Test drive Honda Civic USA Honda Civic. Hero of the day

I’ve never been a fan of Honda, but to pass by this stand of the Japanese brand at Paris motor show 2016 failed! And drew me it is the new Honda Civic! Attracted primarily by their charisma and originality. Well, now you have chance not only to examine it more closely, but also to test in real conditions!

This model is a milestone for the company, as to the seventies of the last century and it is thought to roll the car direction. But in 1972 came the Civic, then Accord, and all twirled with new force. Since that time, the now famous model moved to the class above and was replaced by nine generations. The tenth was originally presented to the States in late 2015 and then actually a year later in Europe. It is understandable is a priority market in the beginning! To us the sedan got in the summer of 2017, and InfoCar.ua almost immediately got him to the test!

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Of course, the appearance immediately brings the topic of conversation, and then debate and even bet. What type of body we have before us? And if you are still in doubt, not the liftback does this, let us dispel your doubts! The cover here is by itself, without the rear window. Indeed, one characteristic of the tenth generation became very smooth sloping roof line that is without bends comes to the rear lights. And if to be more precise, this type of body should be called a fastback!


Apparently I like the new civic, is that a wide band of chrome in the design of the front end went out going too far. But he clearly does not blend in with the crowd, Yes the shape of the model designers have managed to preserve. And even gave him some severity in the “look”.

Even to the naked eye that the civic has become larger. And if you measure it with a ruler, it turns out that the length of the sedan has increased by 92 mm (and is 4648 mm), width increase has 45 mm (up to 1798 mm) and wheelbase stretched (30 mm) up to 2700 mm. with this sedan was lower by 19 mm (up to 1416мм) . The revised model has allowed to make its silhouette more stocky and dynamic, in parallel, increasing the salon.

Today the Civic offers us the only Elegance version, which is his average. Yet there is no choice, and motors with transmissions. Under the hood is aspirated 1.6 125 HP… and variator. Upset? Wait, do not hurry to be upset. It is possible that in the future there will be a 1.5-liter turbo engine with power of 174 HP! But we already know that soon will expand the list of equipment levels, which will add two more specifications: simpler and richer. The latter will be able to offer dual-zone climate control, led optics, and leather interior.

The interior space

Fee for squat and sporty silhouette — low rise. And it is even harder, landing from the car. But behind the wheel I’m quite comfortable, and enough adjustments and inventory space. There was only one fly in the ointment — headrest for my landing too sticks, makes slightly tilt the head forward and stopping to pick up the optimum angle of inclination of the back.

Recall the previous civic, with its two-storey front panel? From the abundance of screens and information on them was just twinkling in the eyes! Now the concept has completely changed. Torpedo did below, more concise, but it also gave it texture, and layering. In my opinion, all of these solutions look great! And plastic here is soft and the inserts are not catchy and quite in harmony with the overall style. And please note — the center console is no longer deployed on the driver.

Along with this digital dashboard is completely abandoned. Only now she looks more severe. However, the Central of the three wells were saturated with information, but nevertheless, I managed pretty quickly to get used to. Kind greetings from the past — scrolling menu side use the button that resets the odometer, tobish directly on the dashboard.

The radio feature is interesting, like on the remote panel, but its content is quite simple. Spoiled modern multimedia complexes, I wistfully look at a modest 5-inch screen with simple graphics. In fact, he could not refuse, if not for the image from the rear camera. It surprised me with its Panorament like you’re looking through the peephole, but nonetheless there are two viewing modes, and the information it provides is needed. In the Parking lot to navigate helps. Is comforted only by the fact that in the top version, the screen will be larger, and the functionality is broader. Including appears and navigation.

However, the most original thing in the cabin — it’s not even the design of the dashboard and Central tunnel. Boredom away, told us the Japanese designers did it, but it was in several “floors” and do not end up closing the armrest. The first of these levels, it is also a comfortable niche for smartphone, located directly under the unit climate. The second a little more and a little deeper directly under it. The center console was “hovering”, but the eye is not evident. The lower tier is bigger and there are USB port and cigarette lighter. To connect them with a smartphone that lives on the floor above, there is a special hole from the “we are not looking for easy ways”.

The idea with the armrest very interesting and convenient, if not one “but”. Namely, the narrow ends, which elbow and tries to come off. Honestly, this plan is right deja vu with the redesigned Mazda6! Well, and fabric upholstery in here quickly loses its form, as shown by the photos. But the car has only few thousand kilometers. But here the deep Cup holder, or even potboiling, a large niche and one Cup holder.

Back row and trunk

Landing on the rear row requires a little dexterity, but I thought the duck would have stronger. Behind a rather roomy space for your legs, but more importantly, the ceiling is no pressure on the head. Designers designers have used a lot above, but the desired result is achieved. The very pillow of the sofa is low, but soft. Even in the Central part, so that the average passenger is not sitting on the perch. Strong and backrest, which is also slightly recessed inside the boot. But the rear passengers not to car and driver not to tell, so why not relax during the trip? However additional options comfort here in bleed: Yes armrest pockets in the door cards. No heating, no vents.

The trunk has grown in scope and now offers 480 liters instead of 440 the predecessor. And if we count the full amount, given the cellar, you get all of 519 litres. In our version, which came first certification, there was the organizer, but in the product machine will be a spare. The interior is typical for cars of this class. Conventional hinges, unpretentious interior trim and “naked ceiling.” When folding the seats creates the largest opening, but the bare metal you will see the minimum. Okay, I will not focus on uncomfortable folding system of the rear couch (first pull the lever out of the trunk, then go lay down back). But why on the trunk lid from the inside, there is no handle for closing? Not corny what to grab. If the plant does not correct the situation, then let the dealers on the ground some sort of “handle” screw!


In the last generation Honda Civic handouts was looking for a compromise on the engine and said that supposedly theirs at the same time covers the 1.8 and 1.6 and 2.0. The new sedan this trend continued, only now the power unit is a little smaller: 1.6 for 125 horses, and 152 Newton-meters of torque. Experienced chandawadi say “enough”! I propose to bring more clarity and to test the dynamics of the car to first “hundred”!

Acceleration was pretty even, but literally from the first attempt the car was higher than the reported figure in 11.6 seconds by a few tenths. Well, to be honest! But still slower than it was last generation (10.8 sec.) Although these figures are not impressive, for normal city driving they are enough. Yes, I agree, this Civico lacking in peppercorns, in a role which could act as a turbine, but it is more economical and has more balanced character.

Although there’s a balance when you start to take it turns! That’s the true spirit of Honda! The car is very dutifully dives into the turn, and tenaciously kept it on the path, showing a slight oversteer! Well-tuned chassis with racks McPherson in front and memorycache rear and low center of gravity pushing you on the active drive in the corners!

And of course, the exact wheel. Moderately full-bodied effort, quite sharp and not loving driving with two fingers. Ligament suspension-steering is done just “on five” and gives you driving pleasure! On the straights the civic is not so cheerful, but I wouldn’t say that the CVT is not the topic. It is configured more as a conventional “automatic” and gives himself up. This can be understood just on acceleration when the tachometer needle hangs about 5-6 thousand revs.

There is a Sport mode, and even Low, but handmade, albeit virtual, mode, unfortunately, no. To the first, I confess that I used quite often! It makes the machine more responsive to the actions of the gas pedal, more agile, when you want to turn up the tempo, but do not expect from 125 atmospheric forces something supernatural.

On bad road the new civic behaves with dignity and bumps trying to absorb springy. But given the actual ground clearance is 130 mm, the bottom should be protected! Yes the elasticity of the suspension here borders on cruelty, so on a bad road keep your eyes open! This coating will give yourself more and not so much jolting as noise. Why from the noise of the tires and the sedan proved to be poorly fenced, although other external sounds to penetrate the cabin slightly. Obviously, that will be finalized during the restyling, remember my words.

What is the fuel consumption? Will tell you before the Civic sedan was hungry and “ate” 9-10 liters. Now in city mode it is enough and 8, and with air conditioning. Then it all depends on riding style. Will be saving and even employ the Eco mode — it will be 7 liters, will go into Sports mode — will be 9 or more.


So Honda was not afraid and returned the civic sedan to our market. After all, in spite of the popularity of this body, the ball is now ruled by the crossovers of all kinds, sharing over half of the total car market. At the moment the only equipment the test vehicle is estimated at 23 thousand dollars. With that price it falls into the upper range of the price scale competitors, including, in particular, Mazda3, Toyota Corolla and Skoda Octavia.

C the one hand, Civica is now no flexibility in the choice of modifications, i.e. to take a “base” to go than many competitors, will not work. Yes, and a little newfangled options, such as electronic assistants and advanced multimedia system. But he offers a charismatic appearance and excellent handling, which transformirovalsya in the pleasant time spent behind the wheel. Of course, followers of the brand will appreciate, but you will be able to achieve mass sales?

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