Review of the ZAZ Sens Hatchback 1.3 l 2011 from Denis gray from Cherkasy

ZAZ Sens

Year, mileage: 2011, 15,000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front
Engine: 1.3 petrol
Body type: sedan, 4 DV.

Overall rating

Nice car for the money, go a year and a half, mainly for the cottage, trips out of town. sometimes to work. What to say during that time was nothing serious. Only when purchasing there were problems with the plant on a hot, that is, on cold start with sex trafficking, when the engine is warm the clacking ignition and in response to the click, wait 30-40 seconds, once ignition starts, or for 3 consecutive start. The starter solenoid. Summary changed under warranty. After THE first MOT, and warranty replacement service itself. Nothing complicated, all simple.

During this time seriously didn’t disappoint, but there was nuances:

1. Once at the intersection could not turn on 1 gear, the lever started to hang out include as it first goes shakes — food is on the 3rd (had to lug into the garage ). Was dropped the plastic retainer that holds metal. rod from the gearshift lever in the yoke mechanism. Work 0 UAH. But the bad feeling and complaints to the designers and the Assembly had a metal brace to attach it with screws to tightly.
2. Once started blinking «Check» at the factory. warm disappears on the border have highlighted the error of the sensor phase — ignore reset to zero. In the end, once on the road he burned (the Russian gauge from 10’s). The electrician took about 15 minutes, pulled the terminal from the sensor and lo and behold wound up. Though the engine were out of it but you can go.

Drove and cement and sand, and bricks, that loaded fine, pulled and where to go in the sand permeability is also normal. Of course, the tailgate must be lifted, and the stock spring is weak, you can put rubber suckers.

So I think to sell, buy report better, and even get lost in thought. To take Lanos’t see the point, FORZA and so model raw (the instability of the twentieth on, checkpoint on Forze clicking and noisy). You have to choose from BU, and then as the cat in the bag, that’s why I think is it worth?…

Car pros:+ Price, I’d rather the Sens than the price of analogue Jilly.
+ quite a torquey engine, certainly not a racing car, but for family trips the most.
+ normal suspension.

Cons of the car:while not explicitly called.

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