Uber has suspended testing of self-driving cars after an accident in Arizona

The company Uber has suspended testing of driverless cars in the United States after the recent accident involving one of the crossovers, the Volvo XC90 involved in the program in Arizona.The accident, which resulted in the self-driving car, Uber on the basis of the Volvo XC90 rolled onto the side (photo above), took place on Friday, March 24. Fortunately, has done without human victims.The investigation is still pending, but according to reports, the culprit was the driver of the second car, which refused to give way to car, Uber said in which at the time of the collision were two people. Machine itself moved offline. Source: cdrinfoКомпания Uber began testing self-driving cars last year. Lately, Uber self-driving cars could be seen on the roads in Pittsburgh and Arizona. Previously the tests were conducted in San Francisco, but in December, the company ran into a ban of regulators. In the past there have been registered case of travel of the Uber car at a red light and leaving the lane for Cycling.
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