Review of Volkswagen Polo 5-door 1.4 l 2011 from Pavel Kashchuk from Kiev

Volkswagen Polo

Year, mileage: 2011, 3.000 km
Transmission, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.4 petrol
Set.: Trendline + Mac
Bodywork: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall assessment

Bought this miracle to the wife after she’s a year left on the Ford Fiesta. Clearly the task was to choose something small, economical with a gun and to myself too, sometimes you can ride :)

Started to choose alternatives at least:

1. Mazda 2 — small, too female, of questionable design, the reliability is not sure.
2. Ford Fiesta 2010 — don’t want a Ford, enough, and little it is. And feminine again.
3. The seat Ibiza is a worthy competitor, a bit better assembled for the same money. But the brand image behind.
4. Toyota Yaris, sad coffin.
5. Korean-Chinese was not looking
6. Fabia is not the class still image.

Well, in General, were resolved between Ibizas and Polo took Polo. In principle satisfied.

Very nice chassis. The cruising range of the attenuator seemed sufficient. Tires 175/70R14 gives softness and however, when a small width is quite cool keeps turning in the city.

The cabin is made of an megacasino my opinion in this segment. Everything where you need it, everything is convenient. Front passengers seat shaft. Rear — well, yourself :)

Super design, in Kiev they have little, passing drivers and pedestrians often look. It’s nice that the car despite the class does not look feminine. In General, do not be ashamed to ride one.

Engine 1.4 DSG enough for the city with the stock. The drive a 2.5 turbo. However, at the Polo feel fine — the car itself will encourage a relaxed driving, but also to accelerate if need allows. Pleases dynamics from zero-to-60 — you can even someone to compete at traffic lights.

Special attention is given box — 7-speed automatic DSG. 80 km/h for the 7-th gear — all for the sake of saving (for passpartu this machine should eat less than the pen!) In the worst traffic at the worst time in Kiev with drive through standing bridges was 8. On the highway the eye somewhere 4-5. This averages out to 7 liters and the normal stock speakers.

But still from the box expected a little more. I don’t like how it shifts gears, not like the sounds — like coughs. Twitch, a bit like a robotic something. The smoothness of the switch between the low gear is not observed. I think just in case to posovetovatsya on the service (auto warranty), but I think it’s just the specifics of her work (DSG built on a dry clutch). Wife craneway robot with Ford, so happy she likes everything.

A separate issue in Volkse, like all Germans, equipment. Initially, you need to choose between two trim levels — Trendline, Comfortline. Plus dobesilate options. Chose SK — 2500.e. cheaper (no air-conditioning, climate, radio, remote key, wheels 14, rear brakes — drum, no ESP). Decided that it’s not worth 2500.e. and really wanted the 14 discs. For the city is only a plus. 15-mi has suffered in the Fiesta some rubber glued the drives leveled :( and the feeling when riding is not the most pleasant.

Acquiring any nonsense — heated seats and mirrors, drawers under the seats, the armrest! (recommend. )..

The disks 14 were of iron, wanted to find the cast, are not — 14-th radius is hard to find normal right. Although the caps in this model is nicer. (only suggest in Kiev, they attach more clamps, steal in broad daylight)

Car pros:Efficiency.
Comfortable running.
The appearance on top.
The interior on top.
A fairly quick engine.
A large trunk.

Cons of the car:Unusual transmission — need to get used to.
Price is not the lowest class.
More is not found.

Advice to buyer: Take 14th drives. Buy with the 1.2 turbo engine is a +20 horses and even less consumption.

The same day Pavel Kashchuk added: Left for the night under the house in the center (Kiev). The morning was without hoods and without an icon. All these details yet, except from ofitsal, hard to get and expensive. Caps — 300 UAH apiece. Icon along with the bars (broke it too) 550 UAH. Now attached the clamps caps and put in a Parking lot. The alarm type Sheriff, etc. shit is not fundamentally put is to protect a car more negative — you will be auto open and cleaned outside each supermarket.

The same day Pavel Kashchuk added: The wife, on the left of the Parking lot and ternura slightly back left wing of the column, gently hooked the door. It turned out that the car is painted two layers of paint — white, then yellow top. So to get into the color and left a halo painted half a car :) Fortunately the insurance covered. It is better not to scratch, but if scratching it may be better to live with a local repair, then if the sale does not prove that painted a small scratch and a skinny layer of paint on half the car.

After 12 days Pavel Kashchuk added: Took the wife’s car, the day of the ride, listened to the work units. Annoying nasty sound — deaf brassage when shifting 1,2,3 gear. Called service, was told that is the norm for 7-St DSG at low gear. Calmed :)

After 18 days of Pavel Kashchuk added: Had to «test» the capacity of the tank :) Who knows — in the machine the amount of fuel shown on the electronic screen with a tick — like battery life in cellphones. In General, the light bulb came on when there were 2 divisions. The habit and experience with other cars I was calm. Drove 25 kilometers away with light Jolly ranchers and air conditioning — there was one division to zero. The inner voice is forced to go to the gas station :)… not reached 15 meters. The engine bogged down when the sensor remained Eze one division! What’s it? Glitch sensor or feature settings? In General, be ready, don’t go «on the light»! Godspeed!

After 1 month. and 5 days Pavel Kashchuk added: Today had a chance to try Volkswagen Polo 2010 on the Kyiv-Boryspil ‘ highway at night. 150 km/h dials easily and quickly. Then you need to press the pedal to the floor… Shake :) Less dynamic speed climbs to 180… Hold the pedal very slowly reaches out to the arrow 184, and so freezes, hold the pedal for another couple of minutes — nothing changes. It all happens on 6th gear, the car holds 5 thousand rpm. The engine is not too noisy, the feeling is quite decent, not terrible to go :) by the Way, was tucked in Anyone. Do not know good or bad. I think that triggered an artificial Rev limiter at 185 km/h

After 6 months. and 27 days Pavel Kashchuk added: The car has 5000 km When braking started to squeak pads. The sound is heard almost at the moment of stopping the car. Called service, said it was not normal, was invited to come. So did not drive. And the sound is annoying

In 13 months. and 13 days Pavel Kashchuk added: The car has 11 thousand miles. Recently bought from the hands of the native radio RCD-210, gave 1000 UAH — perfect condition. In the configuration as an option, it’s worth 650.e.!!! Really suffered to put in — you need a screwdriver-stars and knowing where that how to remove. But now the machine is inside preobrazilisj :)
Have long disgusted buzzing brakes when braking, clearly the problem is with the pads or discs, the wife sent a HUNDRED — froze, Nada to go to changed/fixed. Well, don’t like the way DSG behaves at low gear, ride no, when Parking is hard to move smoothly to the wall — jerks like mechanics. Friend told me that this defet old version of DSG and that should warranty swap or repair. Haven’t tested, no time. The rest of the super car, still happy with the purchase, my only regret is that spare money to richer package to find a well suitable drives 14-th range is difficult, etc.

In 13 months. and 23 days Pavel Kashchuk added: 11 thousand mileage. Finally got to the service report…
1. Rumble when braking is explained by the blockage of the rear drum brakes. Suggested cleaning for 400 UAH. Decided to clean «garages» cheaper
2. The absence of smooth running at low speed and the sound when shifting is explained by the specifics of DSG. Kind of like Polo it is not the same as in the Jetta, the Passat or the same Cross Polo. Said breakage it happen, but then sometimes a symptom of a knock with a push in the toggle sequence.
3. The reason for the trip was a failure in the air conditioning just stopped cooling. Diagnosis took 3 hours. Said that the problem with the «temperature valve», they say, was fixed, and the freon replaced. Kind of like a warranty, all clear, but … somehow I did not expect from fol’ksa 11 thousand mileage.
But the car in the end still happy :) will See what will happen next.

After 14 months. and 25 days Pavel Kashchuk added: The next day after the repair the air conditioning again refused to work. And then earned. Now work. Do not understand the reason. But coincided with the heat in Kiev — 30 degrees a couple of weeks in the shade.

Through 15 months. and 15 days Pavel Kashchuk added: In our version of the machine was completed fourteenth steel discs. Wanted to buy cast, but I wanted the original Volkovskoe design. But Polo original cast are only the 15th of the diameter, and change the tires didn’t want from the factory is excellent Dunlop SP Sport 01. And finally today from China party came disc Replay and it appeared the model 14 with factory settings Polo. Bought obslog for 590 UAH per share. Outwardly super, happy wife :) by the way the Model drives VV58:

After 25 months. and 3 days Pavel Kashchuk added: In Kiev came the heat, it’s time to turn on the air conditioner. And he again refused to work. Mileage 18000. And guarantee that huge in 2 years is already over! I came to the conclusion that I made a poor repair last time and tried to push for a free re-repair. Requested information on the past repair. It turned out that no freon I not refilled, and changed the temperature sensor. (this is a Porsche West are such liars). I wrote a complaint to implementation is finished, the control of the service. Called me a weak-minded person who did not understand and said: «Come on any official service, you all will see if that will fix it for free.» Signed up for avtosoyuz, arrived, watched the car for an hour. Conclusion: «We found an error opening the circuit to the temperature sensor, pulled the wire, conder earned. Why we don’t know. But here’s the bill for diagnostics 240 UAH. Come again!»

After 26 months. and 22 days Pavel Kashchuk added: Since the «repair» conditioner it took more than a month, but the car passed just 500 kilometers. And air conditioning isn’t working again! Das Auto :(

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