Review of Nissan X-Trail 1.6 l turbo 2017 from Oleksandr from Zaporozhye

Nissan X-Trail

Year, mileage: 2017, 10,000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., full
Engine: 1.6 turbo diesel

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 5.7 l/100km, on the highway: 4.9 l/100km, average: 5.4l/100km

Good day to all! Before the car went to the Zhiguli, Mercedes 201, Renault Logan sedan, Renault Logan 2015 MSV and under hunt took the Chevrolet Niva. It was after the Fields have understood that the next machine is only a minimum of crossover. Finances were limited so waiting for the new Duster (because Logan MSV from the point of view of practicality was happy with for 5+++).

Key selection criteria: high ground clearance, a flat floor with sophisticated sensors, diesel engine, all-wheel drive. He came, I came to the salon to watch, and all kind of nice but not really cheaper. And then driving past the salon Nissan thought to look at the Qashqai, but the entrance met X with action 2017 diesel xDrive all on 80 thousand more than the Duster (maybe Toyota better but still additional funds I didn’t have, and it is more expensive). So I decided to buy 2 years at 0% and payment of 50%.

The car came in Japan with a manufacturing date 28.12.2017. Much more beautiful than the Duster ;)

I’m a relaxed rider and Logan I invested 4.8 the city. Nissan heavier than 600kg and roshod I get 5.6-5.7 (moderately air-conditioned looking and controlling instant rashod). Week spent purely under the rules no more than 50 in the city was in shock from 5.1, but long so could not.

Suspension for me was not quite clear: on the road with a good road all clear, but the pit fulfills not quite clear algorithm that will eat carefully where hubnuti shall hopnet not a big hole there where never!!!

Noise isolation let’s just say it has to go, but enough for me.

The parameters of noise insulation and suspension in this price range are much better value competitors I don’t know. But if you choose to quietly and smoothly for me this machine toureg, Q7, Mars, and preferably in the pneuma, and all that is below that of conditionality.

Dynamics enough for me, holds the road well, up to 150 behaves pretty fast. Well, if love still resucity then collect at the Porsche macan ;)

First thing I bought floor mats interior (in the trunk until I found) covers from eco-leather, covered steering wheel leather, put the boot factory performance.

Very pleased with the roof rack Nissan! Set The Box Terra Drive 440. If anyone decide to put the box in the trunk with the regular mounts, I recommend not to buy via the Internet, but be sure to change the setting after the fact. Very often, due to the fixed mounting points then the spoiler Lyady rests when opened.

There are certainly growing pains (like when lowering the driver window to move the trim, wipers cannot be put perpendicular to Balk because in the hood).

Overall this family very happy.

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