Review of Peugeot 107 5-door 1.0 l 2010 from Alexander from Kiev

Peugeot 107

Year, mileage: 2010, 150.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.0 petrol

Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 5.5 l/100km, on the highway: 4.2 l/100km, average: 4.7l/100km

Good afternoon. Continue the story about Fawn in the 107th.

Ran 150 000 km in 8 years. 120 000 replaced brake discs and pads. Instead Bosevski (like the original), supplied from the Blueprint. On discs — wear minimal pads — erased somewhere in half. Braking is no different from the original kit, so that you can take.

In the spring increased fuel consumption somewhere in the 0.5 l/100km — change of pump, air vent, candles (again, put iridium) did not help. Poured slush for clean BG 44K fuel… no changes noticed. Think has age wear, okay, let’s go. And then in early summer I otkrivaet one of two fastenings of the muffler (metal finger welded onto the Bank stupidly rotted). Went to the service station, there I disconnected the terminal from the battery, picked it up and began to make (bend) the finger from the bolt. Process was about 30 min, after which it was successfully welded and released me. So then, lo and behold, the consumption fell back to normal. Do not know if the additive worked, although after it is pouring not one tank already skated, and can reset to «0» long-term adaptation in the ECU. In General, if the increased consumption — try with the cheap — shot on a floor of hour — hour terminal from the battery and check.

Another point: the last time I go alone (wife went on maternity leave), so my regime is 50% city/50%highway consumption dropped from 5.0 to 4.7 l/100km. So did the download of the critical liter wad.

That’s all. To be continued.

Car pros:Reliability, everything, including the suspension of the robot.
Fuel consumption.
Dimensions: it is possible to Park everywhere at the same time to bring the skirting Board or architrave is not a problem. everything on a diagonal from the passenger’s feet to end of boot :)

Cons of the car:the Comfort suspension.
Of sly.

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