months. and 13 days, the author has added: Good day everyone now dashed 86000 km normal flight 85 t. km. changed studnie shocks and front upper mounts. The reason for the replacement in winter 2013 I flew into the pit, the spring-summer otezdil like everything was normal, but in the autumn there was a knock at the rear and when turning the steering wheel became skrepet front.

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