Review of Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 l turbo 2018 from of Eugene

Volkswagen Touareg

Year, mileage: 2018, 1.600 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 3.0 turbo diesel
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 13.0 l/100km, on the highway: 9.0 l/100km, average: 11.0l/100km

The tour also liked not enrolling on sale, in pictures and in the reviews. Were not going to buy, but there are a financial opportunity to change cars, he decided. Thought to take a car easier, but after using premium brands is hard work, but you only live once. Competitors not considered, only ride on the Q7 for the sake of interest, and replayed in the mind of others, although for this money you could buy a lot of things.

— GLE is the same as my previous ML, with minimal differences. The car is good, but I want something new.
— X5 — don’t like, and the old ones on the nose for the new model.
The new Cayenne is very expensive.
— Japanese in the class of universal full-size crossovers can not offer anything except the birth of Christ. New Mazda CX-9 is nothing, but still not the level. The priority was a diesel car, so by.
— Land Rovers just don’t like.
— Q7 is very good of course, but outside is a little dull, in my opinion, although offered a very good package even cheaper than the Touareg — not like the past.

In General, the choice of agony suffered for a few days made the decision and bought it.

Walked 5 dealers in Saint Petersburg, questions about the discount of 4 salons do round eyes and refused. In the fifth once said that much can not move, but will do my best. Even offered 1 auto discount 580!!! At the start of sales!!! thousand rubles, to explain this strange configuration. The car was really interesting, there was almost EVERYTHING that can be in a new round, but did not have the basic options such as kahless, rear view camera, electric trunk. Long thought, but did not like the color and wheels, so took the car discount is much more modest.

So, in the end.

— Diesel Touareg about 249 power fashionable and expensive color Oryx white, mother-of-pearl. Salon dark grey.
— Complete R-Line + a few packages and options such as:
Leather multifunction steering wheel, heated, petals.
Package Comfort (blinds, interior lighting, 4-zone automatic climate, leather trim Savonа, vintileasca Predna seats, door closers).
— Parking heater/fan with a separate remote.
— Optional wheels 20″ with tires Bridgestone Alenza dimension 285/5.
— Heated rear seats.
— Double glazed Windows, rear tinted.
— Premium package (Dynaudio system, panorama).
— Package Technique(Spotlight on matrix diodes, control lanes, adaptive cruise, Pre Cash(XS that is), socket 230V, pressure sensors in the tires.
— Package Memory (memory front seats, mirrors, steering wheel with electric adjustment).
— Style Atmosphere(wood panel instead of aluminium.

In General, a very bold equipment.

The question price — 5420т.R on the Configurator, 200T.R discounts, 1900т.R. for my Mercedes (which is basically close to the market price) + composite crankcase, transmission and transfer case as a gift.

Optionally, bagowski DVR, the grid in the bottom of the bumper, pasted with polyurethane bumper, hood, headlights, mirrors, under door handles.

On the car drove 1600 miles on very different roads, so can compare to this car and my old ML, well a little bit with the Q7, based on the test drive. All the below is based on my personal, highly subjective opinion and perception, please treat accordingly.


The engines are almost identical in their characteristics, and feel the same, but judging by the onboard computer of the tour, it is more economical than 1-2 liters, possibly due to the 8-speed automatic. Rumble equally quiet, although on the Touareg when you’re on gear at approximately 800 rpm, there is vibration on the steering wheel, in the Parking lot and in the movement it disappears. The motor operates quietly, almost inaudible, about the same as on the Mercedes and Audi. The flow of 1,300 kilometers at an average speed of 108 km/h amounted to 9.6 Bq liter, which is a very good indicator, given that I was driving without license plates, all paid achtsam, and in what does not deny. A Mercedes with such a drive would be a minimum of 11 liters. At a speed of 180 km/h the engine runs at 2400 rpm. In daily operation, if compliance with speed limits, I think it will be possible to stay within 7-8 on the highway and 12-13 around town.


8-speed ZF. Fast, smooth, logical and predictable. Definitely more comfortable than a Mercedes, where sometimes I feel a slight tremor when switching. When pressed, resets the kickdown a couple of gears down, and in sport mode as much as 4. There is a manual mode and steering wheel and on the joystick CAT.

All-wheel drive.

The opportunity to experience yet was not, and is unlikely to be before winter, but judging by the words of the Manager is a good old Torsen, honest and iron. He hardly inferior to the 4matic on the road and in severe conditions is certainly superior. View.

Suspension and taxiing.

Here I was in for a surprise. On the test drive in the center of St. Petersburg is hard to feel everything completely, so on the way home I was driving and surprised. On my tour, as I understand it, there are absorbers with variable stiffness. Now, on the road, after Mercedes had the feeling that I moved on to sports cars. Even on the comfort setting on the air suspension and shock absorbers the suspension of the Touareg is much thicker and stiffer than the springs on a Mercedes. Bumps of all sizes are passed to the driver much more informative. But! The car is just glued to the road. Rolls even in the most unsportsmanlike mode almost none. Where the Mercedes I was scared to enter a turn and I slow down, on the tour I quietly resist the gas. Moreover, Volkswagen do not care about the rut, he’s rushing like a tank where on Mercedes I frantically held the wheel. I definitely lost a lost in comfort on a bad road, but gained a new feeling to good. Suspension of the tour is still versatile and quite comfortable on bad road, but apparently happened in the direction of displacement of the sport. Whether I like it or not — I don’t know. The wheel sharper than a Mercedes, but suspension work is not too sootvetstvuet. Still some vatnost and snotty is present. The steering wheel is pleasant to the touch, easy grip and have a fashionable cut below, no claims against him, except that the same wheel is on the Golf course (at the top-end model could and to attach a new, trendier!)

Seat and landing.

The seats are good, a little harder martovskij, but adjustments have more, including sliding lateral support. Overall, a comfortable position I found, for 12 hours driving back almost not tired, but keep in mind that unlike the Mercedes, the seats in folksi have a pronounced lateral support and at the bottom, so if you have a fat ass (like me, I’m 182cm and 140kg), left foot to wring the edge of the seat, discomfort I don’t feel, but on the integrity of the skin affected. The headrests are much more comfortable on tour, but unfortunately, unlike the Mercedes, are regulated without the drive only handles. The ceiling is significantly lower given panorama.

Light and visibility.

I don’t know how to Shine the lights on the base tour, but optional on matrix diodes is the BOMB. Better lights in cars I have never met. The middle lights either side and all along, and changes the angle when approaching oncoming car, although judging by the flicker of oncoming drivers, blinding all the same. Well far it’s just a spotlight. At mercy good xenon, but then Tur out of competition.

Visibility is generally worse than in the Mercedes, lobovoe glass has a greater inclination, the rack feels a little wider, and mirrors even more disgusting than Movskii(although much much worse). In General, the one who had the idea of putting on the full-size crossovers mirrors from the younger models a separate boiler in hell. Unlike the Mercedes, the camera in a circle no, there is only rear camera of good quality, but thanks to the competent scheme PDC discomfort I do not test.

Music and media.

Is optional system Dynaudio, I’m not a connoisseur, plays and plays well and not wheezing. Very loud, at half power I have a bursting head, for someone it might be important. The outdoors will probably be hollow as it should)), Radio catches well, stick with the music reads, and the more I do not. Apple car play is not interesting to me, while Yandex Navigator will not be displayed on the main screen.

Screens virtual cockpit is of course WOW, Mercedes with his modest seven-inch displayicon nervously smokes, but from the point of view of ergonomics it is certainly negative, blind to press hard physical buttons are almost there, although the possibility of customization for yourself impress. Here on the fan in General. But in General, everything is made conveniently and clearly, works quickly and satisfactory.

The size of the cabin, sound insulation.

Overall about the same, the Touareg felt a little lower and overhead space is smaller. Leg room for rear passengers +- the same. The trunk of the Touareg is smaller in all directions, despite the fact that a stowaway deflated, unlike the Mercedes. Butt under the raised floor in the VW more. On round, move the rear seat is a plus, but unlike the gelding smooth floor when folded do not get it.

Despite the double glass, a tour of the sly plays Mercedes, the engines are equally quiet, but tire noise and aerodynamic noise at high speeds in the tour felt stronger. Overall, it is quieter than the previous Touareg, but in the Mercedes it down.

Design and premium levels.

Question design is an improvement, of course. Touareg I like from all sides, he is a squat, rapid and harmonious. The only thing that pisses me off, this is an overloaded hard chrome face on the R line it less, but still. I would like to redo her in black. The interior design because of the novelty model, of course, much more interesting and Mercedes and Audi, but the materials pumped, the skin is of inferior quality, hard plastic more than enough aluminum in the interior to have the door handle feels like plastic. In the Touareg, all well fitted, no squeaks and not loose, but it is the quality of materials it loses the Mercedes and Audi outright. Premium is not about him.

Separately, I note a small the pros and cons of the Tuareg, which are important for me personally. Insights on how satisfied I am with this car to do yet.

The pros of the car:the Climate control works perfectly, I hard to please, the best climate of all my cars.

Massage seats, thought that self-indulgence, but no, the option was very enjoyable, played it for 20 times over 1300 km.

Pre-heater with ventilation and a Hairdryer, never had, I think it will be very convenient.

4 zone climate is great, all my family members prefer different temperatures.

Closers — door thing, although, in fairness, and the Tuareg without them, the door closes perfectly.

Spending under the bumper a foot, the trunk opens, working not very good, but I will understand where to stick).

Windshield heating film, invisible to the eye, from the threads I have dazzled.

Setting up information displays on your taste. Convenient.

The car cons:Very small glove-box, A4 intermeddle, but wrinkled.

Niche in the armrest is also quite small, and the armrest could be adjustable. In my opinion, he’s smallish. And in General, little compartments for small things.

A lot of glossy plastic, it is gathering dust, and scratches forever fingerprints.
Screens beautiful but also zalamyvayutsya and rubbed hard.

Locations for magnetic phone holder I came up with.

Neck mywiki almost at the windscreen, pour uncomfortable.

A stowaway is not inflated, although the size of the compartment like allow.

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