Review of Ford Transit 2.0 l turbo 2005 from Alexander from Kahovka

Ford Transit

Year, mileage: 2005, 220.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel

Body type: small, 6 DV.

Overall rating

I bought a Ford trasit two years ago. Bought in Lutsk auto market. drove 90 000 km the Car is normal and practical and economical to operate. Relative to other models in its class. Fuel poured from the cans through a funnel with mesh. When starting makeup pans like a bucket of bolts, but it’s the lifters after 2 seconds it is normal robot. Winter is 5 seconds. The stove is great. I have no air conditioning. the salon budget. Pour oil Mobil super 3000. When buying under-the-hood beat stickers mobile. I decided not to change the brand of oil and keep pouring Mobil cirez 10,000. Oil from replacement before replacement of a gram takes. A hedgehog is basically a trailer busowski. 2 coloured standards. pull. Maximum speed 130 km away. the Back door creak, but this drive is not affected. I advise you to take someone to work and who are not demanding in terms of comfort…

Car pros:Economical. prakticni. If you take the Deluxe room, then he has no equal in terms of price and quality. Spring suspension.

The car cons:Less comfortable than Odnoklassniki. Creaking doors.

Advice to buyer: I Advise you to take someone to work and who are not demanding in terms of comfort.

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