Review of UAZ Patriot 2.7 l 2018 from Valery from

UAZ Patriot

Year, mileage: 2018, 58 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., full
Engine: 2.7 petrol

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Dear fans of cars UAZ. Write a review for an acquisition to our family at the second attempt the brand new UAZ Patriot (why the second will unsubscribe the text).

In short, the dad in particular was still in the distant Soviet times, a truck driver and because of the experience, consider the army the practical operation of what is possible, it is not one story in the evening around the campfire with vodka so that is there to stay makes no sense.

Next possession (who remembers even been issued such a special brown training and possession of management skills foreign cars), various Japanese cars. You understand that we have a priori DV and domestic cars — is bad of the Lord, (not counting service). In the family’s possession were «Toyota Sprinter» 1988 V., and «Mitsubishi Delica» in 1998 V., «Toyota BB» 2004 (that’s I’ve owned), and «Mitsubishi ash» 2011 salon with mileage of 4 km At the time of purchase. There is more. Even then, our family was thinking about buying the Patriot, but under the weight of public opinion, «advice» experienced and other things, had to abandon this idea and took the newcomer to the salon LHD mitsik, which we have served faithfully for 6.5 years. And about six months ago, the family Council decided that all, are ripe, it’s time (the reason more and two grandchildren my parents) to take a new and roomy, passable car.

Here and remembered the unrealized plans about the acquisition of Patrick. And there is not any agony of choice was not, was ready to twist the fingers around his temple and negative feedback. Shoveled a bunch of reviews on websites and drive and only convinced of the rightness of his decision to TAKE a car.

No sooner said than done, mitsik put on sale (briefly about it: top of the range, 2011 onwards, leather.interior, reversing camera, 2 sets of tires on rims with good tread with pressure sensors, 72400 mileage, extras-but lazerny mounted stop lamp, inverter fuse, and 2 outlets, a trunk of 300 liters of the firm «Thule», the backlight of the door with the company logo, stickers trendy sorts, recorder with 2 cameras, Park tronica front/rear — all have established themselves) and for 3 months successfully sold. Next, run to the salon, where we order the color of coffee with milk in the configuration of the «Maxim» or the «maximum» brand new dream car, you make 250K rubles in advance. Only 3 weeks of waiting and lo and behold the dream the whole family we have in town. Before predprodazhnoy car inspected: neither of which does not leak, does not fall off, not rotten, not broken, not crooked — ALL right! Then 5 days pre-sale preparation and the expectations of PTS from the factory.

The car is fully equipped with mats, hood deflector, window vents (will supply later), protecting the engine and steering rods — we are pleased. Honestly, while waiting for a car is some feelings, and when he came and already predprodej (understand those who waited), it is simply though a wolf howl, as I wanted faster cars to pick up. And, even for a couple of days earlier than scheduled, the Manager calls and says pay the remaining money for the car and take it tomorrow. Oh, sorry I’m at work and time off as. Pick up the car, do the insurance and the registration in the traffic police.

Me and the whole family is already unbearable. Waiting for the call nervously glancing at the screen of the cell phone… I ran outside to look at new cars and I can tell you that it’s beautiful (in standard from the factory with a winch)! I myself was previously owned «Toyota BB» 2004 V. and now «Subaru Forester» 2010 V. aspirated, brought in the maximum configuration in April 2013 from the auction to us on the island of Sakhalin, so what, nor what experience and practice is, however, not on domestic cars, except for semi-annual training in DOSAAF in the Field of the pyatidverka and ZIL-130.

Next, honestly expected worse, but fortunately all is well, time the car ownership until 1.5 days and only 41 km)) the Body is perfectly painted, glitters, all in a sufficient layer of wax for the safe transportation, joints smooth, although too large in comparison with the same tricom, door closes not because I have to start. On handicap as in advertising nationwide doors (will not advertise, but I think that all understood about what the firm is about), grandmother nudge and it closes. UAZ she must be BLIND!

The back door opened to me at first, but then dad showed how to open and everything is wonderful opened. The bottom of the door there are special white plastic insert, so that the door does not rattle (nice). Keys with a built-in unit to open — close the door and in case of not authorized access screaming klaxon. By the way the locks are opened and closed noisy, well that is direct click opened/closed, I would like to keep it down, but it is a trifle! Interior excellent fabric, dad skin basically did not want, with smooth lines, no protruding thread and a smooth texture. The ceiling apparently led light bulbs white and bright.

The place is not that much, its just huge! The trunk is spacious and has a curtain. On the plastic trim of the rear door in the corners there were traces of plastic residue, thin black the pieces after melting the parts apparently! By the way, all rear Windows factory tinted. Stove for rear seat passengers and heated with a / C work perfectly. Steering wheel good, not loose and working with a bunch of buttons. To sit comfortably, the front lot. Scoreboard, mafon, Navigator — all informative and intuitive. Pairing Bluuu and Wifi is excellent both in and out in the WWW with viewing what you need. I would progress pneumopillow the hood. List makes no sense, but all in good condition and working. Mileage at the time of purchase of 11 km in General, we are a picky buyer warned imprint immediately. Examined consider that with a magnifying glass a couple of hours the whole car!! Tires 18″ Pirelli Scorpions, the kingpin is later replaced by bronze or brass.

About going: soft box works, transmission is good included. While over 3000 revs the car did not drive of course. Rides-fire, speed bumps? not seen as passed. Oh who is it? surf down? haven’t seen it. Oh, the pit was at that intersection? Yes? no, we did not pay attention. Sitting high you see so Far in General, comrades. While all the news and sensation. As the operation will add a review. People who believe that it is better to buy 10 of the Japanese, or something, and other tips for a basket, please pass by and do not waste Your and our time. Even on our DV roads look Patrikov it becomes more and more. Think about it gentlemen!!!

Thank you all that read to the end of the opinion. We have already managed to wash, as the car of champagne on the type of formula 1, and to drink to celebrate! Good luck on the road.

PY.Sy. At first I thought orange Patrick to take for full OFF-ROAD on-road DV, but knowing that there is none of the airbags decided that safety comes first. Will not yet this version to take.

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