Review of SEAT Leon 1.8 l turbo 2017 from Artem from Kiev


Year, mileage: 2017, 12.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.8 turbo petrol
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, on the highway: 7.4 l/100km, average: 8.0l/100km

Hi all. After the sale of the old Aveo, looked narrowly at buying a new car.

Start, perhaps, of the candidates. Considered only hatchbacks and crossovers. More and more inclined towards petrol engines, but you could consider a diesel.

1. B/VW Golf 7 and new. Loved my wife, both externally and internally. Due to the limited budget was looking at options to 15K. New for the money it was not possible to take. But pretty quickly I from this option refused because I still wanna have a new car and accordingly care for it. But as the departure of previous owner on this car with the DSG is anyone’s guess. In General, it confused me. A little put off buying this and see a loan option.

New Golf in the loan turned out to be very expensive. For a complete set, which would have counted 750к. Trendlayn pushed only engine 1.0, with komplektacii can be tolerated, but the price for the base to 550K too embarrassed.

2. Skoda Karoq. Looking forward to this car. It is very flattering reviews of him were removed. Attracted ground clearance, dimensions, dynamics and equipment. But… When he appeared in Ukraine, I immediately went to the salon and was a little disappointed. Normal headlights look much sadder than the ice optics; the quality of the upholstery of the trunk leaves much to be desired; the raised floor, which is present in all surveys, the Ukrainian version is not imported; the wife was very disturbed by how much you want to chrapaty doors to close. In General, osadochek remained. Well, the price of 26к he isn’t, as for me. Had to drive a few times in the cabins, to verify the correctness of the decision of Karok not an option.

3. The Hyundai i30. Fairly attractive design, the interior is at a good level. Interesting engine 1.4 turbo robot DCT. One very big disadvantage — such was not on the test anywhere in Kiev or Dnepr. Only 1.6 atmo, and then — to go in the yard of the cabin. I even accidentally found a one owner 1.6 in the top komlpektatsii, watched and asked that as a Yes. But take a pig in a poke, especially in the loan is not wanted. Although got the idea for this a couple of months.

4. Suzuki Vitara. Attracted price for the average configuration, dimensions, inside the cabin, ground clearance seemed great. But interior trim bothered me, the design is pretty dull and not too high quality materials. I would also like more speakers than normal aspirated. And the price was already producing 24-25K, that seems a bit much. Did not even go on the test.

5. Suzuki SX4. Quality materials in the cabin is almost worse than I had on the Aveo. Immediately eliminated this option.

6. Subaru Forester. Looked at package 2.0, as it was possible to take at a price of 800K in the top komlpektatsii (LEDs, xenons, camera). Very high quality interior, nice design, ground clearance, 4×4. But got a ride — to drive a pensioners car. You push the pedal — he thinks for a second or two and then goes. Very nice car in terms of comfort, good boot, but in terms of drives leaves much to be desired. The cost was above our budget and take a big loan for a car, which we doubted not would like.

7. Nissan X-Trail. My wife did not like neither the exterior nor the interior. I liked the size of the cabin, especially the back row, a huge trunk. Probably the first candidate for the title of the family vehicle, you can transport everything and everyone. The test is not taken because of claim 1.

8. Nissan Qashqai. Not like inside. Looks like nothing, but somehow the soul does not lyagla. The test also did not take.

9. All Renault cars. Looks like the new Megan, but internally a very poor design, especially multimedia screen — even the Chinese do better. The other car just didn’t like.

10. Kia. The new Led is not out, and Stonik/Rio size as the Aveo. Quality materials too. Atmo engines 1.0, 1.4 if I remember correctly wasn’t attracted to.

11. Seat Leon. Went in some time in the salon Skoda to look at Karok. It was closed, and nearby was the salon Seat. I had not even considered the options of this brand. Immediately attracted Ateka — soplatformennika of Karaca, but the quality is higher. Rides basically the same, but a little something valaine. The price was casucha, especially for the normal bundle. There was no option.
There stood Leon. Attracted by the design, inside was a good finish, ergonomics. Drove a 1.8 FR and was Paragon dynamics, but the suspension was jeskovo. My wife and I went to look at the equipment style with the DOP (ice + screen). My wife also liked it. Dynamics in the city (up to 60-80) excellent suspension more comfortable than FRке. Began to think seriously about buying a picking style on credit. And then BAM — Leon 1.8 Xcellence with a mileage of 10K from the importer at a great discount. Looked alive, gave a Deposit and waited. When the car is handed over to the dealer — go to the service station, immediately changed the oil and did a full diagnostics, everything was in order.

Probably still can’t believe he’s here with us)) Looks beautiful design. The interior and trunk are very high quality: soft plastic, Alcantara, leather (probably). Very comfortable and clear the steering wheel, the car reacts to every movement. I really nravitsya dashboard — everything is visible and readable (unlike the same Karaka). Very comfortable armrest. Driver’s seat with electric adjustment and a lot of adjustments, adjust itself, and 500 km on the highway not even noticeable for the back. Meaning climate is not particularly understand, still occasionally tweak the knobs. Heated seats never used. The boot capacity is enough for family of two. To track convenient cruise control, sdes not adaptive, but this is enough. Good ice acpica, very nice running lights and taillights. Suspension in the city is quite comfortable — not a sofa, but it is not necessary. The dynamics of the city more than necessary. To unlock the potential of car traffic in urban conditions is not possible.

Consumption in the city of 9-10 liters in the medium. If very much of gravity, I think, will be 10-11. On the highway on cruise 130 was about 7.5-8. Average per trip Kiev-Dnipro-Kiev were 7.2 (was about 200 km). BK shows quite accurately, checked for checks. At 80 — consumption of 4-4.5. At other speeds not tested.

Car pros:— dynamics;
— comfortable suspension like 17ых rims and tyres 225/45;
— high-quality salon;
— top range;
— responsive steering.
— responsive gas pedal: pressed went.

Cons of the car:— probably in the winter will miss the heated steering wheel;
— nevozmozhno unlock the full potential of the car in city conditions, and on the track not so interesting.

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