Review of Fiat 500 1.2 L. 2016 from Victoria from Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

Fiat 500

Year, mileage: 2016, 4.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.2 petrol
Body type: hatchback, 3 doors.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 7.5 l/100km, extra urban: 0.0 l/100km, average: 0.0l/100km

Owned this machine for about a year, bought in the salon. I really wanted a small car to just be parked in the city. Choose between the fiat 500, hyundai i10, peugeot 107, mini cooper one. Mini came off immediately because it greatly exceeded the budget, and after equipping it would have cost space money. i10 did not like the quality of the cabin, hard plastic, and inside all kind of grey and sad. Peugeot did not like the look of. Fiat was a very impulsive purchase as it even on the test drive was not in the river, that is, just ride around the Parking lot of the salon you do not understand much anything about the car’s behaviour on the road.

EXTERIOR. The appearance of 500-Ki conquered immediately, the car is very designed in the same retro style, high quality paintwork. Lights Shine well enough. It is not convenient at the gas station to Unscrew the stopper of the gas tank, she’s on key, and need prilovchitsya to open/close. The panoramic roof helps to stop the lines(when they are close to the traffic lights), when you can’t see the traffic light overhead.

INTERIOR. The interior is very high quality, plastic soft and pleasant to the touch, all the buttons in their places, except open/close glass, for some reason the French decided to arrange them on the doors and near the gear. Multimedia works without bugs, the phone is connected to uConnect without any problems, very handy thing. Flash read any format. Comfortable seat, sit like a glove, fit is excellent, all you can see, the cloth seats are very dense and not the brand (I had gray with perforation). The wheel is informative, not easy, which for me is a big plus, comfortable grip. There is a button «CITY», which makes the wheel super lightweight for convenient Parking, but used not so often as without this mode to Park normally. It is not convenient to wear seat as far to reach for the belt, he’s not very well located.
In the car fit 4 people, but the trip was about 30 minutes there was no whining, right off the back pain. The trunk is small, but it’s not a family car and not to testify.

BOX. But with transmission trouble…robot 1 grip it is such a pain. System hill holder does not always work when you need it, and need to be prepared for the fact that the traffic light under the hill will start rolling backwards instead of going forward a couple of times, it was scary for the car back. The service was advised to put in neutral at traffic lights to RCPP longer lived, after a drive on the machine it was unusual. Also, there is no transfer Parking, box needs to transfer in neutral and put the car on the handbrake. Also the box’s kicking hard when shifting on boost, if it gets used, then it is better to pass by this machine. It’s a shame that picking on the machine are imported only in the US, and to us, not even to order it is not possible.

SUSPENSION AND GROUND CLEARANCE. On the suspension, no complaints, the car rides like a ball over bumps, there is no feeling that riding in the cart. Clearance in the city enough (14cm), unless of course there is no need to storm the borders.

CONSUMPTION. For this malihi it’s big enough. The city below 7.5 litres I just do not get it reduced, but on the passport it to 6 years old On the track the car did not try, because the family has a crossover for long trips.

RESULT. The machine itself is not bad, bright, original. But I was not able to come to terms with her strange-looking box, and therefore sold.

Car pros:Stylish design, high quality salon, informative steering wheel, firmer suspension, high driving position, good media, convenient to Park, nimble of maliha, panoramic roof.

Cons of the car:RCPP (box interrupts all the advantages of the machine) high flow, tube tank, it is not convenient to reach for the seat belt clearance could be 15cm to make just one grade in Ukraine (dopamine is the only protection of the engine and the front sensors useless, just don’t order it! You will put the cheapest one on the torpedo, which is just useless). There is no start button. 69 very few horses, since this machine quite sluggish.

Advice to buyer: be Sure to ride it before buying, to understand, accept if you roboticians box or not. Do not put the front sensors, it is simply not needed.

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