Review of JAC S2 1.5 l 2018 from Oleg of Kiev


Year, mileage: 2018, 2.600 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 8.5l/100km


In may 2018 became the owner of JAC S2 2018 guards on the handle in the maximum configuration. Passed 2600 km and is made «0» in July 2018 (2000-3000 km, price 1816 UAH according to the regulations). The first impression which I want to share. I will compare with Aveo 2007 GW and Geely Emgrand RV-7 2012 GW, which are similar in cost, and have owned/own more than 3 years each (maybe someone will be interested).

Previous story:

This year the need arose to purchase a second car. So-how are funds constrained and considered the option of BU cars (for work), or a new up to 12000 Euro or a loan up to 15,000 Euro (for the ops, the mileage to 10,000 km per year).

Mandatory Conditions My:

1. Mechanics.
2. «Leather» interior.
3. Multi wheel.
4. Start key (so if necessary you could start with «the pusher»).
5. Alloy wheels.(for obvious reasons not necessary but desirable, so you do not spend).

Conditions Wife: «it’s not a sedan and the beautiful».

Therefore, a large number of cars like Logan, 301, Elisha, and so disappeared. Including Emgrand, which is now only sold in sedan and which I considered as a priority. Now there’s Emgrand-7 RV with mileage 119.000 km, bought BU in 2015 with mileage 36.000 in excellent condition. New afraid to buy due to the fact that the Chinese. However, after passing more than 80 thousand admired «narrow-eyed». For this reason, the new «Chinese» was not afraid. Accidentally watched a video on this website Jac s2, showed my wife… and she approved.. of all cars on the market, she liked the Peugeot 3008, Jaguar and Renault captur. All do not fit into the budget close . Already thought about a loan on the Peugeot 3008 but it is twice more. And lo and behold, there was a car entered in the initial conditions. It was agreed to take or cash for the summer, or if you give a loan immediately. Given at 12% per annum, 51000 immediately and 7 years at 5160 UAH/month, UGB. Given the conditions for cash makes no sense to take, and more profitable to put on Deposit, and earn more work. Now, let’s go…

The car has very good, besides that I had the priority, you can add : touch screen, rear view camera, ECHR , assistant in climb, cruise, gauge tire pressure, etc. by the Way 16 inch wheels, although the description was 15″. Valais closer to the Aveo, Emgrand bigger, but the «new» Geely feature actually sad. Salon xhaka though budget, but not bad. Even a car is contrasting, not smooth. Budget plastic… and cool the wheel and the seat. There is the armrest, the type of budget, uncomfortable, narrow though changing the height position, no boxes. The chair is beautiful, but the pillow is too narrow, every time when landing I miss her. It’s like sitting on the edge of the bench, although over time you get used to. But the lateral support is good. The wheel is lovely. Very well made, and the size and grip, and buttons. Window regulators strange, kickout just driving and running is not logical, or Yes or no. The other to raise or lower it. Tidy read fine and looks good. There is an instantaneous discharge which showed me from 6 to 7.5 l/100km the way during running (mean 6.9), and in fact 90 l at 1060 km (about 8.5). How much is left is not showing. In the card pockets on the front doors freely included liter bottle, nothing behind, almost no space. There is an ashtray, but it immediately in the car was not had to go to the salon to pick up, found. Mats in the rubber, and fabric had to be ordered at the Bazaar, took a cut for 15 minutes and after 3 weeks brought — 600 UAH. The light medium. There’s a feature in both the far and the middle and far on Gili I love it, especially in the fog. The Jack is still not useful, but far worse. Back seat decent, even for three. Button conder blowing when you turn on lit and in Sunny weather invisible. Multimedia: good touch screen with good menu. Visibility in any weather. Management is quite logical, though only in English and Spanish. Good sound.Nice work Bluetooth, is connected directly to the phone, hands-free function works correctly. Convenient camera when reverse. Navigation does not work, still no firmware. The flash drive works, but it is necessary each time after pulling the key on a new to insert, and then radio will no longer see. Places in the legs and spacious enough with a small margin. Sun visors budget and lowering rattle. The light on the ceiling just in front. The trunk is normal for this size car. On our roads rattled the shelf in the trunk, I had to stick Antislip on top of the factory helped. When planting is very wide in the front, but you can survive. Overall, the salon is for B class four. In addition to the two listed rattles no squeaks.

Chassis. Box like box. The selected transfer is not bad. Liked the engine. If the volume of 1.5 l pulls very very pretty. A good fast machine with a small appetite. Soft logical working of the pedal. Great brakes. The wheel has an average turning radius to the Emgrand clearly does not hold , though the car and the base shorter.

Externally, the machine is balanced and looks nice. Personally, I’m only annoying chrome moldings on the rear bumper, the rest is pretty harmonious. Good size exterior mirrors. By the way, in the mirror in the cabin is poor visibility on the road rear view overlaps the top of Lyady, especially when loading the car. Only visible part of the road. The rear bumper on the curve are glued double-sided adhesive tape and aligned constantly losing factory bend.

Features. Went to sea at a very shitty road ground clearance and suspension is very pleased. With a sharp exit from a high speed bump the suspension works on the rebound, not enough speed. In other cases, all is well. In the city a positive feeling of control.

Overall car of the Chinese was good, but in parts there is an imbalance.

And now a comparison: Jack feels in the cabin (front) and the road behavior is very similar to the Aveo. But has clear advantages in equipment and dynamics. In motion similar behavior, but the motor does not have much twist, it pulls at all revs. The machine «live». In the cabin behind the seats is clearly greater. The large wheels, which has a positive effect on our roads. Emgrand feels a half a head taller, but in the same configuration that is on sale now, dummy. For example it is not clear why got involved button SART/stop, and no legkoplavkim or multi wheel. Even for a fee is no touch screen. The engine is not the same that I have (1.8 l). My emgrand 2012 replays djaq 2018, according to the convenience of landing, the seat and its adjustment, armrests with boxes, and good plastic in the cabin. Balance in parts without explicit jambs. The size of the cabin and landing in it, especially the back. Best hodowca, no breakouts. Turn «almost there». In General, Gili 2012 With a good class, but the new is largely inferior to in and out of these three cars character test is clearly more preferable.

Car pros:Very good equipment for B grade and a decent driving properties. Appearance and ground clearance.

Cons of the car:the Imbalance. Something very cool, and something hard and managed to save some illogic in detail. If everything was done at the level of the steering wheel and seats (apparently), the car could oust the Koreans.

Advice to buyer: do you think with your head. If you have questions tell me.

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