Review of Hyundai i30 1.6 l 2011 from Ruslan from Buchi

Hyundai i30

Year, mileage: 2011, 98.000 km
Transmission, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Set.: Comfort
Bodywork: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall assessment

A worthy representative of the Golf class, cheap to maintain. Developed in Europe and released there (Czech Assembly) on the basis of j4, the joint, for elantra ceed and time-tested.

Engine chain, reliable, economical. Consumption in normal daily driving is about 8.5 l/100, while there is reserve power for acceleration when overtaking.

Suspension is soft but noisy, sound insulation is not on the top five.

The car is wide, from here a spacious lounge, good stability in a straight line at speed and in turns. Good native acoustics and radio. Soft plastic torpedoes. The trunk is average for this class, but there is a cw version is universal. Rapids factory protective lining, that’s a plus.

Low factory clearance on our roads need spacers.

Car pros:Comfortable, reliable and economical car.

Cons of the car:The average, does not have any outstanding properties.

Advice to buyer: If there is no ambition to high-speed movement of sports, and You have no desire to spend on expensive original parts, or look for their cheaper counterparts, this is even service the official is quite acceptable in the financial aspect for the ordinary motorist. Important to find more or less dead, not after the taxi instance)))

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