Test drive Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Japanese blitz test

Usually, the very best first journalistic test drives a new model car are directly at the company’s factory, but rather at its test site nearby. Is the Holy of holies of each automaker, and if here and allowed journalists only under the strict supervision of representatives of the company and on a pre-planned «demonstration» route. And photo-, video — and smartphone-tech in 99 cases out of 100 are politely asked to pass the entrance gate. However, there are interesting exceptions, and this time it happened that one percent of one hundred!

We do not just showed the Mitsubishi Okazaki and gave a try on a small route here, but let a little shoot! And even in the video! Already this fact alone makes this test somewhat atypical. Apparently, the launch of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which is a global model, whose production started at the plant in October, very important for the company! Well, we did everything we could, took a fifteen minute test in five minutes and share their first impressions!

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