Review of the BMW i3 (I01) 2014 Yuri from Odessa

BMW i3

Year, mileage: 2014, 34.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., rear

Body type: hatchback 5 DV.

Overall rating

Bid received spontaneous. Stopped in the salon to see cars, and then just touting someone’s i3. Have seen them on the road, but somehow didn’t pay attention much.

Machine was struck by its futuristic design and modernity. And after a test drive and have good dynamics in the complex with an ergonomic suspension. After calculations on the costs of operation of such cars, it was decided to sell the current Hudy grander 2014 3.0V6 and take the i3 with a small surcharge.

I3 is definitely a unique car fit for the present and meet the needs of travel in the city.

On reserve before the cold weather was 155км in mode ECO Pro+, with the cold weather it was 130km. But on the day, this is enough completely. The cost of charging with the two-tariff counter of 13-14 UAH per 100 km

With My height 195cm machine is quite spacious. And behind drove the same friend, no problem). Usually go with my wife and child.

From a home outlet charging 7-8 hours. On the charge of winter put every day in the fall every 3 days according to needs.

Within 2 months of operation has never regretted the choice, the machine can only be happy. Transplanting for each e cars, they seem to be roaring, noisy and generally not going. There is not even the matter in the emissions, and the fact that she 250Нм who do not need intermediaries in the form of drives, transmissions, suspension of those parts and spare parts. The car has a battery and an electric motor with direct drive to the rear wheels. Due to this, you just dents at the slightest tap on the pedal.

The strapless bodice not liking the design, test, expensive, but the Golden middle in my opinion.

Car pros:Speaker.
Autonomy in the city (no need for refills).
The lack of a huge number of parts that need regular maintenances.

Cons of the car:one car in the family — in winter will be a limited number of trips.
The movement is only secure in the city.

Advice to buyer: the Car is worth to own it! Happy every day. While no difficulties were experienced absolutely.

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