Review of Skoda Rapid 1.6 L. 2017 from Valery from

Skoda Rapid

Year, mileage: 2017, 9.000 km
Gearbox, drive: ed., front
Engine: 1.6 petrol

Body type: liftback, 5 DV.

Overall rating

Fuel consumption in the city: 8.0 l/100km, on the highway: 6.0 l/100km, average: 7.0l/100km

Hello, fans of four-wheeled carts, as well as other lovers of vehicles and cars. Recently in our family there was a question about buying a new car. Chose different types of cars, including crossovers. I will not paint the long torments of a choice took the Skoda, all more or less arranged, I will not say what is (the perfect car does not happen if only the premium of some). So, what we have: rapid with a new, loving oil, motor 1.6 CWVA, automatic transmission Aisin, bundle style with DOP (rear armrest, light sensor, rain, rear Parking sensors, adjustable passenger seats height is 7 pack think 2 USB rear and crankcase).

Long chose between the 1.4 DSG, but in the end took 1.6 automatic transmission. What can I say, until for very short mileage 9000: suspension — well rulesa, but harsh, steam engine-automatic transmission is also nothing special, as all about consumption, even in the break-in period is considered not high and most likely, this is due to the new generation of motor with low resistance during the piston (and therefore zhor oil available), dipped beam halogen, so — so, middling.

I note the good clearance and flotation, but as a consequence of a sail, especially in windy weather. The factory oil changed at 3000 and now at 9000, then after THAT the dealer’s interval is 7500. Filled yet RAVENOL VSI 5w-40, then look at the main pouring 502 tolerance. Frenzy is, about a litre for 9000км, first alarmed, then read the design feature of what I wrote above and with the mileage it should disappear.

Operation of the rain sensor — no complaints, but the light sensor has issues, because he is in no hurry to switch on the middle DRL day, but more on that below. The trunk of a car is just wonderful, although what for happiness it is necessary — make the sedan the trunk lid, which rises out of the rear window and the consumer is immediately satisfied. Actually a very practical solution.
The narrow cabin and 5 people is nothing to do here, especially in favor of the geometry and layout back in the middle of a large tunnel.

Landing behind the wheel, but it is rather a question to my height (190 cm), comfortable only in business classes, and Octavia, which too, by the way looked, but she’s in good equipment worth 300-400K more rapid and the cost of its maintenance, but not about that right now. Pleasant special stages themselves put mud flaps Norplast, regular oak at all, will tear off the fender liner perhaps along with, the grid in the lower part of the bumper, and Vaga — gas struts bonnet for frequent checking of the oil level.

Already managed to handle the warranty, where do without it in the previous car, too, to 20 thousand have been schools and guarantee them safely eliminated, then went without problems. The essence of the treatment — stopped working switchblade key remote open / close doors, second — everything is OK. But the way, the dealer is eliminated, the truth was waiting for a new key a couple of weeks from the Czech Republic.

Together with the key asked to troubleshoot hang in second gear on the automatic transmission, which so many complain. The problem is solved by the firmware block transmission latest firmware version (I wonder why in Kaluga don’t sew right?? machine 17, the firmware is already updated) and it became more adequate to work, 2nd gear is not spinning up to 4500-5000 on a small slope as before))) Even asked the service Manager about incorrect operation of the light sensor, but he assured that «works for all» and no stocks no, but after treatment he became much more adequate.

For options not referred an adequate job of interesting climate and cruise control, you can even cut a kick down while pressing the » + » button. Regular speakers are not very, not very! The border is controlled via the radio, functions many transfer torment, even disabling the DRL’s is, themselves abate the DRL when the turn signals like the Audi direct, in short it’s a VAG, it’s complicated.

Also, if not cut in the winter from blowing, the motor is warming up quite fast, also thanks to the new design, the pump is hanging on the other from the timing belt side on a separate belt, the design of it is complicated and it is not cheap, and the cooling system tied to the exhaust manifold. While more and write there is nothing. Summary: nafarshirovannye budget popovska every day, very practical and economical, no emotion.

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