Review about VAZ Lada Largus Cross 1.6 l 2018 from Michael of

VAZ Lada Largus

Year, mileage: 2018, 80 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Greetings to all motorists of our great country. August 31 (yesterday) took from inside the car. Just say — the car is leased to a company in an official car, but will exploit it as their personal, on the rights of the Director of the company.

Maybe someone who hesitates in choosing will help. The more reviews, the easier it is to form an objective opinion on the car, I at least helped)) Appearance — not off-putting exactly, looks on the level. In my opinion, the white color is the most spectacular of the Cross, as the plastic black kit is most pronounced. On dark colors is not the same coat. Although when coordinated with the owner to buy the car and so we decided that we need white, because hell what is she going to glue.

MUK there was no choice, I believe that in this class and in this price from NEW car Largus has no competitors.

I needed a spacious cheap new car — and we took it. The issue price is 720000, the overpayment on the lease will not give acceptable. Dopamine is imposed only tint and mats, naked could be taken for 710000. Tinted 6000 + 4000 mats, I find acceptable. A little bit about the equipment: it is for the Cross alone, and consider everything necessary in it. Radio with MP3, AUX, Bluetooth, phone connect with her. 4 dynamics, the sound is surprisingly decent, I thought it would be worse at maximum bass and high frequencies sounds good, but at high volume podkidyvaet, I’m not an audiophile, enough. Heated front seats, power adjustable mirrors (not folding), all power Windows, fog lights, front and rear air conditioning, rear Parking sensors.

There are ceiling ceiling over both rows of seats, in the trunk nope, it’s a minus, I think. Sitting on dalnyak until tested, in the town of fine, soft, not like here. On the driver’s has lumbar cushion is a huge plus, I know on other machines. The height is adjustable as the seat itself, I immediately to the top position put, more parquet landing.

Also brought a photo of himself for a sit down is fine, legroom is lacking, knees do not abut (height 178 cm, weight 95 kg) the Ceilings are high — at least in the hat ride)) the Central Tunnel is not big, that’s a plus. Can and three on the second row to go, the average passenger much discomfort does not feel. Transformation of the interior is comfortable, but even sex does not dobeshsya, as there is a depression behind the second row of seats, apparently this is for foot passengers of the 3rd row (for seven-seat versions). For the size of the trunk, this little thing can be forgiven)) Glove box normal size.

Has pockets in the front doors, but narrow, the bottle does not deliver. Plastic inside, of course oak, and everywhere, and it stinks too)) once had to shop for a flavor to go)) But no squeaks, no rattles — I certainly hope so, but if it is going to start cricket — to find and kill, good experience there))).

There is a shelf the whole width of the cabin under the ceiling, I think it would be better if instead of it between the front seats is a small box with armrest stuck. The full-size spare tire really hangs on the outside under the boot floor as her out on occasion to remove not to get? Rails — thing. I have from the last car left rail and aerobics on the roof of 500 liters, for the long haul. Now a little about driving performance.

Did not go into the mechanics of 6 years perhaps, but never stalled, going so far strained, it seemed to me, just not on 106 horses, but the elasticity is, the city can be quite in 5th gear to drive, pulls like even with 60 km/h Once tried to drive without podgotovki we go!!, only smoother clutch release is necessary. as for diesel)) Well, while the shortage of horses sleeping on the run, and I will not until more than 3000 to turn the motor. The motor is quiet at idle, no vibration, no noise, even a couple of times at traffic lights thought stalled, so silently motor. On the move after 2500 revs in the cabin is certainly audible, the engine compartment would need zashumit more serious.

With cabin home especially on the bypass and not go through the city, so little to understand how the track behaves, it’s important to me, as we love family travel on long distances. What can I say — the 6th transfer is not enough, she just cries in there, but a clear shift lever convenient. Consumption Benza while there are no statistics resets when the salon went, now 7.8 shows. Steering I would like to go for the gusto, after a Ford Mondeo, not ice)). But the road holds good. Rain the second day — once it became clear, need vents, otherwise the window will not even open in the rain, everything in the salon is filled.

Hodowca downed elastic, followed by the comb in the private sector swallows all the cheers, the rating is excellent. The ground clearance is more than, specially made photos under the threshold, the width of a standard sheet of 21 cm and judge for yourself. Added photo for comparison with SUVs, Trail new and Terrano, Largus with them the same height, but when you consider that, in the native Trail 18 inch wheels, Terrano — 17’s, so all worthy. Somewhere in the reviews slipped Largus is more of a minivan, not a wagon, I fully agree now. Even the corners of the eaves good that the same will be a plus off road. The light is good, tumanami generally excellent.

Ergonomics, well, everything is already Khayal, I am no exception. Buttons Windows, especially the rear, the signal on the arm — a very controversial decision. Armrest is not enough, but it’s kind of fixable, I heard are sold separately. The rear seatbacks are too upright, a bit ago would tilt to add, well, hands to pry the wise guy that mounts to the seat belt for the left rear passenger in the right seat installed . Little pockets, niches under every little thing. Glasses nowhere to put it.

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