Review of KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 l 2018 from Alexander from Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

KIA Niro

Year, mileage: 2018, 136 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Fuel consumption urban: 5.0 l/100km, road: 5.0 l/100km, average: 5.0l/100km

So, I decided to write a review. First day with the interior, mileage is 125 km away. the City-highway in the ratio 70/30.

Start with the absolutely unacceptable things that definitely need to do something:

1. Almost all automakers was bitten by a brain parasite called «black gloss inserts». Alas, the Kia too. Oh. that sucks. «It» looks beautiful in freshly laundered condition and a closed car. Operation is pain. Dust, stains, fingerprints everywhere. It will be necessary to remove, or film, or something else.
2. Of sly. More precisely, arch. The road coming in pretty good. Everything else works just fine, but the arch to do. Well – in principle inexpensive.

That unpleasant, but not fatal:

1. I understand, it is necessary to create the difference of specifications. But!!! Electric without memory function? Savings? Seriously? How much? 1.5 bucks?
2. The same thing about the head unit. The functionality is the same, but in the top 8 inches, average 7. And how many saved? 5 bucks? 10?
3. Camera. Not, the functions it performs great, but the picture… Hello zero.

Feature ambiguous:

1. Nonic. I do not know how much saved on ELEKTROTECHNIKA, but good unusual. Although I will not say that is worse than a normal handbrake. Just different. A question of habit.
2. The trunk. If anyone for potatoes – we pass by. ;-) To large (medium or more) too. The trunk is small and not small. My wife decided that our family (2 adults and 2 children) is enough. 4 medium suitcases + small things you want. Stock seat is a little rough (really a bit) platform length of about 160 cm (maybe more, then it will be clear why.)

Here’s something about the bad.

The rest of the pros. In order:

P. S. my height is 198 cm, weight 115 kg. For the understanding of subjective experiences.
1. Cool, spacious and comfortable interior. In General, it is clear what happened to the trunk. He sat himself behind him. Yes, without a space. But villages. Back row very good, and the front seats are even better. The cushion inclination adjustment, lumbar support. Everything is extremely customizable. The armrests in the topic, hands on them to be lied to clearly. In General, here the standings.
2. Great driving position – the steering wheel, tidy, Central console. The second brain parasite named «do touch» passed by Kia, so everything is conservative. But it is logical and convenient. Where you have the sensor there is a sensor, where the button is, where Twister – Twister there. You can write long, but overall impression is great. Climate, navigation, player – everything is clear, comfortable and functional.
3. Engine. More precisely, the symbiosis of two engines and transmissions. Not climb into the algorithm works, but works properly. The right leg is the master of car – like pressed — and went. Overclocking is not a hurricane, but smooth and soft. Loved it. A clear case of «athletes» have already passed by, it’s a hybrid all the same. But not a vegetable. Although, there is a sport mode. Nitsche so the difference is more than noticeable. Consumption is also likely.
4. Consumption. The most painful issue. Total to pay 125 km received? 4.9 received, Nothing changed in driving style, climate included, in the car, the whole family. Yes, diesel may be less. But I don’t like diesel. With no arguments, or rather all arguments together. And turbines don’t like. And the turbo…

In General, summary. A very worthy car. There are shortcomings, but for me they are either not critical or disposable. Moderately dynamic (and in sports and doesn’t really moderate), spacious in the cabin (3008 wad flunked this test), with a slightly raised roof (Octavia flunked this test), but it is quite compact in appearance (Hello, urban traffic jams). And with a long wheelbase and comfortable seats (Hello, long trips). Coasting on a single tank (45 l) expected under 900 km And it was good.

Car pros:Comfort, engine, ergonomics, flow.

The car cons:Glossy plastic, noise (wheel arches), extreme savings.

Advice to buyer: If you liked in the cabin — take, will not regret.

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