Review of Mercedes Sprinter 2.7 l turbo 2005 from Alexander from Kiev

Mercedes Sprinter

Year, mileage: 2005, 420.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., rear
Engine: 2.7 turbo diesel

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 10.0 l/100km, on the highway: 8.0 l/100km, average: 8.5l/100km

Mercedes Sprinter 316cdi. Rode it 200 thousand km in 5 years, so there is a possibility to write an objective review. Machine in the maximum configuration, the pilot seat, robotic Sprintshift transmission, 6 gears, air conditioning, traction control system, airbag, ABS, assist pulling away, etc.

Body. The body of a Sprinter, very strong, but the paintwork is pretty weak, in the process of operation (especially on the road in the winter) there are numerous chips, which, if not shaded, are starting to rust. Another weak point near the windshield — there is a rust. The hood and front fenders pads, chips do not rust. Bottom processed very high quality, rust practically is not exposed, even without lockers. With all of this, in 12 years the body is not repainted.
Engine 2.7-liter, five-cylinder, power 156л.with. Powerful say is to say nothing. The maximum speed 165км/h (limiter) is achieved easily. That goes downhill from the mountains, any load at all. When run in 420 thousand engine does not take oil (replacement in 15 thousand, the oil is synthetic), no blowby, no smoke, no bloat. Plant in any frost from the first time (start at -27). Had to replace the pump on 290т.km. Of course, the engine has not been repaired. Fuel equipment has not been repaired, 340 thousand, had to replace the sprayer on one (!) the atomizer! So the problematic fuel Common Rail is a myth. Or if you fill up anything, install a cheap filter. Speaking of filters: I set only MANN replacement in 30000км (!), the only gas station OKKO.

I would like to comment on a robotic CAT. How much I heard negativity about it, troubled, capricious, twitches… Fact: on the run 420000км never acted exactly the same as the dual-mass flywheel. BUT: be sure when you run 300 thousands (regulations) need to change the oil in the mechanical parts (1.5 liter) box. The oil tolerance MB 235.10 (besides the original, no replacement), the price is about$ 30 for 1 liter. The same applies to the rear axle gearbox (but there you can fill any of the admission 235.8). The robotic CAT is very comfortable when riding in the big city. Among the shortcomings: when driving without a load there are small tremors (between 1st and 2nd gear) that are not available on the loaded car. In fairness: at the acquaintance just the same Sprinter, he already repaired this transmission.

Electronics. Biggest problems nebylo: replace the overrunning alternator pulley (about 350тыс), replacing the terminals of Central locking system sliding door (about$ 70). Traction control system (TCS) is a great thing that really helps in ice and snow (not just saved from skidding). The battery is still original.

A chassis changed consumables: brake pads, tie rods (3 times), brake discs. The steering rack survived until 403тыс.km.

Fuel consumption average (60% highway + 40% city): in the summer of 8.4 l/100km; winter 9.3 l/100km.

This beads completely beats the money, very convenient, comfortable, fast and most importantly, reliable. For 5 years I have never regretted. I’m sure it still will last a long time.

Good luck to everyone and no nail no wand!

Car pros:Reliable, economical, practical, convenient to repair and operate.

The car cons:Weak paint.

Advice to buyer: the Machine is not cheap, but it’s worth it. Not to buy: imported from England, rusty, dead, machine firms. Not to buy if the mileage is up to 20 thousand km per year. Pour only high-quality fuel, oil, quality filter.

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