Review of the Toyota Auris 1.6 l 2008 from Gennady from Kharkov

Toyota Auris

Year, mileage: 2008, 60,000 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., front

Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

1. First 15000 km. Knock when driving, the illogical switching of automatic gearbox. The result — Replacement of the steering rack (the service Manager said specifically from Japan brought enhanced, modified rail, reconfiguration of the robot).
2. THE latter 30000км. A knock when moving, a stuck hood when opened in wet weather — the hood is not open, self-closing doors (Central locking). The result — a Re-replacement of the steering gear and steering shaft under warranty (the Manager said that it is a disease of all «koroll and Auezov» and they will be changed before the end of the warranty). I installed the regular rail and shaft, reinforced of them do not exist (the previous Manager «cheated»), but then what happens? Three years or one hundred thousand mileage — the cost of steering and replacement 10385гр 40 kopecks. Further, the replace control unit of a robotic carton on a more modified (sometimes illogical switching of the machine). The cable of the hood is not adjusted, said and so open, the Central locking too.
On the backlash in the bushings of the stabilizer (cost 580гр work). Warranty not repairable. Did not change.
Warned that about 15000 -30000 will replace front brake discs — cost about 2000гр.
And the final nail !!!!!!!!!!!- 30,000 thousands of increased oil consumption (the oil on the dipstick is below minimum) — Up — replacing valve stem seals engine under warranty. The cost of spare parts work 2550гр 44 COP. Well that is under warranty.
THE latter took time from 12.00 to 20.00, that is, eight hours instead of the usual two. Work on the machine. We had to go on a business trip in another region, respectively left. A replacement car is not given, he is one, and give those who have a fixation lasts for at least 10 days (the Manager explained that someone gave). Received a reprimand from his superiors (in our time) and completely lost the work plan.
Something I do not understand. I purchased the brand over 26 thousand.e. (reported to be 2 pieces and I need two Opel Astra for 14 thousand.e. the old model year, the sedan is my ex company car, 45,000 km replace only the filters and oil) or raw, absolutely not adapted to Ukraine, the car. Would not hurt if it went and killed the car, but it’s mine, drive carefully and slowly (on the road no more than 100-110km / h). Toyota! You are going to do something with the steering racks? after 100000км or I’ll be forced to sell the car? I want a reasonable explanation from the representatives of «Toyota». Call, I will be glad to hear 8097-512-89-49.
P. S Heard before the saying that Toyota can survive its owner. I’m not sure. Not sure that my next car will be a Toyota.
3. Third 45000км THAT took place in Dnepropetrovsk. Came to the service and immediately asked if they had parts in the steering rack. The Manager said: «it will all change». IT passed unusually quickly and without any unnecessary expenditure, I do not even have enough time to properly relax. The only thing I changed additionally is the cabin filter. He had to change every 30000 km, but this run is not enough. By the way, it is not of the order of 500 UAH. A pleasant surprise came and showed, what has become of my cabin filter for 15,000 km (the most common). Previously, I didn’t do it, and once changed, I want it or not. Changed to coal. Old gave. The oil on the dipstick is below minimum. The oil flow in the engine explained that the service in Kharkiv poured the oil with lower viscosity (or higher) and is recommended for the future to pour 5W40 fully synthetic. On — running fine. Said pads are in good condition, and replacement front brake discs can be done when I change pads. The condition of the bushings of the stabilizer of the norm (and 30,000 me they offered to replace). Accidental actuation of the Central locking of the doors – nothing has been done (I insist did not, life does not stop). All politely and quickly.
4. About 50000км. Winter, cold 10-12 degrees. Put the car downhill, put on the handbrake. After that, when movement was heard a chirping sound from the right rear wheel. Stopped, put his hand to the rear brake disk got burnt. Shoe began to podklinivat. Came to the same Dnepropetrovsk service. Asked to eliminate. This is not a warranty case. Master posted the car, I took a sledgehammer and started beating on the rubber. Nothing happened, the wheel still scrolled with an effort. Disassembled, cleaned. Paid the amount of the order of 100g. Any documents not given. And how full guarantee on 100000км or 3 years of the run (of course, except consumables).
5.Mileage 54000км. Called and asked for service the gas pedal. Arrived. Everything quickly and politely.
6. Mileage 55000км. Opened the hood, checked the oil and there is oil level below the lower level of about 6 mm. Food service. What’s the matter???? And there is : manufacturer TOYOTA reglamentary normal oil consumption is 1 liter per 1000 km(well, neither of which yourself). Put oil in 1 liter and 200gramm. Paid more than 126гр for oil and 40gr for the correction of the level. The main filled, and then gave me the bill. I’m not clumsy and I can 40gr pour yourself 1 liter of oil. Honestly upset with the oil consumption and I remembered the call of some girl from the West, it seems Tanya from the city of Lviv (she read my first review). So she told me that she had oil consumption about 3 liters per 15000гр. The second were worn through the driver’s Mat near the gas pedal. And where is the guarantee ??? (it’s not a consumable). The master said that this problem exists, its solution — buy a new one.
7. THEN 60000км. Maintenance work. The cabin filter is not changed you lose. The entire undercarriage is in order ( and how to replace stabilizer bushings, which I proposed to make on 30000км). Said about the oil consumption that is not normal 1 litre per 1000km. The master agreed with me. Said write to TOYOTA, and to sense 0. Along the way, passed a test drive on a Prius (with the consumption of 3, 9L). Good impression. But the price min. 285000гр = 35 000$. For the price you can get a serious car, put on the gas saving and less polluting development. Wednesday. Total visits — all politely and quickly.
All about auto salon-OK, tegometall –OK, when driving in 5th gear high revs and respectively amplified noise, consumption is OK(and in the presence of the 6 –th transmission would have been even less), the robot works smoothly, but you get used to it, and paddles and manual mode like it(even in winter climbs brasack). Overall a good experience(apart from questions of reliability and durability of some nodes).
And now: Hello! Mr. TOYODA, something to do with the oil consumption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it may be with the gas pedal. Where is Your designated Manager questions the quality of the product in Europe, Mr Didier Leroy . How to write and get a response.
Made of this conclusion. Do not buy new models until all peterto, developed, eliminated various shortcomings.

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