Review of Volkswagen Golf 5-door 1.0 l turbo 2017 from Andrew from Kharkov

Volkswagen Golf

Year, mileage: 2017, 8.200 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.0 turbo petrol
Set: trendline c DOP
Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.0 l/100km, road: 5.0 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Bought a car at the beginning of the 18-year discounted for the 17th year. Long chose, wanted in a family hatch C-class-critical requirements were security and automatic, wanted a car more economical and modern (before it was soul 1.6 automatic). In the end the final was between the new hundai i30 and Golf, the money went so to i30 to get a turbo engine and 2 clutches had much to pay.

Buying a car was very happy to buy in Kharkov. Though the equipment was basic, the DOP had everything I need (tomance, multifunction steering wheel, front armrest) except for one — the Bluetooth. The hope was that the can can be easily delivered, but the dealer said no. On the other hand although in the specification it is specified that the rear seat does not develop separately, it was found that such game no and folds 60/40 as in any normal car. In the specification the claimed system City Emergency Break, don’t know how it should work, but the car itself does not slow down before the obstacle. One of the managers of the salon digging in the manual stated that the system operates at a speed more than 60 km per hour, but from my point of view check out this is difficult, check the bulbs on clean-up for this system, no no, so I think we can assume that the system is also a no-no.

On account liter engine — Yes, it is not felt the pull at the start (compared to the soul) but the speed he is gaining well and on the track from 100 to 130 accelerates fine. Faster did not go, but I think that is still some reserve power there.

Box after the Converter feels is loud. Complaints on the work of any, but since switching often heard that worried about it.

In General, everything was fine until recently. Sometimes the start light bulb EPC, after some time went out, the power loss is not felt. Called one of the dealers advised me to change the petrol and a week to see what happens. Petrol has changed (pulse on normal 95), but the problem appeared again. The 9th August came to the service. Recorded on the 12th day, the evening just stopped ringing and «pleased» that the problem with the phase-shifter of the camshaft, the motor is new and will prompt recommendations for repair from the manufacturer. Regarding a replacement car said that it was there but busy. News, I waited 3 working days. 15th said that they do not have a tool to repair a new engine (???), to the question when will the exact timing of repair and received the answer that on Monday. Total is now Tuesday the 22nd and a new car for more than 10 days worth on the official service thus don’t understand anything in terms of repair. Called the importer — now I’m waiting for information from them. I will unsubscribe here as and when new and exciting events, stay tuned.

Car pros:— Excellent driving and handling.
— Liter engine goes better than 1.6 atmospheric.
— Good ergonomics. It is convenient to put the child seat in the lounge, large rear glass in the cabin is not dark.
— Normal trunk relative to its competitors
— Excellent visibility including the rear window.
— The efficiency of the dsg and turbo engine compared to the torque Converter and aspirated.

Cons of the car:Reliability! and as in the case of serious damage dealer/importer deals with the problem.
— Liter engine pulls the worse at the start than 1.6 atmospheric.

Advice to buyer: If you want Golf — take more proven 1.4 turbo.

The same day Andrew finished: there was a typo in the date — today, Tuesday the 21st :). And what about the tool that is no, was the answer that agreed with importers about him, it is not clear just what kind of negotiations within 3 working days.

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