Review of KIA Sportage 2.0 l 1996, from Dennis from Brovary

KIA Sportage

Year, mileage: 1996, 380.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., full
Engine: 2.0 petrol

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Use a car for almost 2 years, I can say that the big drawback is the metal is quite thin and is rotting badly, I even have a frame very rotted and now the machine at the station — cook/paint. In the management of Valka, but this is due to the ground clearance, the dynamics of acceleration — not much, like 2 litres, but for a comfortable ride around town and off road enough. The car is not designed for speed — after 100 km/h there is a hum and the ride is not very comfortable. The gas flow when you turn off the full drive in the city 14 liters, with air-conditioning and is to 17 but the car does not want to go. Plus, of course, in the cross — really did not expect this from her — she will come out and pull a SUV stuck). Like equipment — there is everything you need for happiness — the a / C, all power Windows, seats and lots of nice details. But electrics too weak — the window regulators work very poorly, as the wiper, and the light — but then, perhaps, the age is already making itself felt.

The pros of the car:the performance, comfort, availability of spare parts.

Cons of the car:Metal, electrician.

Advice to buyer: by far for the money you buy another SUV with such a configuration, but you need to choose carefully.

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