Review of the MG 3 Cross 1.5 l 2013 from Oleg of Kiev

MG 3

Year, mileage: 2013, 11.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol
Set: AMT 1.5 Deluxe
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

The choice was spontaneous. The car I wanted to buy before the introduction of the environmental charge and for some reason I wanted the hatch was on the roof. Passing by the cabin, successfully looked — car only brought — he sat, looked, read, felt, in General, decided to buy. Over 130 thousand hryvnias particularly had no choice: either something naked, but known or stuffed, but incomprehensible.

Travelled 11500 km Of which 5,000 km across Europe. The impressions are positive. Hidden defects not revealed. Today is the first ride at -17 deg. PAH-PAH, wound up after spending the night on the street immediately: the Honda’s engine, battery Bosch.

Claim, perhaps, only to their suspension. It is seen that is not specifically developed for this model. At first it seemed quite hard. But it was the tires. Was the Chinese Giti. How to put a winter Fulda — the feeling immediately much better.

Long enough to get used to the robot-machine. Switches slower than the manual box. In standard regelbereich includes, in my opinion, before. For overtaking on the track is better to use the manual mode box. More than 175 km/h is clocked. At this speed, the machine throws (shock!), but quite stable due to the «ears» above the rear wheels: work like a wing. Beveled top of the machine gives better stability in the turns. Of course, the dynamics compared to the Audi 2.0 FSI worse, but highway consumption if the gasoline is good, meets the stated. Filled in Jagodina on the island full tank — arrived to Kiev for 5 hours (106 km/h average, 5.9 l consumption), another 100 km to Kiev to go left. The traffic flow is large — 10 l 175 km/h flow rate of 15 liters per hundred.

The trunk is small, but where to put it at a length of 4 m? But on the roof originally the roof rails. Still does not tune, only hung crankcase.

Yes, someone out there found a rear view camera? It does not have its MG 3 Xross (AIS for some reason calls the machine «Cross», but the data sheet and in life it’s called Xross).

Car pros:Neat little machine,
good equipment,
convenient steering,
galvanized body with quality iron
excellent ratio price-quality.

Cons of the car:the suspension is not the best
The motor roars from the 3,000.
Thick front roof rack may interfere with the review carefully before pedestrian crossings!

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