Review of Ravon R4 1.5 l 2017 from Oleksandr Tsiuda from Lviv

Ravon R4

Year, mileage:2017
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.5 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 8.0l/100km

Buying SCN 2018 rock. For the 9 months proav vzhe 20 000 km Pokey scho all vlastou, PDVSA spochatku vidaloca NATO gorshkow, but the next SWIC I don’t vdtuv discomfort. 80% hour probhu machine she took on Trac, priblizne roshd when vidcast 90 — 5.7, 110 — 6L, 130 — 6.6 l (s even air conditioning I same on tanks, always BK 0.2 l less). From. Litom — 9L, winter — 11hp. Until tsogo CCB Chrysler / mistu for that 15-17L, and tras — 10l, now that I zadowoleni. For tras machine yde normal Yak I VSI, concurenti in a class. Vdgekw vlasniku s great problame little, that pokey is not known that that there are problems with nobligan to 100 thousand. Garantia most cases I do not Bulo problems in General. niyakogo. Who curiously, moju vidpovisti on power that anyone scanlate.

Car pros:Spowderhorn price-quality. Staff audo system cannot Velika negativnih emotsy, and in this znajomo segment TSE rtcctl. Deseve, accne orignale oil.

Cons of the car:Nasty shoots in General I especially arches, chuti konu pshinko. On luvsick browz clatter plastic at salon (ale zaradi Spravedlivost required utochniti, scho mayzhe VSI CIM grate car, I Novi I Stari). Vaiko to sniti 14ті the rubber on the wheels.

Advice to buyer: someone Patran deseve nadini auto (propenic). Who potribni EMI for kermom ABO statusne auto — categorically I do not recommend.

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