Review of SsangYong Rexton II 2.7 l turbo 2007 from ALEX from Kiev

SsangYong Rexton

Year, mileage: 2007, 223.500 km
Transmission, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.7 turbo diesel
Set.: the maximal
Bodywork: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall assessment

Hi all. I want to write about your Rex. Machine I am very happy to buy from the salon, in the most complete set on then. Today the mileage 223500 Machine is 50% goes to city and 50%. To 165000 changed the oil and filter. Filled normal diesel at our petrol stations. After 165000 km. changed the oil in the automatic transmission and the filter. A bit too much running (sunblocki, ball, levers, etc.). I rode in the Rex with shock absorbers HORSES and I loved riding. Just replaced all 4 shock absorber and put a new spring home and put the air tank in the rear springs. All super. The car was shot down and stable. Just about 165-170.000 km I Noticed the fogging oil seal on the steering rack, just made a complete restoration of the steering rack. On 223.200 km. replaced the first time the oil in the front, the rear axle and razdatki. The guys said a HUNDRED at that mileage change the first time here oils, they are surprised that in spite of such’s clean. They say that with a small run there machines so there is oil, just awful, and I have a normal. Yes, I almost forgot about 165-170000 km a couple of times jumped out a check with a sharp press on the gas pedal, read error was the error of the injector, just got everything sent in Kremenchug there made a complete restoration of each and all gut. Now I have 223500, and cool. What to tell you if the car watch she will thank you in return. Now think about Anticorrosive and Obeschannoe and really want to make a Proper Nintendo. Would be nice if the machine a bit faster, but I understand that it’s not a Porsche, but still. Every 10,000 km change the oil in the engine, the fuel filter bet only the ORIGINAL (My advice), and take oil of the middle class, air and salonik can be middle class. I’m up to 120,000 km. put fuel filter is different, and not particularly expensive, then I was convinced that would put only the Original and probably at 165000 km. I paid for cheap fuel filter.

Car pros:Good proven engine. The frame of the car. Permanent all-wheel drive (a big plus especially in winter).

Cons of the car:No on-Board computer (consumption of fuel).

Advice to buyer: Take a normal car, but before buying Used car check out good cars on specialized service stations, they know all their sores. It is clear that this is not a VMW-(X5-6) or a Porsche. Decent machine for the money.

After 14 days, ALEX has added: 04.07.2015 I decided to get a NINTENDO engine. Happy as an elephant, the machine just shoots, missing turbo lag and Rex has become almost like a TUAREG.

Through 9 months. and 27 days ALEX added: Good day to all. Today 14.04.2016 normal flight. Half a year ago replaced front and rear springs (Front and rear of the TOUAREG with the MERCY of the DICE. for 6 months. everything fell into place and now in front of 50cm. from the hub to the arch, the back of 50.5 cm of gut.) Yes, I almost forgot a couple of weeks ago vyrezali (catalyst or as it is referred to as a diesel particulate filter) and boiled, the STRONGER I will say this, that the car had opened the breath and it became easier to go. Mileage is 240000 km. In General machine satisfied, satisfied with everything. Good luck to everyone.

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