Review of the Skoda Yeti 1.8 l turbo 2012 from Ruslan from Kiev

Skoda Yeti

Year, mileage: 2012, 100.100 km
Gearbox, drive: meh., full
Engine: 1.8 turbo petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 9.0 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 8.0l/100km

Took the Yeti for a bargain price from a friend. At that time the mileage was 75 000 km. Exploit the second year, and already 26 thousand mileage.

Changed ammo 3 times (filters, oils, including transmission). The candles were replaced once. In General is according to plan.

Today is 101 thousand mileage. Of more or less honest replaced: front shock absorber and with them the stabilizer link. Busted right rear spring (blah). Changed on the original pair. And rear shock absorber changed the bump stops and dust caps. All! If you consider that the above can be attributed to the consumables, that over 100 thousand mileage — normal!

Masroor… Everything about it. If you change the oil every 10-12 thousand, about 1, 5 liters of topping up (Castrol 5w40). If you change every 7-8 thousand run, topping no. Now switched to RAVENOL oil — 4 thousand mileage. How was the probe on the high — way.

According to the model of the car will say that. When I was offered to buy — went to the Skoda rapid (practically new). Yeti, of course the higher class cars. Four-wheel drive, more powerful engine. Embarrassing three points. The first is the size of the trunk. The time the second — consumption. The third moment — the cost of maintenance.

The first… Yes, the trunk after 500 liters repetowski less. But! The whole family is still missing. It turned out that if not ship back the bags and putting the Luggage in packages or boxes, it is quite roomy. Went on vacation already — all in the family pihuamo! ))) So nothing was going through. There is also the ability to put a roof box, but never used it. The advantages of the trunk include also the fact that if you need to translate a lot. Remove the rear row of seats and get a «heel». Where the washer will fit and the fridge and a lot of other stuff (bike also not carried rubira). And when you consider that 90% of the mileage in the city and himself in the cabin, you won’t need to. If you need beads to buy ))).

The second moment… consumption. In city driving the consumption is about 8-9 liters. With a very calm and Jolly ranchers and even less (was 7 liters — there are pictures). On the highway consumption 7-7.5 liters (100-110 km/h), 8-8.5 (111 — 145 km/h). Faster — takes fuel. But faster I don’t need. Effect of aerodynamic resistance — cubism. Download and the condo do not affect the track at the expense.

Gasoline I try to pour good. Recently, on the border with Belarus the Belarusian splashed conventional ‘ 95 — Narada. Dynamics and consumption — gorgeous! BNK is already there and in Kiev (not advertising — share their discovery). Ie flow I’m happy. That is what the turbocharged engines. If you want to save, if you want to — lit )).

The third… the cost of maintenance. Serviced and supported by the official and private boxes. That is to say… Not a Lanos, but decided the prices are average. That will replace the chain — there’s a little get to penny. The monitor in the Internet the cost of different parts — I can’t carp that expensive. Looking to compare. Made a conclusion: if the part or component critical for the operation of a car, — take the original. If something in the salon, for example — then the cheaper counterparts. By the way the front shock absorbers changed took SACHS. Cheaper family 2 times. Already 8 thousand departures — satisfied.

The overall impression of the car ownership positive. For the city — perfect. On the road — not bad. For easy off-road — excellent. Dynamics — excellent. The handling is beautiful. Salon — spacious, comfortable. Reliability is satisfied. Consumption — tolerant. Gas — it makes no sense. )))

Car pros:Handling, dynamics, practicality, reliability, charisma, versatility.

Cons of the car:Demanding oil and gasoline. Someone may be melniki the trunk. Maybe not a prestigious business model.

Advice to buyer: When buying, look at the technical condition (engine, suspension, transmission). If the technical condition of the all — Gud, take it! For the money (on the used market from 12 to 16 thousand) great versatile car.

Says it all for 1.8 TSI (160 HP), 6ступ. mechanics.

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