Review of Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 l 2008 from Ruslan from Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

Mitsubishi Outlander

Year, mileage: 2008, 24.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., full

Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

I hope my review will help future owners of the Outlander.
Most importantly—the Outlander ABSOLUTELY worth the money, especially now. In showrooms it cost 22 -23 thousand dollars.Koreans (Tucson, Sportage)are more expensive.
Just want to disappoint owners with motor 2, 4 — Outlander 2-litre engine goes well!Holds the stream of cars after 3000 revs noticeably faster.
In the cabin everything is collected soundly, creaks nothing, does not fall off.The torpedo of hard plastic, but all nicely and efficiently .
A lot of places, especially in the back.The seats are comfortable, the driver is configured properly. Burly, don’t worry, my height is 186 cm and weight 100 kg, fit well, sit comfortably.The materials of the interior good, upholstery is beautiful(SPORT)
Handling is very good.Outlander provokes aggressive driving, gives the feeling of permissiveness.
Fuel consumption городе10-11L on the highway at 100-110km /h is about 8-8, 5 l 180 km/h goes like a train, very stable. Gasoline is still better 95
Now for the cons — the Grip is gentle.Tried friend to pull out of the rut-minute drive clutch on fire.The SMOKE and STENCH ! So be careful!It’s not an SUV, in the harsh dirt it don’t stick.
The trunk is small, but all of the crossovers he is.And the rear seat is excellent, for transportation of bulky cargo is very convenient
Another negative is hard, noisy working suspension(fee for good handling)Previously I had German cars, there suspension is much softer.Went to THEN-20000, SAID SUSPENSION is IN ORDER.On the question of the noise of the suspension said that it was the Outlander works)))
In General, the Outlander handsome! And most importantly-he has no equal in terms of PRICE and QUALITY.

Car pros:price and quality
Spacious interior
Good handling
2 liter engine is quite economical

Cons of the car:Hard, noisy working suspension
Weak clutch on the mechanics 2.0

Advice to buyer: For such money the optimal choice.Recommend.

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