Opinion about Toyota Camry 2.5 l 2018 from Alexander from Cherkasy

Toyota Camry

Year, mileage: 2018, 2.550 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 2.5 petrol
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 11.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.8 l/100km, average: 9.6l/100km

Given popularnosti Dana model auto : a novelty on ukrainskomu rinku, waiau for neophane of dobaviti I sviy ugguk about the Toyota Camry. May Dowd control of the vases, Several Lacet 1.6, Hyundai Sonata 2.0. Ostanni CIM sdiv years for Skoda Octavia A5 1.8 T, 160коней, mehanna, equipment elegans, that basically will porwnywanie from Skoda. The budget for prebena car CCB 30тис..e.

Auto pridano in itslogo the dealer cut 2018р. The reason pridane: hotels Novyi nadini car, features BlsI than Skoda Octavia, s more m the yakoy PDVSA, automatic transmission, pdhra sign (scod not Bulo), dwellers of the boot CCB is not small I dwellers Hala to sun within the limits of 10секунд. To crossovers I potassiumis bazhannia not Bulo. Given my pricelist to the Skoda I policv, spochatku serios razglyadev Octavia A7 (although the cabin mayzhe those sama, scho ( A5), superb, Bazoviy Pasat (for Zn) and potim I Mazda 6. However, vezanih VAG PDVSA not duzhe comfort, EORTC. In A7 szado state beam (except komplektas 1.8, for Yak in elegans to lalati CNU), to eco comfort SDI , a sumnet power. If rozkladaci A7, Znojmo dapson 20-25тис..e. and if dorogon, it is necessary divitis something other TSE my special person thought. To robotsound transmission from VAG Yak Boule, so I have an zapitannya z drive natinst the line exploits. Through scho I A5 right on mechants. For Novi superb vdgekw nebagato I uggoki not duzhe Radauti, salon superb blsa than A5 A7 Chi, especially for zadeh Pasaieru, however on perednih sidnej I front panel — all stupid those sama, scho I in A7. In addition, the Skoda bagato chogo absent in standartnih trim, I stink as a designer necessary a number of options to simulate dodatkovo iz plant (osliki oftiny dealer after zamovlennya blesst options itself do not put), wherein necessary chekati up to 3 months after zamovlennya I respectively auto bude digit dorogon from standartno komplektas. Of course, that Skoda A5 (A7) and Toyota CAMR TSE SOSM RSN in class cars. For A5 (A7) the direct competitor will be Toyota, and TSE CEMR superb. For skod Octavia my thought Taka: svoa class «With» auto super svoï money in Znojmo dapson 20-25тис..e. and if dorogon, it is necessary divitis something other. Bazoviy Pasat at komplektas mayzhe pusti, salon Naci, s small screen media iz swim plastic on torped Yak at citytv, and for dorog komplektas Executive (Highline) lalati bagato. And of Bazovy Pasat CCB dorogon on 1300у.e. from Batovo CEMR. Mazda 6 worthy option, at the very ZNU vihodila in the mid-komplektas s dvigun 2.5, however to Mazda soul is not lyagla. Honda accord startovala from 33.5 tis..e. the fact vdras hi. Ford Mondeo Karasik avtomobl not razglyadev serios in force RSNA reasons. In particular the Hyundai Sonata mene vzhe Bula I will tell so: quality materials, zbrka car, hodovic characteristics of the Sonata to give evropeiskim Chi japonskim car from svoa class. Of course, your skin.

Vezhlivij factors in wibor car on’na koryst CEMR steel , popularist, usually primalist, natinst for vdgko bagatoh koristuvach § visoka lquantity on starinnomu rinku. Of course, scho CEMR not technology Taka, Yak ti W superb Chi Pasat, got less then RSNA bloku management that less then nabhana elektronnymi systems, s Ho side TSE is clearly sensu frost breakdowns automoble neophane sanjati a HUNDRED on dagnostika.

Yak for basovo complectat, options CEMR nabhana a lot: pdhre of zerkal, I zadnego windshield folding, perednih sign, sensors plastic I Doshu, front I rear Parktronic, camera zadroga mind AMIVAC headlights, lightplan wheels, automatic, elektroprivod otkrivanja crisci trunk, that I n.

Samy great, first girni plus: CEMR m Yak, duzhe make I smooth. Us nerves our dorg, pits, bugri, leach polcast, selesnick Col depresivo with a Bang, scho duzhe was spodobalos. Comfort vgcheats Yak body, so I saddm the passengers. PDVSA time iz automatic transmission Dallastown duzhe good. Well, just duzhe good. Niyakogo Guang, grycan, probian PDVSA no the I the about. Car rush duzhe smoothly niyakogo «Gorgany» no. Peredach peremejayutsya smoothly. And so I m quality plant go problen not account Skadi the control.

Design CEMR duzhe spodobavsya: fresh, Novi, privalige Yak town so I seredyn. Materials the cabin primn , . usuale in dotik, torpedo I darn Carty pocket m Yakima plastic. To quality materials the cabin I h pudgenet osoblivi claims no. Front palocci zruchny, wide, vikriti a material similar to leather. Don, zracne, including reguluvannya, however, don rozmiru for more than from the A5, and spin troch voice, that pevnyi hour Zwickau. Handle automatic zruchna, SOSM small mode, which is very convenient pereklokayutsia I vpevneno. Magnola 6 dynamc, svecana poseren, in principle dostat I Primate, ere tak Bulo I in A5. Yea USB, including I to zadni Pasaieru. The screen in the centre zruchny, got the Yak swichin buttons, krutilki so I sensorn. Dine, multimedis could b Buti more nilestown, and it is clearly budget. Glancea surface usuale wyglada cool, but pilkou pripada at times I wabitti palcu VSI is seen to have regularly proterati. Sche caveat: pid hour of scritta doors at vakrita vcno were shaking very much, take vdott scho helluva lot s stuffing filthy zakrin I wipedout at a time. Preborn panel typical, not digital, scitus duzhe good, not blcu, got paswd, informativna not loaded lesniow parmacy, don’t pereriva tidy.

The dimensions CEMR really great I Shirin I dowgin. Msca on sagniaw read clearly more than in the Octavia A5 (Yak through the cabin . nails in svom class). The dimensions clearly those chogo hotels. Fit comfortable for Voda . , for zadeh Pasaieru. Apartment is in good condition masun I Sirs than in A5, otkryvayutsya doval widely, to have Cataguases hand, schob h, zakriti. Peren Signa trocn, toil dostatnih range regulowany, including gliben landing I piasnicki ptrint; pillow Signa dostatno Dovga. Reguluvannya mechanon, ale TSE not naprjaga. Signa troch Sirs than in A5, scho Yak mene lachey plus, I so needless toil dostatno viragen Bokova Patrico, that when turning in sign not «goulash» and sidish slno. On sagniaw red sidna also comfort I though back sign not revolyutsya for nahila (osliki TSE base CEMR), but Kut nihilo backless duzhe komfortni, including at Rusi on Dalek vgscan. Podobala Niska landing, cimos similar to Sportivo. Signa crapcan not scream, however ACOs usersnot not accuwash. Of course pontu less than zi screw, however CEMR iz screamin salon I disks R17 (TSE nastupna equipment — Elegance) costo vzhe on 3тис..e. dorogon scho was vilasalo for ways smani budget. In addition, in Luby komplektas kemr no ventilation sign to scrany sidnej vltk without ventilation Buda, m thou Kazuki, do not duzhe funny.

Schodo drive control. CEMR s dvigun 2.5 TSE car definitely not for «paginate», not dwellers of «sneakers in a floor s perehrestya» Chi paginate in checkered. Of course, if much Tahuti it is possible I wanono Shvidko prioritise I obrnuti in the furrows of mozhlivosti of dvigun, deplaces hto to chogo Zwick, however CEMR not podaru the very best, savory, rskogo priskorennya. Kurouchi kemr, I do not want paginate, Yak TSE Bulo that turbova scod A5 CEMR not for tsogo, CEMR vzagali not provoke on an active, agresivny style Vodna. Of course, their, about 9.5 seconds to sotn CEMR de, 200km./year. won de. Ale: CEMR got zvichayniy atmosfernyi dinon 2.5, that stavitsja on poperedni CEMR s to well of herself, 6-speed automatic gearbox., zajavlenie norms of Euro-6 I occupati from Demba askrabic driversity emotsy not need. Z NSO side, the Yak was not disposable naznachali INSHI koristuvach I dialoguri, Tsey dvigun s cu automatic transmission held I «cream, I Rome I man sound», according natinst I trivalent exploitat I do not Bulo niyakogo not guilty Buti of pitane. Have skody Octavia, Yak I NSIH avtomobl VAG, control gastre, don reago likely to turn. CEMR have more control of rosmarine not take gastre, don tajke more on the turn, but in General caravansary brand dostatnih, no ACOs nadmerna walcot Chi «varnost» Kerma, that would speciali discomfort. In turn CEMR enter brand Spokane I peredache.

Also it should be noted about eco mode, that have CAMR CCB inclusions iz the cabin. TSE x-nya the povna, not the regime. In eco-regim kemr «vzagali not die», TSE clearly in Ali, zatormozilas car, when probablyan pedal gas to pass ere 2секунди of streamci I then had something similar to aces eco-priskorennya; s meta Econom PAL automatic transmission postijno go to very transfer. And trash obrnuti in eco-regim TSE vzagali yakas tin. All the more so after privychno turbova Skadi A5. Ensure eco-mode CCB otklucheni I CAMR normally pahala on VSI svoï atmosphere 181коней. Thus, not Bulo vyyavleno Patna rznic have vitrat palivo in eco-regim and without Demba; the gas pedal was informationshow she became mayzhe vdras otklikalsya on nadavlivanie, auto is likely prokaryotes, not blunt, korotshe: if I Yak Shvydko prioritise virsu Vodiy, Yak I got bootie.

Vitrata PAL. At mistu it turns Serenoa 11.5 L. TSE s rahwana provided hour-from hour climate control. There are so Yak I declared by the manufacturer. From Razi Spokane SDI without climate side nerdc pokazu 9-10l., thus, dwellers, Viti on the Taku vitrata PAL Pragati necessary not less than 10-15km. s time to start dvigun. But in fact, from fueling to fueling in mscomm regim SDI all-Rivno it turns ere 11-12L. a hundred. For tras: 6.5 l vidcast 80-90km./year; 7L. vidcast at 100-110km./year. Long time tank for 60L., from A5 CCB 50L. Visnovok: in General vitrata PAL from CEMR not a little porwnania s Hemi car, I blesa than have pryamih konkurentu superb, Pasat, Mazda 6, toscho. However I duzhe progresivo CEMR not call, Tim bilshe scho at vitrat PAL CEMR clcom vladisa the characteristics zayavlen the manufacturer. When vibor automoble Dana obstavini not a right to uwagi, CCB Shani, that niyakogo surprises. In addition will saznace scho at Razi bazhannia on Dana CEMR LPG camp with no problems, however necessary Pachacuti zakonchena warranty termno (3R. ABO 100тис.km), dwellers oftin warranty does not slate.

Shoots poseredine, in General iz 10 ere 7. And, of guise Neogene with zakritih vcno, Oskolki slopes on the doors doval tovste, on the order tovshcha than in A5. However, slake the meeting place is the noise from kolskih arches: really soul strongly chuti grunt camicu, swamps on the arches. In addition, vidcast more for 110km. dobre chuti noise wtru sboku in rayon of Bokova of zerkal.

Halma in kemr more m’s that I have plan than A5, not tak RSC, need more podavlyat I need them to swimsuti. I will not say, scho duzhe pogani Chi horos, — poseren. Given the scho CEMR CE not driversity car, yaky not provoke on agresivno SDU, wait in Stoc 1555кг., that TSE clasic toyotoshi Galma.

Clarens namraj 15cm. Stated 15, 5 Have A5 Bulo 16cm. In principle neznano less priyatno, Oskolki for srednestatisticheskogo sedan 15cm. TSE norms. I will not say, scho TSE CEMR low «pusateri», however gabarite car, got Dovga casno base prisutna characteristic of the great sedan rosicka, that dostate to the bottom of the hill you can easily.
Light lights do not Perera unochi, that z drive plastic say nichogo.

Okremo praise sakugawa camera zadroga mind. Camera vivocity screen duzhe Garni, accne look around back, and got wide-Kut to look around.

The trunk. To vakrita trunk necessary smeknuli, Oskolki cover the trunk of the sedan otkryvatsja wrong which is very convenient, Yak at lwtbca in scod A5. And in General vrazhennya Doak. Perevahy: Ob m 500L., NavNet ponorogo spare wheel, elektroprivod vakrita crisci trunk button iz the cabin or from remote control, which is very convenient. Nedali: Ob m in the 500L. the initial th of Mali, but at prochnost roztashuvannya baggage not taqiy zruchni Yak at A5, the y Bokov petl crisci trunk duty z troch msca. Gender is not equal, poseiden vypuklye for rakhunok ponorogo spare wheel, Hoca usuale seen, scho pid kryskow sex je meeting place for dwellers gender mg bi Buti povnistyu runem. Cover the floor in the trunk TSE yakas flimsy, General Nenana fgna, nache disposable blotter, the th General upholstery trunk CEMR well duzhe budget th flimsy, progenate I Gula, otherwise not prikreplen, well vzagali not riven for CEMR. No buttons otkrivanja racks Samy crests of the trunk, so the button only in her topovi wars, although could used for srucnoc of postaviti, I button FGNU costo. Click Scrivania crisci trunk also absent, although at Dani opts Mauger rd pick.

Wheels: iz salon installed applications 205/65/R16 on legkoplavkim disks. Tisk tyre 2.2. Stalin disks R16 given in podarunok. Waiau scho on our roads with the potholes I the hill TSE supersic sini, s great I proflam a long time radius. The wheels are not vigladit young I sovsem not storyurl imbalance z machine. Of course, CEMR on disks R17 R18 Chi wyglada Priceline, however vezanih radii sini ydut nizkoprofil. And nizkoprofil sini TSE on Garn, run road, autoban, yakih we have unfortunately no. Respectively I price tires R17 R18 digit Chi dorogon than R16. In this regard’yazku s CIM, wheels of zadowoleni on everything 100%.

I on completion. Danian vdiv not a visnovkou about those scho preban CEMR yea Tim denim super classim, without kosaku I only need CEMR kupovati and INSHI avtomobl, s yakimi porwnywanie – — Paganini Chi nedostigenii uwagi. Of course, your skin. I hotv Novo kemr, I pridav Novo kemr, I atrial od tsogo zadovolennya. Hotels wanono Prosti, Nadine, Novi car, not dwellers PRIV MSCI repair, dwellers in lubi hour CIB I pochuv. CEMR got Yak concrete pros, so I concrete MOSI, however for potencia pokuptsiv car duzhe worthy uwagi. Great choice of PDR, bachili Ochi scho kupuvali. On Danian hour zadowoleni. For skin pokuptsya svoï of priorities I requirements to auto, relishes have vsih RSN. Z drive natinst Toyota hour show.

The pros of the car:Klasni Sunny vnutri design, natinst (pokesho upfront Oskolki for vdgko bagatoh NSA koristuvach), good equipment nawt in bas, m quality pdsi, plant course, prostorni the cabin, comfort sidna, that’s a cool camera zadroga mind class wheels r16, high lquantity on starinnomu rinku.

Cons of the car:Dinamo, bitrate PAL, choose, materials upholstery trunk I trunk floor; nebagato nilestown in multimedis; datst button otkrivanja racks Samy crests trunk; Klipsch krepline Stal in bakovich the door.

Advice to buyer: Dt for a test drive, read uggoki, dives dooglav car. Choice is great, vibrate , z chogo. Along W himi avtomobilyami CEMR worthy uwagi.

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