Review of Skoda Rapid 1.2 L. turbo 2013 twerk Sum of

Skoda Rapid

Year, mileage: 2013, 40.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.2 turbo petrol
Body type: liftback, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 7.0 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Otezdil 4 years and 40,000 miles and sold as the shortcomings of the machine (listed in the «Cons model») almost every day carried to the brain. The machine is clearly not for our «roads». Yes, on a good smooth asphalt (summer and daytime) it behaves well. Can drown on the highway at speeds up to 190 after a much more expensive machine at the same pace that they are. But when the ends smooth asphalt — torture starts shaking, butting in the ass and rumble. Suspension hard, she felt the slightest of bumps, and pits it breaks easily. Off the road for a primer is generally not recommended — low clearance, long overhangs and a large wheelbase combined with the buildup on the holes will lead to the fact that the nose, the ass and the thresholds will be scratched and dented. Now about reliability: 2 months after leaving the salon stopped working 2 speakers out of 4. After 2 months on the go has stopped working the instrument panel. All of this was replaced under warranty. More during 4 years of failures was not. Personally my opinion — the machine is not suitable for city — first to her considerable length to 4, 5 m — Parking is very inconvenient. Second, the inconvenience in Parking and adds a bad review to go backwards a little complicated due to the fact that the wide rear rack is fully searches through review. Thirdly, if you are going to rapidly and strongly press the accelerator, the flow rate of 7 liters easily grows to 8 and more — this feature of the turbo engine. In General, this is an inexpensive car with a big trunk for good European roads. It was there that this machine can show its best qualities. But you have to get used to sit hunched over in the seat and listen to the silence (good soundproofing is good) because neither the USB nor the AUX in the car. Yes, and you must have very good eyesight, because at night the light is weak yellow halogen headlight Ni-Fi-ha is not visible.

Car pros:Big trunk and comfortable cover.
Good steering control.
Precise shifting.
Good stability at high speed.
A good insulation.
Good aerodynamics and appearance.
Locking the front differential when slippage of one wheel.

Cons of the car:Small clearance (13-14 cm).
Hard uncomfortable suspension.
Very weak light.
Poor traction engine on a low level.
Poor cooling in summer and heating in winter.
Uncomfortable seats.
A bad review because of the wide front and rear racks.
In the middle of a complete set is missing the USB and AUX.

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