Review of the Chevrolet Evanda 2.5 l 2006 from Shura from Nikolaev

Chevrolet Evanda

Year, mileage: 2006, 198.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 2.5 petrol + LPG

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Don’t want to seem biased… but I’m after this machine in my life buy a Chevy. Under any persuasion. This is my second car. Straddled it with the sens (the Ukrainians will understand me). Took from the hands with mileage of 90,000 km in 2010. Today, there is not a single node which I hadn’t repaired or changed.

Engine: full overhaul per 100,000 due to overheating (put gas transferring hose burst boil). 195000 on — again remnet engine — replacement of valves, guides, timing chain, chain oil pump, all gears. Replacement of bandexa.

Chassis: rack wheels up in 20, 000 mileage… change as the consumables. Silent blocks in the shops at this car not constantly. Constantly slide wedge. Buy new original, changing the official… 10000-15000 and again go crazy.

Electrical: there is generally good can not say or anything… all wiring oak. In the cabin denie the backlights the center console are living their lives. Electrics under bonnet — sparks like a Christmas tree. Despite the fact that the basic wiring (harnesses) changed to new… came out and…

Box — no complaints. I only selector switch of the automatic transmission, but it’s still an electrician…

About ride quality and comfort — for the money no complaints. Noisy in the cabin after 110 kmh.

For the city the machine is not convenient by its low ground clearance and far departing bumpers… for 3 years — painted 5 times… already tired. Any border — and the jackpot! When the bumper structure such that on a border you can leave the bumper on… but then cling to the corner of the bumper and pull back you can already just tearing the hell out of the bumper. Twice it was…

All in all — for 3 years of ownership I managed to run over 100 000 km… during this time, somewhere half a year (in total) it has been in STO…

Car pros:Great easy and cheap car.

Cons of the car:Cheap in the worst sense of the word…
After 4 years of age the machine is in active operation begins openly syatsya and suitable, probably only to dedecek at the age for going somewhere once a week…

Advice to buyer: Look at the wiring… if it’s made of wood and there are signs of closure is better not to take this car.
If you plan to travel a lot — better not take this car.
If you plan to exploit it in places with bad roads and high curbs — do not take this car.
The rest — until you begin to repair it, it’s worth the money…

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