Review of Subaru Forester 2007 from Alexander from Odessa

Subaru Forester

Year, mileage: 2007, 15,000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., full

Body type: wagon, 5 doors

Overall rating

Behind the wheel since 1979. there were about 11 cars of different brands, I was very pleased, Peugeot, Nissan, Mazda. Last year I bought a new Subaru Forester 2.5 l fully loaded. Honestly, in the beginning was a little upset, very hard, uncomfortable, and unpredictable fuel consumption is around 18L.Later rasstroena even more when faced with dealer service warranty service in Odessa. Worse specialists was not one dealer(almost all the machines I took a new one with warranty and no problems were had). I did not think that this honest I thought mark will not provide normal service.A HUNDRED Subaru’s answer is that it is more profitable to only do thou, would pre-sale preparation of new cars and not to bother with already sold.We stopped at another station, another matter entirely, for 15 minutes eliminated the defect that a HUNDRED Subaru was not able to fix all day and said that to eliminate it is impossible, but of money it took four times more than the wizard ostyvshie defect.As for the fuel consumption and the volume of the tank, with this flow rate and the volume of the tank need to drive roughly from refueling to refueling, not to mention long journeys(ie, not well thought out at least, a larger volume tank).Brake system I changed after the first five thousand miles.
the second is not passed, too, and up to 10K.(although rezhym drive I have the same as before on other cars, and no such problems arose) so Subaru’s increasing power is not designed brake system for normal operation not at the rally and in everyday life.
And oil in between the service period, you need to constantly pour oil even in a new car. Thus, to ride on the Forester is required to carry the cans have a lot of money, nerves of steel and a personal mechanic.

Car pros:fast Enough.

Cons of the car:mentioned above.

Advice to buyer: to Think.

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