Opinion about Peugeot Boxer Fourgon 2.2 l 2008 from Stas from Donetsk

Peugeot Boxer

Year, mileage: 2008, 240.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 2.2 diesel

Body type: van, 3 DV.

Overall rating

Bought the machine a year ago for fermina which employs ischo single Sprinter and Volkswagen T5 toast est to poravnati kommerchiskie car. Volkswagen is eliminated immediately because it is not the Klas and sootvetstvenno the net nadeznosti. And it’s a time machine proehala 148 000 in addition to existing speedometer 92 000 but the truth is shaved prignany from France from the service book.

Now about the ride qualities of the car from engine 2.2 l 120 HP. power hvataet with a stock car, even gruzina prot like a tank.

For all machines on the firm monitors your mechanic and VSO, manaat vovremya ISA what are the problems with machines are gone. although it should be noted Sprinter in 2006, costing two orders of magnitude more expensive to maintenance than Peugeot and it seems to me no better Fawn although the judge emo before because the Sprinter has me working three years and Peugeot only a year but I think the Sprinter to sell until coravel completely and take emo one Fawn so bakc the machine is completely okupaetsya.

Car pros:Comfort cheap in the maintenance powerful motor good anti-corrosion treatment. good and inexpensive in comparison with the Sprinter chassis.

Cons of the car:if you take 3.5 tonic that geoscout when empty, but you can remove one of resoru and then a very smooth machine but in the longest database gruzina more two tone is shaky in the turns.

Advice to buyer: I Advise everyone to take a nice car and all with their plsama and cons though the pros more. ASO not recommended to take with the 2.3 engine, such as in colleges be not a very good weaker and meshes 2.2.

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