Review of Mercedes Sprinter 2.7 l 2004 from Vladimir from the city

Mercedes Sprinter

Year, mileage: 2004, 226.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., rear
Engine: 2.7 diesel

Body type: wagon, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Great, reliable, unpretentious. Easy to drive, comfortable. Lined interior inside along the entire length of the machine allows you to keep a sense of comfort. Multi-purpose. Consumes very little fuel compared to cars of other brands of the same class and of the same size. Is a machine that constantly makes money. It brings, not takes it away. Easy transformirovalsya in the cargo. This is a huge advantage over the competition. This opportunity allows you to earn money in any situation. Want to ride like a truck, and load up to 3 tons. And you want to drive like a car and thrown from a further 8 people and a bunch of Luggage. For all its size it falls under the category «In» — «….up to three tons and up to 8 passengers…» This is a real car!!!

Car pros: Relatively inexpensive to service, small fuel consumption, very comfortable.

Cons of the car:theDrawbacks this car has. However, went to show rust in some places around the windshield and around the doors. This is the biggest drawback.

Advice to buyer: don’t Buy it in Germany.

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