6-core Intel Coffee Lake seen in the database SiSoftware test

In the database of the test package SiSoftware lit one of the upcoming Intel processors based on the architecture of Coffee Lake.ACCORDING to the test, the new Intel processor has 6 cores and 6 threads processes the data. Its operating frequency is 3.5 GHz. The chip is available in a 1.5 MB cache of the second level (256 KB per core) and 9 MB of cache memory of the third level. The latter figure is somewhat surprising. The fact that the architecture of the Coffee Lake is a result of minor optimizations of the current architecture Kaby Lake and maintain the basic parameters of the design of the chips. In processors based on Kaby Lake is used for 2 MB cache in the third level for each core. Thus, 6-core processor Coffee Lake must obtain 12 MB L3 cache. The reason for the reduced amount of cache memory in this instance may be partial blockage of functional blocks or an error.Given that the CPU contains 6 cores and supports the same number of streams of instructions, probably talking about the model Core i5, as in the devices of the Core i7 supports Hyper Threading. If so, then this may be the first Intel CPU for the mass market, equipped with six cores. While AMD has 6-core processors with support for 12 threads of instructions in the same price segment. It is logical to assume that Intel will also be releasing 6-core processors Coffee Lake supporting 12 threads of instructions within the line Core i7.It now only remains to expect more details and wonder whether to keep Intel 4-nuclear processor Core i7 support 8 threads competing with the 6-core Core i5 chips. Or in the framework of the Core i5 series will be offered on 4 and 6 core processors and the Core i7 range will include exclusively 6-core chips with support for 12 threads of instructions.Source: techpowerupНедавно it became known that Intel will accelerate the exit of the platform Falls and Basin architecture of the Coffee Lake, in order to compete more effectively with processors Ryzen. In the first case, the presentation of the chip offset from August 2014 to June. As for processors based on the architecture of Coffee Lake, it is January 2018, their presentation is postponed to August 2017. In particular, will present the processors Core i7/i5/i3 K series, manufactured according to the norms of 14-nanometer process, and the chipset Z370 for them.
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