Review of Volkswagen Passat 3.2 L. 2008 from Vyacheslav from Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)

Volkswagen Passat

Year, mileage: 2008, 45.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full

Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Good taste and read reviews. You are always interested to learn about those or other issues from the first. Your Passat I chose a long time, compared only to the Europeans. Previous car Skoda new superb 1.8 t 2005 .hitting 160 and not a single failure ! Was very happy with the Skoda , a torquey engine , good shumoizolyatsiya, etc. after these experiences I decided to buy a new superba. but after test driving it as it began to doubt my Skoda more gathered on the road, no crickets in the cabin. and test superb and creaked and was too bulky and the price has moved clearly to a more thoroughbred brands. In the end I got out of the salon frustrated , well I think I will go watch a Passat ! In previous times when buying superba Passat lost for me in comparison because the price and specifications of superb had a larger salon and a more aggressive look. In the end, became the owner of the Passat with engine 3.2 AWD ( sellers in the salon tried) on my statement that the motor 1.8 t great , they are suggested to try 3.2 , and after that stuff on wheels I could not think of a 1.8 t .(Price superba in this configuration 53тыс UE.) And now about the car. Now run 45тыс km , hitting for 1.5 years. failure was not but there was a knock at the rail ! THEN found that her time had come and was replaced under warranty ! But the question of holes and bumps was not the main mileage is motorway and does not fit the rail ! Not warranty repair 11tys UAH! on superba with mileage 160 thousand no repairs! Here is a German quality ! Well, I thought that I wasn’t so lucky, but it is strange that such a Zap. part as the steering rack always in stock ? In private conversations employees of STO say that it is a disease of the Passat ! But the good news is that the dealer started to frost and immediately recognized the defect and fixed under warranty ! on previous cars of well-known Asian brands , while knocking in the suspension of the wizard stubbornly did not able to find the cause of the knock. solution was to repair at his own expense other stations. and denial of future warranty ! And so that does not give also not be justified high prices for. PS the Skoda went to Poland I decided to pass them on the service, eventually made IT ( the prices are lower than in Ukraine), and additionally lubricated locks , hinges, brake caliper, checked the configuration of headlights , and the expense of these procedures are not included ! My question said that the rules of the service company’s stations Skoda indicate mandatory inspection of all units and mechanisms , and payment is taken only for the materials ! I’d do so in Ukraine on SEVIS, we are all trying to do this for the money and as a result, the bill for THE passes is far beyond 1000 . Another annoyance is that the warranty on the Passat is only 2years unlimited mileage . The majority of owners of trade winds collide with the replacement slats or DSG ( which is too often encouraged by the owners ) after the warranty term and then they will know what is pleasure .Previously, the Skoda and the Germans were supported by a guarantee 3 years or 100 thousand km which for me is more than enough , but the rules have changed and now anyone lucky !

The pros of the car:Cost of car in the top configuration 47тыс UE. if you compare this specification with Audi , BMW , Mercedes, Lexus, etc. the difference is 50% and above and the servicing of those cars is more expensive by 100% ! This Passat has all the attributes of a premium but worth it as the middle class! Ideal for those who show-off values less than drive less and prefer to stand out !

Cons of the car:a Modern car with lots of electronics Electroprivod and so on. lottery ! The quality of the floats, but choosing a car whether it is European or Asian , it is important to know how to work on them in Ukraine ! If dealers do not resolve warranty defects , then the reputation of the brand will be appropriate ! Example BMW or land Rover. on each they have something to change. owners it’s not even misleading ( friends ride on these stamps ).

Advice to buyer: Choosing a car choose the dealership (dealer ) ! As the quality and reputation depends on the service !

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