Review of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 l turbo 2018 from Artem from

Volkswagen Tiguan

Year, mileage: 2018, 7,000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 2.0 turbo petrol
Set: Comfort line
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

After 6 years of owning X-Trail (150 HP, diesel, mechanic) decided to change the car. When traveling abroad haywire engine, somewhere ran into the «good» diesel fuel (in Europe can be). For cleaning the fuel system and injection pump gave 600 euros and this is not from an authorized dealer. After that, all problems disappeared. In General the Renault engine is great. On the autobahn at 130 km/h the consumption is 7.2 l in the city of 8-8.5 l. the body and chassis of the problems of «0».

When choosing a new machine the following criteria: SUV, transmission:, engine not less than 150 HP Considered the options: Mazda CX-5, new Kaleos, the new X-Trail, Tiguan. After driving in the salons stopped at the Mazda and Tiguan. Dropped out of kaleos — price, X-Trail design as a clone of the Qashqai and distrust of the CVT. After repeated test drive stopped on the Tiguan. MAZDA 2, 5 194л.with. as the pedal not to step, well not going. Although the reviews in the Internet — driversa machine.

Write based only on your feelings! And the interior I do not know why not come, sit like a tin barrel with small Windows. Sat down in a Tiguan, well fuck, all over the place! Nothing to complain about. Engine gasoline 2 HP 180 HP with the robot travels a lot fresher than the Mazda 194 HP with a gun. Had doubts about the robot, but read that it modified VAG and all the problems in the past. With polyadenium oil issue has been resolved. Take! Passed around 3 salon in our area have not yet achieved the desired prices with discount on treydin. On the price 2089000р, with discounts 1760000р.

Equipment comfort line, white color, optional: electropages boot massage on waters. chair, adaptive led headlights, in addition to fog lamps, starter button, cruise control with automatic folding of the bells and whistles no navigation.

6 months of ownership. Mileage 7000 km For oil, just in case watching. Not eating. To run 2000 km rpm no more than 2500. Now the average fuel consumption of 8.6 l and Drive around the city and to the country — the traffic up to 30km after Moscow, and in Peter on the new road (140-150 km/h).

Inform VAG I do not pay extra, true. Up to 2000 km when the engine is not spinning at all 7.6 l consumption was. Where reviews of the consumption is 15-16L do not understand. If it is in the race to participate from traffic light to traffic light? While the machine is happy. Overtaking is much easier to calculate than X-trail. Very nimble machine, again in comparison. While there is no problem. Then we’ll see.

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