Review of ZAZ Forza Hatchback 1.5 l 2012 from Nick from Simferopol

ZAZ Forza

Year, mileage: 2012, 12.000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.5 petrol

Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Long thought before buying a Car, and still bought! I do not regret as much droplets as the car meets all my needs! Today it is 12.578 km. are the norm and the ideal! Pereezdy on many machines, and there is nothing to compare, so I will say that this machine is worth the money 100% as everything works without a hitch, and precisely as a Swiss watch! I have a car fully loaded and the first poster session of the Assembly. I was pleasantly surprised that everything and everywhere is clearly rigged and has a factory cover, plastic identity normal not runny! Yes, there are certainly flaws, but it’s a small thing and they are even a Gelding!!! All this is quickly and easily disposable. The Austrian engine 2011 development 16 valve, 1.5 for my very frisky. Missed to a hundred in 10.2 seconds even faster than the stated figures . Design undisputed, as here worked by the Italians. The Pininfarina design office and it said everything! All gaps are accurate to the millimeter, lizh our now not ruined, otoh, they just can do it better than anyone!!!! I want to say one thing, it is good that this machine doesn’t come up, AND ONLY ESTABLISHED the Assembly line!!! Happy with the car and if you still think, then make up your mind come on and don’t be afraid! !!! All drivers, No nail no wand and not a bad way!!!

Car pros:a lot of Them!!!!

The car cons:Low ground clearance, but I’m not afraid in the fields do not go!

Advice to buyer: Suggest!!!

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