Review of Suzuki SX4 1.4 l turbo 2017 from Oleg Volchenko from Ivano-Frankivsk

Suzuki SX4

Year, mileage: 2017, 11.500 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full
Engine: 1.4 turbo petrol
Body type: SUV, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.5 l/100km, on the highway: 7.0 l/100km, average: 7.5l/100km

All kind time of day.

Was waiting for the first thousand after the first full to write a review. Especially considering the fact that about 1.4 Tons of reviews it seems not.

Moved from a BMW 528i 1997. At some particular moment got a permanent insertion of finances in the car, 20-year-old, even if it is very favorite. So…to begin with, as the choice fell on the SX.

Budget choose from: the Hyundai Tucson and Mitsubishi Outlander. It looks like Tusan. Fired up, read about picking, I liked everything. The family went to the test. Test car: 2 l aspirated on the machine (just say that the desired car was supposed to be only on the machine) Trying to go, and he’s NOT GOING! At all. The Manager offered 2 options: either 2l TD or 1.6 T Diesel dropped immediately because of the obscene difference in price, and have a 1.6 T — box only DSG. Well, WHY do that, honey you’re my producer? About the cons of the DSG will not write, and so all all know. In General, not empty-handed I left the salon Hyundai. Went to Mitsubishi. So as not to describe the disappointment of Outlander, just write: don’t like it.

Advertising is a powerful thing, the site surfaced flyers SX-4 with an invitation to test. And now I’m in their salon. And I liked almost everything. Literally the same day made an order, which truth had to wait 4 months, but I was not in a hurry, but I wanted just a white metallic, and even in top speed. And here is the September 2017 and I am a happy owner of the desired car.

And finally the opinion.

Appearance. Of course the matter of taste, but personally, I sooo like. Almost everything. Don’t like is that the similarity with the hatchback when you look at the car in profile. The front actually looks great.

Interior. Many seem a bit rustic, but to me personally, fan of simplicity and correct ergonomics, he seemed exactly as it should be: a moderate, modern, moderate and calm without high-tech frills. Pay attention that we are talking about top-end configuration with multimedia from BOSH, FIHM as instances without it obviously lacks a bit of modernity. Media will write separately below. The space inside is plenty for a car of this class. The front of all questions asked. And the driver and passenger is more than comfortable. Back also place it’s OK, really only two of them. The three of you can go, but not for long). Not enough air vents for the back row. But it probably would be too for the class.
The trunk. I have enough. With samiam travel often and over long distances, a lot of Luggage, but the place is always enough. A couple of times transported and gauges, folding rear row really helped.

Motor. This is a really SUPER unit. How nice it rides. With 1.6 it is simply impossible to compare. This is exactly what I was looking for. It in normal mode it drives great, but when you turn sport mode, the car takes off. Not just on the track saw the surprised faces of fellow drivers when overtaking them, seemingly more powerful cars, and did not expect such speed from 1.4.Test Tiguan with a 1.4 turbo, and so, he and some do not stand up, although claims 150HP.with. Booster Jet is not the same as TSI.

Box. Switches perfectly, works perfectly vparit with the motor. No jerks, no jolts. Understands the driver perfectly. And a couple of words…Lord. I appeal to you especially when you are doing your reviews, do you have any clever book called «guide to operation» flick, and that as one record in the negative: lever slips in manual mode, and your finger to clean? Push the button, remove from the Parking lot, and then no translate button down and voila, the lever is stopped in drive, but if you wish to go into manual mode, will have to apply to the button. And nothing slips.

Handling. About the empty zero lot written and said. Probably few will agree, especially after power on Behe. However you get used very quickly, and personally, I do not stop to probrosit as Ukrainian roads and motorways of Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece at speeds and 140, and in some places higher). Machine behaved perfectly, was governed by a predictable and pleasant. Certainly not as much as my former BMW, but it was a sedan, but still a class above other speed calculated.

Insulation. It is not there. Is no principle, but as well as Hyundai, Mitsubishi and others… Well, not bother the Asians on this one. And therefore had the less refined. Which I did successfully. Now the machine is quiet inside, the door became heavier and I lost feeling of being in the bucket, especially in the rain. Although it is a matter of individual character, if we compare with the Pelvis, everything seems OK))).

All Grip. I love her work, especially in snow and ice. The car behaves obediently and really helps the driver to keep himself on the slippery road. The test on the easy roads, and SX again face in the dirt does not hit, this time in the truest sense of the word).

Suspension. After behi definitely hard, but…and how to make it soft and it does not lose controllability, and did. Because something should be pojertvovat. Yeah, Japanese suspension pazzagli, but from my own experience I would say that 140 km/h for this car — comfortable speed. And given the fact that the quality of roads in Ukraine is still clearly better, in particular minus record will not.

Head light. In this configuration: LED shines perfectly. Plus automatic adjustment. Plus the light sensor. Nothing to add.

Multimedia: convenient, available, and understandable. No extra proslavilsya of krutilki, all touch. Sounds very dignified, like a staff, especially after obeschalki. Reads all formats from USB or mini SD(if navigation is involved). Rear view camera shows a clear picture, but the lack of dynamic lanes is already bad, it’s not Chinese sherpotreb with Ali, and Bosh! Navigation. Here I will discuss. After purchase was very pleased with her until I had to go to Europe, I’m in it, and there are only 6 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, all… I’m the dealer, and he tells me that Europe is to buy need. And you know what is the price? About 250 Euros for the SD card with the required maps of Europe. I was in shock. The car is in top configuration. Had to find other ways to solve this problem. I will not describe, I will say that I found and is very happy. I use it constantly and so far everything is OK.

Climate control. Just a few words: everything works perfectly.

It seems to be everything I wanted to write.

THAT 1000. Came with a detached card the front driver’s door. You guys have twisted it and came to the conclusion that the part needs to be replaced. Some factory defect. Was replaced immediately. Had a General inspection. Suggested oil change-refused.IT is free of charge.

THEN 10000. Oil change, filters, installed mud flaps, because I noticed a clear effect of sandblasting on the bottom plastic. Otherwise no problems.

During the operation: they installed metal protection immediately when buying, floor mats, pereobuli wheels for the winter season, Obeschanie to the max, installed mud flaps. All.

Problem: recently got cranky media, but rather the touch screen refused to respond and gave the inscription «contaminated sensor lighting, clear» in fairness, it is worth noting two things: a car traveled for the second day and the screen is really covered with a good layer of dust, and one more thing — the car was parked under the scorching sun and a torpedo was on the order red-hot. What was the reason for this trouble: or grated screen, or working in entire condo — don’t know, but 10 minutes after the above perechisleny manipulations, all working again.

And as a minus, I want to add what is really annoying is the windshield fogging in wet weather. In the summer, the question is easily solved: running the condo — everything is dry. But in the fall and spring — annoying, have to constantly blow into the glass and sometimes include the same condo, when very tight. Say the problem occurs on other cars, don’t know, in my experience — is the first such case.

What would you like to improve? Probably a little to raise the front end to still safely be called the subcompact though, but still a crossover and not a hatchback, and the clearance will increase a little bit, at least until the stated 180mm, just to really, with protection and all that. And Yes, it is unfortunate that our market did not go real fully loaded with leather and panorama, the Europeans got here and such an interesting option.

Result. Today, in the classroom and in the price range of their direct rivals see Creta, ASX, Captur, maybe Qashqai, though the price is much higher, but they like me a lot or lose basepagename motor or unreliable CVT or DSG problem.

Do not judge strictly. All the above only my humble opinion and my experience with it, in my opinion, a wonderful car.

The pros of the car:Motor 1.4 T;
Automatic transmission from Aisin.
Head light: bright LED;
All Grip;
Modern multimedia.

Cons of the car:ground Clearance would like more;
Windshield fogging in wet weather.

Advice to buyer: I Advise you to take the motor 1.4 T.

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