Review of Citroen C4 5 door 1.6 l turbo 2012 from Dmitry from Kharkov

Citroen C4

Year, mileage: 2012, 123.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 turbo diesel
Set: Average climate
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 5.5 l/100km, road: 5.0 l/100km, average: 5.3l/100km

Took in the cabin in 2012. Wanted on the machine, but with a diesel engine was not. Robot did not want to take. Now when you run 123т looking at C4 with a automatic 6-speed Japanese. The car is very satisfied, the quality of materials and design in the cabin at altitude. She was at that time the best. Flow gorgeous, on the 1st tank 65л — drove 1500 km. Last summer the climate is constantly 5.2 l all summer. Style depends a lot, now 5.6 l go over the summer, in the beginning flew 6.2 l was. The chassis is generally good, but details need to be changed more often than the Japanese. But cost 3 pennies. Up to changed the oil and filter. On 70T changed front brake pads and anti-roll bar, lower ball joints, upper strut. Invested in 6*350grn and pads 600. 100T again on the stabilizer link. On 120t replaced the rear pads 1st time and 2nd time front and front discs. Every 60t replace the limiter the driver’s door. The hood under warranty changed, there was internal corrosion, in 2013, they have a normal go with silicone on rolling. Sorry, after painting in Kharkov hood — gone stone chips, mother-hood without film was not chipping. Native front mudguard 1yu winter tore, 20gr rubber set.) 6th winter with the native battery. Timing belt with pump and rolikami changed to 180 or 10 years. The metal is gorgeous, durable, zinc keeps excellent. Crushed the rapids, for 3 years on the bruises no paint, and no hint of corrosion. Wanted to level the paint said if you remove the zinc, not on the body long enough to repair. Go with small defects in paintwork. On dark grey looks fine. Put spacers +30mm to-ground clearance, rear shock absorbers need to lengthen — very happy. On the track 170 on cruise easy rustling on a good road speed and low 3, 2 Long balls into the box — very convenient. On 2 sets of tires winter/summer travel for 5 years and 123т. Michelin great from the factory. Now another 20mm clearance to turn on the new tires 205/65/16 215/60/16 winter and summer. It is in factory tolerances. With the right approach — a great machine for connoisseurs. A lot of positive emotions. 10 years want to skate, not see also Peugeot 3008 17. I miss the hardwood landing/clearance and machine. The rest — completely satisfied. 09.11.2017

Car pros:Exterior design.
The complete package (I took 22T, Octavia 28 cost, Golf 30).
Podogrev electricity (in winter the heat in the cabin is faster than gasoline, and at idle).
AutoPlay 10min and all winter not using grebkami glass.
Trunk 490л.

Cons of the car:ground Clearance of the front bumper (the curbs will scrape).
Total clearance (do not go for serious off-road).
The need to use at each station.

Advice to buyer: This is not a car just to move from point A to B, it’s emotion.

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