Review of the Volkswagen Caddy 1.4 l 2002 from Alexander from Kiev

Volkswagen Caddy

Year, mileage: 2002, 210.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Body type: pickup, 3 DV.

Overall rating

Great car for small loads up to 600kg.Amazing engine pulls from the bottom and allows you to feel safe in the city and on the highway even with the load.Despite spring machine confidently holds the road even at speeds over 120km/h.Great flow 6-7 liters allows you to save on gas, especially because the engine eats any petrol without any problems even 92.Although loaded is better than 95+.I’m usually the gasoline and pour.Surprisingly, for pick-up trucks are very soft suspension, especially the front and very easy to maintain.In short this machine is in good hands will be a reliable and loyal assistant for many years.

Car pros:Reliability, easy maintenance, cheap maintenance, low consumption.A great combination of price and quality.

Cons of the car:in Fact if you do not complain then and there.Well, except that the paintwork has stood only 6 years old, but it’s our roads with all the shit on them.

Advice to buyer: For transportation of small loads up to 600kg a great budget car.Special attention when buying to pay for the box and the axle shaft(backlash), as if loaded with cars went sloppy, possible problems.

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